How to Choose SmartWool Socks?

Everyone loves socks, and I know that includes you. Socks are considered an all-time favorite since you can wear them anytime and anywhere. You can just be sipping a hot coffee in your house while wearing your cozy socks, or you might be on a rigorous hike while wearing your durable and best-fitting Smartwool socks. 

You might be currently planning to buy a new pair of socks and might be skeptical about how to choose. Well, I have gathered some for you. 

You can choose a wide variety of socks since Smartwool has a lot of socks that can be used in many activities that include hiking, running, working or and a lot more. It comes in various styles, colors, designs, lengths, and sizes. In purchasing socks, you need to consider durability, comfort, and fit. 

Good thing, Smartwool has a sock finder, a series of questions that will lead you to choose the best socks that suit your preference. I have searched for details on how to purchase Smartwool socks, and I would like to share some with you. Continue reading more information below. 

Which Smartwool Socks to Buy?

There are so many Smartwool socks that you can purchase. It varies in design, protection, comfort, length, and durability. You can choose depending on your activity. I have searched for some details about which Smartwool socks to buy. I have listed them below based on the activity you would be wearing them for! 

Athletic Socks

In choosing athletic socks, you need to prioritize comfort to avoid blisters. Regular socks might provide you comfort, but it requires extra comfort for outdoor activities like for athletes. Athletic socks must be cushioned and typically more accomodating. 

The nice thing about Smartwool is that they make socks that suit best for an athletic fit; that is why I suggest you look for Athletic Targeted Cushion Crew Socks.

Smartwool Men's Athletic Stripe Crew Light Elite Merino Wool Socks, Pink Nectar, Medium

Men's Athletic Cushion Crew Socks
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These socks are best for you since they have the best cushions that comfort your fit and prevent blisters. It comes with arch and ankle support. Moreover, the merino wool in these socks will keep your feet moisture-free and dry. 

Cycling Socks 

In choosing cycling socks, you should consider if the socks will suit the condition that you are riding in. You might be riding on a flat road, muddy road, or stony road. The overall comfort of your socks matters to avoid blisters. The sock height does not matter; it only depends on your preferences and convenience. And lastly, the socks you will be using must bring you joy so you can also enjoy your cycling activity.

If you want to go cycling, I'd like to recommend using Cycle Zero Cushion Divide Trail Print Crew Socks.

Smartwool Men's PhD Cycle Divide Trail Print Crew Ultra Light Merino Wool Socks, Tibetan Red, Large

Men's Cycle Zero Trail Print Crew Socks
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It has the best performance fit in the zones of your feet. It comes with mesh ventilating zones that make the sock breathable and provide optimal moisture regulation. It has smooth seams for added comfort and protection.

Everyday Socks

You must consider the cushioning, support, breathability, and high-quality construction in choosing your everyday socks. Since everyday socks come in style and height, like crew, no show, or micro crew, you must select your preference. If you have an active lifestyle, find moisture-wicking socks with anti-bacterial properties like Smartwool since it uses merino wool that naturally wicks away the moisture while keeping your feet dry and bacteria-free. 

I would suggest that you choose Everyday Saturnsphere Crew Socks. It comes with a cushion at the bottom of the coot for added comfort. Moreover, it is made of merino wool that best wicks the moisture, keeps your feet dry, is odor-free, and has antibacterial properties. 

Smartwool Saturnsphere Crew Socks - Men’s Medium Cushioned Merino Wool Performance Socks Large Black-deep Navy

Men's Saturnsphere Crew Socks
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Hiking Socks

One of the things to consider in choosing hiking socks is durability, comfort, and protection. When you are on a trail, you might encounter dry or moist environments; that is why your socks must be durable and give you comfort. It protects your toes and ankle from blisters to keep you going without a painful feeling.

I want to recommend one of the best hiking socks of Smartwool, the Hike Full Cushion Crew Socks.

Smartwool Men's Hike Full Cushion Crew Socks – Merino Wool Socks for Hiking, Trail Running, Cycling & Outdoor Exercise – Made in USA - Black, L

Men's Hike Full Cushion Crew Socks
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The SmartWool Full Cushion crew sock has full cushioned features that will keep your feet comfortable. It is made with merino wool that wicks away the moisture in your feet. It is also durable and can withstand harsh temperatures or environments. 

Hunting and Fishing Socks

In purchasing or choosing hunting and fishing socks, you need to consider the lightest one. If the socks are heavy, it will take more room in your boost to make you uncomfortable. Also, heavy socks will make your feet too tight once inserted in the boot. 

Good thing Smartwool socks have a lot of offers for hunting and fishing socks like Hunt Light Cushion Tall Crew Socks.

