Where Are Crocs Made?

Iconic, stylish, and sophisticated, you name it! These features made Crocs one of the top recognizable shoe industries in the globe. This brand can never be ignored by many since it truly fits their preferences, regardless of their fashion statement.

If you are fond of wearing this brand, you probably wonder where Crocs are made?

Crocs were originally manufactured in Canada, however over time Crocs have expanded their production facilities to include Bosnia, Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, and Vietnam. The Crocs label will state the country of origin.

Let’s take a closer look at where Crocs are made and also discuss authentic Crocs versus the “knock-offs”.

Crocs Shoes Production

Originally, Crocs was manufactured in Canada. But, with its high demand and popularity, this shoe company created several networks of factories to cater to the needs of their customers.

At present, Crocs are being manufactured in six distinct nations, namely: Italy, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Brazil, and Bosnia. Each show pair’s nation of origin is also mentioned on its label. It means that the original Crocs can be manufactured in these six countries.

Psychedelic Swirl Crocs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Tie Dye Clog, Psychedelic Swirl, 2 US

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

As you have noticed, one of the countries that produce original Crocs is China. Therefore, you shouldn’t be confused if there is a label “Made in China.” Sometimes people will buy shoes, thinking they are Crocs but they are not. 

One of the higher production outputs of Crocs shoes is from China. The Cayman and Beach style of Crocs is available in various single and combined colors. It has also come with different Crocs accessories to meet the expectations of every user.

However, recent news has suggested that Crocs closed (or plans to close) its manufacturing factory in Mexico and Italy. The main reason for this is to lower manufacturing costs and to generate high revenue. 

Nurse Wearing Red Starlight Crocs


Authentic, Original Crocs Shoes

Knowing where Crocs are made can be your clue on how to get an authentic one. Here are some clues you need to consider:

  • Check Out the Tags – Every Crocs shoe has its own barcode. In case the barcode of your preferred shoes is similar to other shoes, then you are getting a fake one.
  • Color of the Crocs – Crocs shoes come in several colors for each shoe model. There are some cases that stores that sell imitation products, and you can easily spot it by checking the Crocs color. You may check the website of Crocs to see the exact available colors in the market.
  • Circulation Nubs – Crocs shoes have circulation nubs, making them comfortable to wear. The fake one, however, doesn’t have that feature.
  • Crocs Shoe Size – If you already have this brand, you can easily see how the company produced this type of shoe. Mostly, fake Crocs come in a smaller version compared to its original size.

Women’s Crocs Brooklyn Mid Wedge

Crocs Brooklyn Mid Wedge Flame/Mushroom 7 M

Crocs Brooklyn Mid Wedge Women’s Sandals

  • Crocs Logo – Croc shoes have a unique embossed Duke logo. You have to check if the shoes have two Duke eyes and six identical bumps on their back. If it has, then you have the authentic type of Croc shoes.
  • Materials Used – Crocs shoes are often lightweight, slip-resistant, and durable. Fake ones, however, are often made with rubber, making it so heavy and slippery.

Whatever styles you want, you can get authentic Crocs shoes. After knowing where Crocs are made, it is easy for you to look for the best and authentic one.

Increasing Production of Crocs Shoes

The demands of Crocs in the market are continuously increasing as time passes by. As a result, the company continues to keep its hot brand. So, how did they do it? The answer is very simple.

Crocs Women's Luxe Slippers

Crocs Classic Luxe Slipper Burgundy Men's 4, Women's 6 Medium

Crocs Classic Luxe Unisex Slippers

Dampen Customers’ Demand

The company’s major concern here is to have the overproduction of Crocs shoes. Say, for instance, if there is a huge supply in the market, it can decline its appeal to the customers. There are some people who just want to have it because they are in demand.

Though the company offers short-term sales, they prefer to have long-term strategies to undermine their brand’s exclusiveness and uniqueness. In fact, Crocs damped its production in 2006, and the year after, their sales got doubled.

Control Distribution

This brand has a controlled distribution. Compared to other shoe companies, it has only a few retail outlets available to its customers. So, during their sales, customers try to reach out to these limited retail outlets.

Fuzzy Pirate's Crocs


Defy Line Extension

Crocs offer a lot of options to their customers. They didn’t stop producing a classic type but also continuously offering distinct styles to meet the needs of their buyers. Sandals, flip-flops, and many more were produced by the leading factories of Crocs.

The main concept of Crocs is not to have a stunning appearance, but a functional one. This idea becomes the major reason why most people prefer to have this brand.

Focus on Major Consumers

Originally, this shoe brand is for sports enthusiasts. But, they expand its production for every user. The main idea here is to satisfy the preferences of the consumers. Crocs shoes are perfect for kids, workers, athletes, and for everyone who wishes to have comfortable footwear.

Classic Crocs Unisex Lined Neo Puff Winter Boots

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Lined Neo Puff Winter Boots Snow, Bleached Tie Dye, 6 US

Crocs Classic Lined Neo Unisex Puff Boots

Expand Internationally

This shoe brand understands the power of targeting the global market. But, they started at the small one. Crocs utilized its stock market cash to develop production factories in China and.

They also have a distribution center in Mexico and even in Japan and Netherlands.

Crocs Shoes Retail

Where Crocs are made? How do they distribute their products in the market? Where can you buy an authentic one? These are some of the questions you keep on wondering, especially when you are fond of collecting this type of shoe brand.

When it comes to retail stores, Crocs shoes are available around the globe. In the United States, they have 153 retail stores. They also have several retail stores in Korea, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Puerto Rico, Austria, France, and many more.

Now, if you want to have this brand of shoes, make sure to deal with the reputable retail stores of Crocs. How will you do it? The answer is very simple. Simply check the Crocs website and see the available nearest retail stores.

As we’ve said, you can check out reviews of the customers who already purchase Crocs shoes. You can find these reviews all over the internet. Take note that the price of Crocs varies from one another, depending on its size and style. So, don’t forget to check its price before purchasing.

There are some stores that offer cheap prices. If you are doubt about its actual cost, you can check its actual price online. You may also distinguish the authentic from the fake one by checking its features.

Women’s Leigh II Ankle Strap Wedge

Crocs Women's Leigh II Cross-Strap Ankle Wedges Sandal, Oatmeal/Mushroom, 7

Crocs Leigh II Adjustable Ankle Strap Wedge Women's Sandals

Are you amazed how and where Crocs are made? Then, don’t miss this chance to experience its comfortable and quality features. Crocs are here to meet your exceptional needs. Simply get one and see how it satisfies your footwear styles. No doubt, you will get hooked on this brand just like everyone else.

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