Does Crocs Make A Walking Shoe?

You have bought clogs and flip-flops from crocs. How’s the experience? In my case, I love their products because they are comfortable and sturdy. In terms of style and design, the company can compete with other famous and well-established brands today.

It now offers a dyed, colorful, and stunning variety of choices. Does Crocs company make walking shoes?

Crocs makes a variety of different types of shoes including walking shoes. Crocs walking shoes could include sandals, flats, loafers, sneakers, and even platforms.

If your existing pair of classic clogs is old and dull, Crocs’ walking shoes are a fantastic option you cannot afford to miss. Here are some of the walking shoe options available for men and women.

Here are some images of walking shoes available today.

Crocs History

Crocs became popular in the footwear industry because of its classic style of clogs.

Now, its product line has expanded. The company makes walking shoes for clients of all ages. They also offer sandals, boots, flip flops, platform shoes, slides, and more.

Its walking shoes are available in multiple designs and styles to meet and exceed the taste and fashion preferences of men, women, and kids worldwide. They’re made with Crocs patented Croslite material, meaning that your Crocs walking shoes are antibacterial and easy to care for.

Why Choose Walking Shoes From Crocs 

If you are a fan of walking shoes from Crocs, you probably know why many people have switched to its new product line.

If you have tried clogs before and are planning to purchase walking shoes, here are some reasons the company has been a number one favorite for the vast majority of individuals worldwide: 

Crocs Women's Citilane Low Slipon W Sneaker, Navy, 9 M US

Crocs CitiLane Low Slip-On Women's Sneakers

The Outsole is Made of the Croslite Material

Most of the outsole in Crocs walking shoes are designed with the Croslite. Some people are quite confused between Croslite and rubber. But they are different. The former is a proprietary closed-cell resin material that is neither rubber nor plastic. 

Croslite is designed to be impact-absorbing to achieve maximum comfort compared to other materials used in walking shoes. More than the great cushioning, the Croslite outsole in walking shoes can resist odor and minimize bacterial growth, avoiding regular cleaning, and saving your time. 

crocs Women's Neria Pro II Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black/Blue, 4

Crocs Neria Pro II Women's Clogs

The Croslite outsole is non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly. Although it smells, it would fade away as time goes by, so there are no worries. 

More than the extra cushioning and anti-bacterial growth, the Croslite outsole offers extremely lightweight and comfortable walking shoes, making them perfect for the long summer season and easy to carry throughout a long day in the office.

The Croslite outsole is slip-resistant, insulating, 100% recyclable, ergonomic, and UV resistant. 

Developed with LiteRide Foam Insoles 

The majority of insoles of Crocs walking shoes are constructed with LiteRide foam. Unlike the Croslite, LiteRide foam is 40% softer and 25% lighter. It is also more flexible compared to Crocs product line before.

Like Croslite, LiteRide is available in sandals, pacers, slides, clogs, mules, and flip-flops. The newest technology from Crocs is also used in walking shoes for men, women, and kids. 

Crocs Men's LiteRide Pacer Sneakers, Black/Camo, 4

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Men's Sneakers

Athletically Inspired for the Clients’ On-the-Go Lifestyle

All Crocs walking shoes are durable, impact-resistant, long-lasting, and made according to clients’ on-the-go lifestyle. Both the Croslite and LiteRide of the company are comfortable and also sturdy. Just use your chosen walking shoes properly to increase their longevity, functionality, and aesthetic value.

Easy Slip-On Styling 

Most walking shoes have lace to tie and untie. Although some designs of Crocs walking shoes have fixed elastic laces, they also have easy slip-on styling, suitable for those who have a busy schedule. They are user-friendly, which only take a few seconds to wear, save, and maximize your time. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for Crocs Walking Shoes 

You’re a bit overwhelmed by the variety of Crocs walking shoes. Don’t worry because it is normal. To narrow down your options, below are some factors to take into consideration: 

Does it Have Enough Flexibility? 

Wearing walking shoes that are too tight can cause lower back/ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, skin rashes, and other foot problems.

Crocs walking shoes are made with Croslite, therefore they will be soft and form to your foot while also offering stability and support.

Crocs Women's LiteRide Pacer Sneakers, Sunshine/White, 4

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Women's Sneakers

Is it Comfy and Breathable? 

Perhaps, you have tried wearing walking shoes that were not comfortable with a plastic non-breathable material. How does that feel? Your feet can feel hot and sweaty.

Generally, Crocs walking shoes are breathable.

The upper is made with tiny holes to allow your feet to breathe!  The LiteRide foam insoles are tested to be super soft, resilient, and lightweight.

Crocs walking shoes are excellent for a weekend getaway, helping you enjoy your time to unwind, reflect, and relax to the fullest. 

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, White, 10 US

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide Unisex Clogs

Four Common Areas of Walking Shoes You Should Examine 

While walking shoes have different parts to know and understand, here are the most important areas you should look at and review: 

Toe Box 

What is a toe box? Simply, it is the area of shoes that surrounds your toes. That’s why it must have ample room for the toes to bend, wiggle, or move freely.

However, too much space may cause discomfort and severe injury over time. So, be sure it has enough space to avoid any inconvenience. 


Another part of the walking shoes to consider is the heel counter. Since it is responsible for holding the back of the heel, it should not be too tight to protect the feet from supination, overpronation, and other problems. 


The insole is the area of the shoe where the sole of the foot touches. Usually designed to lower shear forces between the shoe and the feet, insoles should provide adequate shock absorption and contour to the foot comfortably.


Another important component of any type of footwear is the midsole. It is made of different materials that can give the walking shoes a greater or lesser degree of flexibility, support, and cushioning. 

Crocs Men's Walu Slip On Loafers, Khaki/Espresso, 7 Men

Crocs Walu Men's Slip-On Loafers

Is it Also Necessary to Consider the Shape of Your Feet? 

Of course, it is imperative to think about the shape of your feet to use the right walking shoes and avoid any painful problems. 

Too wide or narrow shoes can cause painful calluses and blisters. A toe box that does not provide enough space for the feet to wiggle or move freely can also lead to bunions, hammertoes, and other disorders. 

The classic Crocs have been Certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association for use with people with foot pain, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. (Source)

Is It Important to Choose Crocs Walking Shoes According to Your Arch Type? 

It is also worth it to consider the arch-type of your feet when looking for Crocs walking shoes. Commonly, there are three arch types of feet. These are neutral-arched, low-arched, and high-arched feet. 

Neutral arched feet are neither overly arched nor overly flat. For those who have neutral-arched feet, walking shoes with firm midsoles are advisable. 

Low-arched or flat feet may contribute to joint problems and muscle stress in some people, so invest in walking shoes with a straight last or motion control for your comfort. 

On the other hand, for those who have high-arched feet, you may have a higher risk of suffering from excessive strain on both muscles and joints. Therefore, look for Crocs shoes that have extra shock absorption and cushioning. 

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