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks - Men’s Hunt Large Wool Performance Sock

Men's Hunt Light Cushion Crew Socks
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This sock has mesh ventilation zones that will make your feet breathable and moisture-free. I also come with light cushioning to keep a light and comfortable feeling once worn with boots. It comes with a seamless toe for an ultimate in-shoe fit and comfort. 

Running Socks

When it comes to choosing running socks, you need to choose socks that have blended synthetic fabric. It would help if you are looking for seams since seams and often the reason for blisters and pain in the feet. You should also consider if you prefer thick or thin socks, depending on your comfort. Also, choose running socks to keep your feet dry and odor-free like Smartwool Socks.

One of the best Smartwool running socks is Run Cold Weather Mid Crew Socks.

Smartwool Men's PhD Run Cold Weather Mid Crew Light Elite Merino Wool Socks

Men's Run Cold Weather Mid Light Cushion Crew Socks
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These socks have the best cushioning feature that suits your active lifestyle. It has mesh ventilation zones that make your socks breathable and moisture-free. It also comes with seamless toes that keep your feet from the blister. 

Ski and Snowboard Socks

Typically in choosing ski or snowboard socks, you need to choose socks made from merino wool blended with synthetic brands. The cushions of the socks must be in ration with the warmth that it provides. It does not mean the thicker the sock, the warmer it is.

Smartwool Men's PhD Ski Light Elite Pattern Over-the-Calf Merino Wool Socks, Light Gray, Large

SmartWool Over the Calf, Target Cushion Ski Socks
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Sometimes thick socks restrict blood circulation when paired with snug-fitting boots. Good thing that Smartwool is made with merino wool socks blended with synthetic fibers that offers comfort and thermoregulation that adapts to the body temperature.

You can choose Ski Targeted Cushion Over The Calf Socks if you prefer lightweight socks. It comes with cushioning that best suits your skin and snowboarding activities. The merino wool in the socks has a thermoregulating capacity that keeps your feet warm without giving a bulky feeling when worn. It has seamless toe features for added comfort and fit. 

Walking Socks

One of the essential factors that you need to consider in choosing a walking sock is its length. The socks must come on top of your shoes. Since too short socks may rub your ankle; too long may feel warmer when worn and more likely to slip away.

Also, comfort and protection are needed; long walks can cause blisters if your socks are not properly cushioned and the seams are not well-knitted. Smartwool has many walking socks that you can look for, like Walk Light Cushion Ankle Socks.

Smartwool Unisex Mini Walk Socks - Light Cushioned Wool Performance Sock for Men and Women

SmartWool Walk Light-Cushion Ankle Socks
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These are their walking-specific light cushioned mini crew socks. It comes with a cushion at the entire bottom of the foot for protection and comfort. It also comes with a flat knit toe seam and a waffle knit flex zone. It would help if you were worried about your sweaty feet since the socks are made of merino wool, keeping your feet dry and moisture-free.

Which Smartwool Socks are The Warmest?

There are so many Smart wool socks that offer warmth since most of the socks are cushioned, made of merino wool that adjust to the body's temperature. However, for your preference, I will list three warm socks from SmartWool. 

Women's Ski Full Cushion Over The Calf Socks

Women's Ski Full Cushion Over The Calf Socks is one of the warmest Smartwool due to its cushioning feature. It can be best used in cold winter seasons while having activities outside.

Smartwool Women’s Performance Ski Full Cushion Knee-High Socks – Breathable, Performance Fit Merino Wool Sock for Skiing and Snowsports – Mountain Snowflake Pattern – M, Moobeam

SmartWool Women's Over-The-Calf Ski Sock
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Moreover, the natural properties of merino wool in keeping your feet warm make these socks warm. 

Mountaineer Extra Cushion Crew Socks

Another warmest Smartwool socks are Mountaineer Extra Cushion Crew Socks. You can venture farther and stay warmer with these socks.

Smartwool Men's Mountaineering Crew Extra Heavy Merino Wool Socks, Charcoal Heather, Medium

SmartWool Mountaineering Socks
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These socks come with a denser cushion for added padding in keeping the feet warm. The socks are made from merino wool, which helps keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable though you might be doing mountain treks.

Women's Everyday Dazzling Wonderland Crew Socks

Women's Everyday Dazzling Wonderland Crew Socks has full cushions that will keep your feet warm through the winter days.

Smartwool Dazzling Wonderland Crew Black LG (Women's Shoe 10-12.5)

SmartWool Dazzling Wonderland Crew Socks
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Aside from the cushions, the socks' merino wool will keep your feet warm since it has the natural capacity to adapt to your body temperature. 


You can choose a variety of socks in SmartWool. It comes with many designs, styles, lengths, and sizes. There are also a variety of socks to choose from, depending on your activity. It can withstand harsh environments and can be used in cold or warm temperatures. 

Just take note that in purchasing the socks for you, choose the one that offers comfort, protection, and durability.

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