Where Can I Buy Timberland Boots Online?

Wondering where to buy Timberland boots online in your country? Read ahead to find out!

You can buy timberland boots online directly through their website, Timberland.com or you can buy them from third-party sellers such as Amazon, DicksSportingGoods, Journeys, Farfetch, DSW, Footlocker, or Zappos to name a few. Check a few sites to find the best price and selection available.

If your region or country doesn’t have its own Timberland store yet, don’t fret! There are probably still plenty of ways you can buy their infamous boots online instead.

Let’s take a look at the various options available to purchase Timberland boots online.

Where to buy Timberland boots in the USA

Timberland is an American brand, therefore you can easily shop for Timberland boots on their website Timbeland.com.

Although the Timberland website offers a great selection of boots, apparel, and accessories, I like to check their Amazon Storefront as well. If you check both, you can definitely find the best deal and widest selection on the Timberland boots that you are interested in.

Timberland PRO 6IN Direct Attach Men's Wheat Soft Toe SR WP Boot (9.5 M)

Sometimes there are products available on Amazon (click here to check Amazon), that aren’t on the Timberland store site (click here to check Timberland’s site)…  Make sure you check both.

Other online retailers that carry a selection of Timberland boots are…

I find that many of these websites like DSW.com will offer a wide variety of Timberland boots as well as additional benefits such as free shipping, subscription discounts, and discounts on select styles.

It’s always worth checking several sites before you make a purchase.  Personally, I check Timberland, then Amazon, then Zappos.  One of these will get me the best price in the boot style that I am looking for!

Where to buy Timberland boots in the UK

To purchase Timberland boots in the UK, you can head over to Timberland’s UK website at Timberland.co.uk, through which you can shop directly for Timberland boots and products.

Shopping from their own website ensures product authenticity and better customer care services.

Timberland Men's Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot, Brown, 11

However, if a particular boot is out of stock on their website or not available for some reason, you can check third-party online sellers.

For men’s Timberland boots you can check Brandallery.co.uk or Lyst.co.uk for women’s Timberland boots. To get a variety of both men’s and women’s Timberlands, you can check Mastershoe.co.uk or Exxpozed.co.uk.

Where to buy Timberland boots in Canada

Timberland has its own website for Canada, Timberland.ca where you can buy authentic Timberland boots directly from the company.

That’s not it though! You can also shop for Timberland boots in Canada through Journeys.ca, DSW.ca, Footlocker.ca, and Walkingonacloud.ca.

Timberland Men's Earthkeepers 6" Lace-Up Boot, Burnished Brown, 11 M US

If you’re into pre-loved boots, you might be able to find some at poshmark.com.

Where to buy Timberland boots in South Africa

Timberland has a South African website, Timberland.za, where you can purchase authentic Timberland boots and apparel.

However, you can also check ubuy.za for a wide variety of Timberland products, often at a discounted price.

Timberland Men's Groveton LTT Chukka L/f, Steeple Grey Nubuck/Cordura, 11 M US

Where to buy Timberland boots in Ireland

To shop online for Timberland boots in Ireland, simply visit the Timberland Ireland website at Timberland.ie and shop to your heart’s content!

You can also shop Timberland boots in Ireland through Zolando.ie, Mandmdirect.ie and Footlocker.ie.

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