SmartWool Curated Socks (How They Are Made with Examples!)

Joy can also come with how you care for your feet. Imagine being on an occasion where you have an uncomfortable foot due to socks' seams, or your socks make your feet very sweaty. You may no longer enjoy the event, but if you have good quality socks, no matter how many hours you spend, you can be in a good mood since uncomfortable feet do not bother you.  

Smartwool makes quality socks with designs and colors, and you can choose from a variety of options. With years of expertise in socks making, SmartWool has innovated and designed high-quality socks that deliver fun, funky printed patterns while also offering comfort and performance incorporating merino wool. 

The company has made sure that all of its socks are manufactured in the USA and is committed to creating valuable and quality socks that come with various designs where you can choose. The knitting of Smartwool involves a labor-intensive process. To know more about the making of Smartwool curated socks, read more below.

What are Smartwool Curated Socks?

Smartwool curated socks are socks that are printed on a circular mandrel instead of flat printing. The printing process goes around the socks that produce a clean, seamless, and 360-degree pattern. Smartwool curated collection offers a variety of colorful designs that are printed on their super-soft Merino wool socks.

No matter what you look for, may it be crew socks or no-show socks, Smartwool offers comfortable, bold socks that are sure to give life to your sock closet. You can indeed show off your exciting, eye-catching designed socks that are printed and built the Smartwool way. The quality of Smartwool socks features virtual seamless toe and bold, seasonal printed patterns for all-day comfort and expression.

The good thing about these Smartwool curated socks is that it does not follow the traditional sock printing that uses heat in transferring dyes to create designs in socks. Instead, Smartwool uses a 360-degree printing process that thoroughly soaks the wool fibers to create a vibrant and more resilient coloring.

Women's Curated Socks

Crew Socks

One of Smartwool's curated crew socks is Women's Everyday Popcorn Cable Crew Socks. These socks are very comfortable and can be worn as an everyday socks.

Smartwool Popcorn Polka Dot Crew Natural MD (Women's Shoe 7-9.5)

SmartWool Popcorn Cable Crew Socks
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It bursts with variations of texture zones and patterns. It has full cushioned features that offer additional comfort and protection to your feet. It comes with a women's specific fit, which has a narrower heel and slimmer fit.

Ankle Boot Socks

One of Smartwool's curated socks is Women's Everyday Herringbone Ankle Boot Socks. It comes with a black and white patterned design.

Smartwool Herringbone Mini Boot Socks - Women’s Light Wool Performance Sock Medium Bordeaux

SmartWool Herringbone Ankle Boot Socks
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You can pull off your outfit with these socks with seamless toes that will eventually add comfort to your feet with a supportive arch brace and women's-specific fit. These socks will indeed look good in your short boots. 

No Show Socks

If you prefer no-show socks that come in pleasing colors and stripes, you can choose Women's Everyday Sneaker Striped No Show Socks.

Smartwool Women's PhD Run Striped Micro Ultra Light Merino Wool Socks

SmartWool Striped No-Show Socks
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It is designed to bring an invisible comfort while pairing with your favorite kicks. The seamless toe features of these socks will surely give a good fit and comfort. 

Knee High Socks

One of the best curated knee-high socks is Women's Everyday Popcorn Cable Knee High Socks.

Smartwool Women’s Performance Ski Full Cushion Pattern Knee-High Socks – Breathable, Performance Fit Merino Wool Sock for Skiing and Snowsports – Trellis Pattern – M, Lunar Gray Heather

SmartWool Popcorn Knee-High Socks
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It comes with various designs and patterns with the full cushioned feature that is cozy when worn. It has a women's specific fit that has a narrower heel and a slimmer fit.

Men's Curated Socks

Boot Socks

If you prefer wearing, you can choose Boot Socks Women's Color Block Mini Boot Socks with a non-binding welt to reduce pressure around the calf.

Smartwool Men's Saturnsphere Crew Merino Wool Socks, Alpine Blue, Large

SmartWool Boot Socks
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These socks come with variations of black, white, and grey patterns that showcase a minimalistic design. It has a women's-specific fit and comfort, fit, and durability to your daily routine.

Low Ankle Socks

One of the best curated low ankle socks is the Men's Run Stripe Zero Cushion Low Ankle Socks Trio. These low ankle socks offer a variety of colors and designs that could liven up your wardrobe.

Smartwool Men's PhD Run Low Cut Ultra Light Merino Wool Socks, Black, Medium

SmartWool Stripe Zero Cushion Low Ankle Socks
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These socks are designed to provide overall comfort while you run and provide durable sock technology. It comes with a virtually seamless toe feature that smoothes out toe seams for ultimate in-shoe fit and comfort.

Crew Socks 

Just take a look at Everyday Hudson Trail Crew Socks that comes with a very stylish design.

Smartwool Men’s Everyday Hudson Trail Crew Sock – Moisture-wicking, Odor-resistant Merino Wool Socks for Work & Casual Activities – Made in USA – L Charcoal

SmartWool Hudson Trail Sock
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These crew socks are made for everyday use that come with good cushioning on the bottom of the foot to provide comfort. It has a seamless feature that offers less pressure on the top of the foot. 

No Show Socks

Get a new pair of no-show socks that features minimalistic but stylish designs and patterns like Everyday Sneaker Pattern No Show Socks.

Smartwool Men's Sneaker No Show Merino Wool Socks, White, Extra Large

SmartWool Everyday Sneaker No-Show Sock
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Though these socks might be hidden when worn, they offer increased foot coverage for all-day comfort. Comes with an internal gripper that keeps your socks from slipping and sliding when you move. 

Over the Calf Socks

Everyday Compression Varied Stripe Over The Calf Socks offers compression features of a 10-20mmHg graduated compression rating to help you recover faster.

Smartwool Men's PhD Pro Mountaineer Over-the-Calf Light Elite Merino Wool Socks

SmartWool Compression (Over the Calf) Sock
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These socks come with a stylish striped pattern. It also has targeted cushioning on the heel and ball of the foot for added comfort and protection, making you ready for your next adventure. 

Slipper Socks

If you want to have socks that you can wear on a lazy Sunday or chilly days while working at home, you can try Extra Heavy Cozy Slipper Socks.

Smartwool Men's Hunt Crew Extra Heavy Merino Wool Socks, Charcoal, Large

SmartWool Cozy Slipper Socks
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These "slipper socks" come with an elastic arch and ankle support feature designed to keep your feet in place. You can enjoy your cozy moments in your house and keep these on all day.


Smartwool is innovating to make high-quality merino wool socks that offer not only durability, comfort, and protection but also socks that can express artistry through the creation of Smartwool curated socks. 

These socks do not use the traditional printing process but use a circular mandrel method that goes all around the socks, making a clean seamless with the 360-degree pattern.

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