What Are Crocs Made For?

Crocs have been circulating in the market and marked as one of the reputable shoe companies around the world. With its high-quality products. 

Maybe, you’ve done research about the company and the production process. Have you ever wondered what Crocs are made for?

Crocs were originally made as water shoes. The Croslite material used for Crocs manufacturing is a closed-cell resin that is waterproof, meaning they won’t get soggy when wet.  The holes on top allow water to flow in and out. The side holes you to get a better grip (by sticking your toes out).

Since Crocs' humble beginnings, they have developed many different shoe styles for many different purposes.  Originally a water shoe (the iconic Crocs Clogs), Crocs now offers shoes specifically for medical professionals including nurses and surgeons.

Crocs also offer high heel shoes, called Wedges. There was a demand for the comfortable Crocs material to be used in a more “stylish” design. Although I love the clogs style, sometimes it’s nice to wear a different style.

Our world had four seasons and therefore the demand for rain boots and winter boots arose. Crocs was equal to the weather challenges we all face and have Winter boots and Rain boots available. These Crocs lines are manufactured with the same high standards and are loved by people who buy them.

Nowadays, Crocs are made for everyone. Whether you want a pair of shoes for work, a casual loafer, some wedges, sneakers, rain boots, winter boots, or slippers, you can choose Crocs as your brand of choice.

More About Crocs  

Whether you want to use Crocs for a personal gift or whatever purpose it may be, it must know a little background on what are Crocs are made for. This article will answer all your inquiries about its materials and other related stuff to give you some hints.

Crocs shoes are known for their quality and sturdy materials. They are often made from an exclusive closed-cell resin called “Croslite.” This closed-cell resin is made from a polymer that comes from crude oils (more details below).

Realtree Camo Lined Crocs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Lined Clog

Crocs Classic Lined Unisex Clogs

Some people think that this polymer comes from rubber, but it is not. It’s believed to be a carbon-based polymer and is not a plastic or a rubber.

Croslite is considered a unique resin material due to its soft features. This helps in providing maximum and effective cushioning. It is said that Croslite is a non-toxic material, it’s antibacterial and antifungal which is why it provides odor resistance. It also obstructs bacterial growth.

Iconic Crocs in Pink

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Clog, Electric Pink, 4 US

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Crocs Unique Features

Crocs are known for their distinctive properties, and that’s the reason why they are considered different from other brands. Another best thing about Crocs is its lightweight and soft materials.

With these features, people are fond of using Crocs anywhere they go. It is also made of open-cell foam, making it waterproof. To make it even more comfortable and hygienic to use, Crocs are also made from closed-cell foam.

Stylish Women's Leigh II Cross-Strap Wedge

The materials used and features of Crocs made it even more durable than others. According to Crocs, Croslite can be destroyed by prolonged high-temperature exposure. It means that Crocs shoes should not be directed under the heat of the sun. This is why Crocs manufacturers remind their customers to store their shoes in a safe and cool place.

What are Crocs made for? Maybe, you keep on asking this question several times. Now, since Crocs are made of Croslite materials, this type of shoe is not an ordinary one. Croslite materials provide a super light feature to the users.

It is also slip-resistant, UV-resistant, insulating, and anti-microbial. Above all, Crocs are also made to be recycled. It means that you can customize it once it is damaged.

Crocs Women's Huarache Wedge Sandals

Crocs Womens Huarache Wedge Sandal Shoes, Multi/Candy Pink, US 5

Crocs Huarache Wedge Women's Sandals

Understanding Croslite

Since Croslite is considered one of the Crocs’ major materials, it must know everything about this stuff. Croslite is made from a polymer known as ethylene-vinyl acetate or simply called EVA. This polymer is a copolymer of vinyl and ethylene acetate.

The former type is composed of 10 to 40% of the copolymer, while the latter is made up of ethylene. This ethylene-vinyl acetate has glossy features and has a high resistance to radiation. It is also recognized as foam rubber or expanded rubber.

Men's Santa Cruz Loafers Image

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Loafer | Comfortable Men's Loafers | Slip On Shoes, Khaki/Khaki, 7 US Men

Crocs Santa Cruz Men's Loafers

In most cases, EVA is used as padding in various types of shoes. The typical examples of these are tennis shoes, ski boots, and hockey skates. Believe it or not, even hot stick glues are also made of ethylene-vinyl acetate. These hot stick glues are often used for crafts and arts.

If you have Crocs shoes at home, you can check their signature style. This mark is made of hot stick glues.

Woman's Neria Pro II Clog For Nurses & Medical Professionals!

Crocs Work Neria Pro II Graphic Clog Paisley Floral/Black 4 M

Crocs Neria Pro II Women's Clogs

Croslite is why the Crocs shoes are considered the best support to users’ unique feet shape. Now, the usual design of Crocs shoes has a heel strap.

However, these shoes will eventually lose their grip, especially when you are using these for several years. Getting a new pair would be wise.

The ultimate idea why Croslite is used for making Crocs shoes is that it is being washed with soap and water. Croslite has very low maintenance materials, making these shoes even more effective and comfortable to use.

Crocs Men's LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

Crocs Men's LiteRide Pacer Sneaker, Black/Smoke, 4 M US

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Men's Sneakers

Are Crocs Environmental-Friendly?

Since Crocs shoes are made from Croslite, you can say that these types of shoes are completely environmental-friendly. Unlike other types, Crocs shoes are not made from plastic or rubber.

They can also easily wash and are considered non-absorbent.

With its environmental-friendly features, more and more people are getting a hook on this stuff. If you already have Crocs shoes at home, you don’t need to buy another one once it is damaged. You can customize, adjust and repair it.

Recognizing Crocs Authentic Materials

After knowing what Crocs are made for, it is easy for you to distinguish fake from the original type. To give you some hints, are some stuff you shouldn’t miss to know:

  • The authentic Crocs always have an accurate-looking and shiny logo on its surface. As mentioned a while ago, Crocs shoes are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate. Therefore, you can easily distinguish if the shoes you have are made from hot stick glues.
  • The authentic Crocs shoes are also supplied with a branded hanger. The hanger features a company logo.
  • The authentic Crocs shows have distinct labels. These labels contain all the needed information about the size, model name, materials, and more. Therefore, it is easy for you to determine if you have fake or authentic shoes at home.
  • Another way to distinguish fake from authentic type is its logo. Its logo must be placed in the middle of the shoes besides informing their manufacturers and sizes. 

In addition, authentic Crocs shows are sold with a branded bag. In order for you to spot the difference between fake and authentic one, make sure to check if it’s made from Croslite. If your shoes are not made from Croslite, it can be easily damaged, and it is not odor-resistant.

Knowing what Crocs are made for can be done instantly. If you keep on browsing the internet, you will find factual information about this brand, how it works, how they produce and market Crocs in the market, and a lot more. Since they are available in various online stores and their website is very accessible, you can instantly check their latest designs and promos.

Now that you are already aware of what Crocs made for, you are probably amazed and understand why it catches many users’ attention. You are also familiar with why most users prefer to have this stuff.

Crocs shoes are perfect for everyone, regardless of their preferred sizes, styles, and preferences. With its various options to choose from, you can easily pick the one that is best for you. So what more can you ask for? Crocs are here to improve your style and outfit perfectly.

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