Where Are Timberland Boots Made

If you ever wondered where your favorite timberland boots are originally made, read this article to know everything!

As a buyer, it’s natural to wonder where your favorite waterproof boots are made. This is important because the place of manufacturing can largely impact the quality and craftsmanship of the product.

Timberland boots are made all over the world including the USA, Asia, and even Europe. A chunk of their manufacturing sites lies in China, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, and of course the USA.

Their headquarters are based in the USA but they have sub headquarters in a lot of different countries, which is why you see different import tags depending on where you buy your boots.

Want to dig a little more into the history of these historically famous boots? Keep reading ahead!

A Timeline Of Timberland Company Expansion

1973The Shwartz family launches its original waterproof boots known as the original yellow boot
1976Following the success of its yellow boot. The company formerly known as Abington Shoe Company launches itself as the Timberland Company.
1980Timberland launches in Italy
1981Timberland launches its first overseas factory in the Dominican Republic
At PresentTimberland has factories in China, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Pakistan, Cambodia, Guatemala, Germany, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Nicaragua, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Thailand, Taiwan, along with the USA

Are Any Of The Timberland Boots Made In The USA?

Some Timberland boots are made in the USA but most of them are not. Timberland factories are located in Asia, Europe, South America and North America. Manufacturing facilities will be found in China, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Pakistan, Cambodia, Germany, Italy, Mexico to name a few.

You can check each of the boots’ product descriptions to check where they’re manufactured.

A rough estimate of about 1000 of their products can tell you that only 2% of them are USA-made, while the rest get imported from the many other countries they have their factories in. Of these, the USA-made 8-inch boots and the American Craft Moc-Toe boots are made in the USA.

Some popular timberland boots made in the USA include:

Men Boots Made In The USAWomen Boots Made In The USA
The USA made 8-inch boots are American Craft Moc-Toe Boots.USA made 8-inch boots

Are Any Timberland Boots Made In China?

When people see a certain Timberland boot with the ‘ Made In China’ tag, they automatically assume it’s a fake. However, they’re not!

Timberland has 135 of its trademark factories in China. Hence, they contribute a fair share to the imported boots that are sold internationally by the official Timberland store. 

How To Spot A Fake Timberland Boot If You See One

Since the original timberland boots come at the pricier end of the scale, we, unfortunately, come across fake ones every now and then.

It’s important to tell a fake from the original because even if it looks the same on the outside, it will not have the same comfort and waterproof qualities the original Timberland boots have.

Here are some ways you can check if the boot you’re buying is original or not:

Check where you’re buying the boots from

Timberland has several verified sellers located on the ‘Store Locator’ option through their website. These stores include Timberland trademark stores, Nordstrom, DSW, Zappos, and Amazon. If you’re buying from a third party, ask them for a receipt to verify whether it was bought from a certified store or not.

Check the box

You should preferably be able to get the box with your purchase. Timberland has these special sturdy brown boxes made with recycled materials. 

The box also displays information about the boot on the side, check to see if it’s consistent with the details mentioned on Timberland’s official website.

Check the logo

Imitators try to copy as much of the original design as they can, but they usually mess up the logo. The original timberland logo has a tree with the branches aligned to one point, a line under the tree that is not angled but straight, plus a registered R mark in a neat circle.

If you see any of these things being out of place, assume the boots are fake unless proven otherwise.

Check the tag

Timberland never prints barcodes on the eyelet tags. A lot of imitators seem to miss this little detail and end up printing a barcode on the tag. Lucky for us, that’s an easy way to spot a fake boot.

Feel the boot

A fake boot might look good from afar but once you have it on your hand, you can easily tell it apart from an original Timberland boot. An original boot will be sturdy with flexible leather while a fake boot will feel flimsy and cheap.

Check the stitching

Timberland prides itself on its craftsmanship and will never produce shoes with dodgy stitching. Observe the stitching on the boot, it will be uniform, symmetrical and properly spaced throughout the boot in an original Timberland.

However, fake boots will have asymmetrical stitching that isn’t aligned throughout. The stitching will also be flimsy with thread coming out of the seams in some places.

Timberland boots are famous for their waterproof and durable qualities because they are manufactured and designed especially for that purpose. Fake boots might look the exact same but they simply lack the technology that goes on to make Timberland boots as strong and water-repellent as they are.

So if you’re hoping to spend money on a fake boot just for the aesthetics, make sure to never brave the weather with them because they won’t last. If you truly want weather-proof boots, save some money and invest in a real pair instead. Just make sure you buy directly from a certified store to avoid any fraud.

Happy shoe buying!

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