Are Timberland Boots Good For Snow

Looking for the perfect winter-friendly boots?! Read this article to find out how Timberland makes some of the best boots for snow.

Keeping your feet warm and dry during the harsh winters is a top priority when going out. So, are Timberland good for snow?

Timberland boots are great for snow.  Timberland Boots are equipped with many qualities that make a great winter boot. They are waterproof, insulated, designed with a good grip, and are of course, comfortable!

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Timberland boots that are the best winter-friendly options…

Best Men’s Timberland Boots for Winter

Timberland Premium 6-inch Boot

The Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot would be my first choice for men’s winter boots.

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 8.5

Timberland Premium Heritage 6-inch Boot

I also like the Timberland Premium Heritage 6-Inch Boot, these boots offer great grip and are of course waterproof.

Timberland Mens 6 Inch Heritage Boot, Medium Brown, Size 8

Timberland Radford Winter Boot

Rounding out my top three Timberland winter boots are the Timberland Radford Winter Boot.

Timberland Mens Radford 6 Inch Waterproof Snow Winter Nubuck Boots - Black - 8.5

Best Women’s Timberland Boots for Winter

Timberland Authentic Fold-over Boot

The Timberland Authentic Fold-over Boots are a good winter boot option for women.  They are warm, waterproof with a nice grippy sole.

Timberland Women's Teddy Fleece Fold Down WP Boot,Taupe,7 M US

Timberland Premium 6-inch Waterproof Boot

The Timberland Premium 6-inch Waterproof Boots are another great choice as a woman’s winter boot.

Timberland Womens Jayne 6-Inch Waterproof Wheat Nubuck Boot - 6 M

Timberland Premium 6-inch Boot

My third pick (and equally as good as the first two) are the Timberland Premium 6-inch Boots.  Also warm, supportive and waterproof.

Timberland Women's Earthkeepers� 6 Inch Premium Boot Rust Nubuck 9.5 M

Now that you know they make boots that can power through the cold, you must be wondering what makes them so. Well, let’s see!

What Makes Timberland Boots Good For Winter

Timberland boots have the following qualifies that make them the ideal winter boots:

Timberland Boots Are Really Waterproof

Timberland doesn’t just use a waterproof covering to make it waterproof. Instead, they use silicon-injected leather for their boots, which is automatically more water-resistant compared to normal boots since it prevents water from getting into the shoe.

In addition to this, they have reinforced the stitched spaces with more silicon so there is no chance of water seeping through the stitches. To complete the process, they use a heat application mechanism that basically molds the upper and lower shoe into one, making them into one solid waterproof shoe.

Since snow is basically water, the same properties make the shoe suitable to wear when the roads turn white. The cold might get into your head but the ice sure won’t get into your shoes!

Timberland Boots Provide Traction For Added Safety

Timberland boots provide the perfect grip via two mechanisms. Firstly, they have perfected the shape of the sole to maximize grip and traction on every kind of surface, including icy slippery surfaces.

Secondly, they use the best kind of material for the sole. They use hard rubber often made from recycled car tires, which are originally designed for good grip and traction on the roads.

When the hard rubber is incorporated into their special engineered shape, you get a sole that’s perfect for slippery snow days.

Timberland Boots Are Insulated

Timberland boots are naturally more insulated due to the use of silicon-injected leather. When paired with good-quality socks like Timberland’s pique socks, you get more insulation than the average boot.

However, some Timberland boots such as the PrimaLoft or the Jayne series are designed with extra insulation to keep you warm for as long as you’re outdoors.

They Are Designed For Ultimate Comfort

Now let’s be real. Even if the shoe is designed with the best sole and waterproofing, it’s ultimately of no use if the shoe isn’t comfortable for your feet.

Thankfully, Timberland’s boots do well in that department as well! They are designed to perfect the balance between shock-absorption while providing a comfortable step. In addition to this, they are also breathable so they won’t grow damp or heated, keeping your feet dry and comfortable for as long as you walk!

Will Timberland Boots Get Ruined In The Snow?

Timberland boots will not get ruined in snow. Timberland winter boots are specially designed to combat the snow and cold, so they should not get ruined in the snow or slush or harsh cold weather.

However, a lot of factors go into deciding the longevity of any product. Similarly, the durability of your Timberland boots is influenced by things like how long you wear them daily, what kind of occupation you have (are you working on rough terrains or not), and most importantly, how you take care of them.

How To Care For Your Winter Boots

Boots might be well made but they need to be looked after in order to last longer! Here’s how you can take care of your winter boots:

Keep Them Away From The Heater

It can be tempting to dry your boots in front of the radiator or direct heat, but don’t do it! It can be extremely drying for the leather and will cause it to dry up and crack more easily.

Instead, let them air dry at room temperature. Insert a shoehorn into the shoe to prevent it from drying out of shape.

Use Timberland’s Protector Spray or Balm

You can reinforce the shoe’s water-resistant properties by using Timberland’s protectant balm on it. It helps keep it clean, as good as new, and also watertight.

Make Sure To Clean Them

Dirty water can accumulate into the seams of your boot which might eventually make it look grubby and can also affect its grip and comfort. To avoid that, make sure to clean your boot every once in a while using a damp cloth or a gentle brush.

You can also get Timberland’s dry cleaning kit for better results.

Can Timberland Boots Be Worn In The Snow?

Timberland can certainly be worn in the snow.  Timberland have several styles that are designed specifically for winter weather including snow and rain.  These styles would include Timberland Premium, Heritage and Radford boots to name a few.

Along with being waterproof, their winter boots are also ideal to retain heat and keep your feet warm and moisture-free all day long. Most importantly, the ideal sole design prevents slipping! So you’re both safe and comfortable.

However, not all of their boots have all of the properties listed above. If you’re focused on waterproof boots, you can find a lot more variety and can check out our article on Timberland’s Waterproof Boots as well.

But if you want comfort, grip, and warmth all in one- stick to the Timberland boots we listed above or check each boots’ product description before settling on one.

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