How to Wash SmartWool Socks?

Washing is frustrating, especially if you have busy days, and currently, you might be one of the many who are eager to have socks that do not require a lot of washing and do have easy washing. Good thing that Smartwool socks have a merino wool fabric that can be used for many days without washing every after use since the wool does not hold too much dirt and does not accumulate a foul smell. 

Washing your Smartwool socks requires care. Though the merino wool in the socks is of high quality, you should wash it carefully by soaking it in cold water since it will shrink when washed with hot water. In washing, avoid using bleach and harsh detergents. In drying, avoid direct heat exposure. 

Though SmartWool is made of high-quality materials, the washing guide is also essential to the overall performance of the socks. When you wash it incorrectly it might shrink or distort and that will affect its fit. Do not wash it with bleach and strong detergents since it may wear out or damage. That is how vital sock washing is. However, get rid of your worries and hesitations in washing, I have researched some for you; read them below.

Steps On How to Washing SmartWool Socks

Step 1 Turn your SmartWool Socks Inside Out

In washing socks, the first thing that you need to do before is to turn them inside out. There is some dirt and dust that are hidden in the loops of your socks. To clean it thoroughly, you need to check some dirt and dust that hides, especially for fully cushioned socks. Moreover, it is necessary to turn the socks inside and check the fibers inside the socks. 

Step 2 Use Warm or Cold Water when Washing

The best water to use in washing your Smartwool socks is warm or cold water. SmartWool socks have merino wool that will shrink once washed with hot water. Hot water will weaken the socks' fibers, making them lose their fit and might end up wearing. It can also distort the sock's shape. Also, it can be the reason why your sock will lose its color. In washing, set the machine into a Gentle Wash Cycle, or if you can see more options, you can set it to Knitting or Wool Cycle.

If you wish to wash your socks separately from your other laundry, you can use a laundry bag to avoid the sock fiber from being caught on a zipper or button. It would help to separate the colored socks from the white socks to prevent color mixing or discoloration.

Step 3 Use Mild Detergent or Soap

To avoid fiber damage, it is essential to use mild detergent or soap only. If the fibers are damaged, it affects the fit in the socks. Moreover, Smartwool socks have merino wool which has natural lanolin in it. Once harsh detergents are used, it will lessen the benefits of merino wool by wicking away the feet' moisture. 

It would help if you chose socks with no alkali and acids and a neutral pH balance. Also, you need to avoid using fabric conditioner as it affects the socks' fiber. Fabric conditioners destroy the natural moisture-wicking capacity of merino wool in your Smart wool socks.

Note that bleach will permanently destroy your socks. Also, when you use fabric softener, it will coat the Merino wool in the socks, making them less breathable. 

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Step 4 Air Dry or Tumble Dry on Low Heat

Too much exposure to heat or direct contact from heat causes socks to shrink or wear out. However, you can still air dry your Smart wool Socks but must be in a low heat setting only. Another best way to dry your socks is by Line drying them. In removing the excess water in your socks, use your palm to press it. You can also dry your socks in rocks, or if you are hiking, you can hang them at the back of your bag so they will naturally dry in the air as you walk.

Are SmartWool Socks Machines Washable?

Smartwool socks are machine washable. However, you need to know that machine washing must come with care if you want to prolong your socks. If you wash your Smartwool socks in a washing machine, you need to turn them inside out first. Then you must use the lowest temperature setting at the lowest available speed.

How to Dry SmartWool Socks?

Drying your Smartwool socks must be done accordingly to maintain the socks' shape to avoid shrinking. Too much exposure to heat will damage the sock fibers. I have listed some steps and guidelines on drying your SmartWool Socks; continue reading more.

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Guideline No. 1 Lay your socks flat on a rack.

Whether machine wash or hand wash your socks, drying them in the air is the safest drying type. If you lay it across in the rack, it will maintain its shape. You can let your sock dry for about 3-4 hours. However, the drying time of the socks depends on how cushioned it is or the amount of water that the socks hold. Wait until they are entirely dry. Drying your socks in the air is a natural drying method since you use less energy. You can preserve energy by not using drying machines. 

Guideline No. 2 Tumble dry on a low setting.

When you are in a hurry or can't naturally dry your socks due to some circumstances, the socks can be dried in a dryer. It must be done by setting the dryer to the lowest temperature and lowest tumble speed. If you are using an automatic drying machine, you can set it on a delicate or low heat setting when drying. You can dry heat your socks together with other laundry or other socks. Never forget to clean out the lint trap before turning your dyer on. 

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Guideline No. 3 Never Hang Your Socks 

Whether you are drying or storing your socks, always lay them flat. When you dry by hanging them in a shower rod or using clothespins or hanging them on a clothing line, gravity will pull the socks while drying and may cause the shape to distort. It will cause the socks to change its natural size over time. 

How to Take Care of SmartWool Socks?

Caring for your Smartwool socks requires effort since there are some chemicals and processes that you must avoid. In washing your socks, you need to use cold or warm water. Also, you need to use mild detergents and avoid using fabric softener since it will coat the merino wool fibers and weaken their breathability. 

Moreover, dying is essential in caring for your socks; exposing socks to direct heat can cause them to lose shape. You can air dry socks in a dryer but must be in a low setting. Drying your socks in the air is also good; it is done by placing the socks in the rack is the most natural  and environmental way of drying them. It can conserve energy since you will not use an air drying machine. In storing your socks, never hang them; just lay them flat to maintain their shape. 

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Do SmartWool Socks Go in the Dryer?

In drying your socks, you primarily show the instructions on how to wash them collectively; however, most Smartwool can be put in a dryer considering setting the dryer on low heat. Sock fibers are delicate, and heat exposure will damage the socks and result in shrinking or distortion of the shape. 

The safest way of drying it is by letting it dry in the air by placing it flat in a dry rack. Natural air drying is best recommended since it reduces the environmental impact by conserving energy. In addition, it can extend the life of your socks. 


Smartwool socks have merino wool, and proper care in washing and drying must be considered. It is best to read the washing instructions in the socks. Proper washing care is essential to clean the stockings thoroughly to avoid sock shrinking. In drying it, avoid exposing the socks to heat or avoid hanging the socks as it loses their shape.

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