Can You Make Custom Crocs?

Crocs have become more and more popular since their humble beginnings. Crocs come in so many different styles and colors, and people want to make their Crocs unique and different that people around them. Many healthcare workers use Crocs for work because of their comfort and support.

So, when you go to work and everyone around you is wearing Crocs, you might want to stand out.  How can you make Custom Crocs?

The primary method to customize your Crocs is with Jibbitz. These small charms can be attached to your Crocs using the holes. If your Crocs don’t have holes, then you could customize your Crocs by hydro-dipping them.

Generally speaking, Crocs have been customized with Jibbitz. There are many different types of Jibbitz that you can purchase to show off your personality while wearing your Crocs.

When I started searching for different ways to customize my Crocs, I was really surprised and how creative people are and the different ways other people have customized their Crocs.

Jibbitz is just the beginning. Let's explore some of these options.

Customizing Your Crocs Using Jibbitz Charms

The fastest way to create unique and attractive Crocs shoes is by placing a custom Jibbitz charm, which is available on Amazon or Etsy.

These Jibbiitz charms are designed to fit into the holes of your Crocs snugly. The holes on your Crocs allow you to create your own design that would satisfy your preferences. You can continuously add charms until you fully install the Jibbitz on the top portion of your Crocs shoes.


Here is a video that shows you how to add the Jibbitz to your Crocs!

Disney Jibbitz Charms

Harry Potter Jibbitz Charms


Among many customized Jibbitz charms that are available in the market are food items, sports objects, letters of the alphabet, Disney characters, and many more.


You can also make your own letter combinations and choose attractive letters that will fit on the holes of your Crocs.

Crocs Spurs


Variety of Jibbitz Charms

If you want, you can even spell out your first name, favorite team sports, or anything you want to make your Crocs more attractive.

Variety of Charms


Each Jibbitz for your Crocs can only be purchased at an affordable price. So, you don’t need to spend a big amount of money when customizing your Crocs shoes.

Starbucks Charms


DIY Procedures to Customizing Your Crocs Shoes

Why do you need to spend a big amount of money on designer Crocs if you can just do the customization of Crocs by yourself?

Making your own designs or styles and customizing your own Crocs based on your preference is more fun than relying on the finished product designs in the market.

Cowboy Crocs


Before you jump into making changes to your Crocs, let’s review the options. Because although these options might sound good, however, because of the closed-cell resin (Croslite) that Crocs are made from, many dyes, markers and acrylic paint just doesn’t still to your shoes for very long!

Let’s review some options first.  Below are some of the tips and suggestions that you can consider when making your own custom Crocs designs:

Paint Your Crocs

If you decide to paint some pairs of Crocs shoes, then you might think that acrylic paint would do the trick. Nope!

Here is a video showing someone who used acrylic paint. His Crocs looked pretty good initially, but the paint just didn’t last!

Watch this YouTube video here:

Draw On Crocs with Markers

Another option could be to use some permanent markers to create some artistic Crocs.

Here is another example of someone using a permanent marker to create some cool-looking Crocs. They don't show wear and tear, but I thought his finished Crocs looked really good... Watch this YouTube video:

Get Inspired by Etsy

I really love Etsy.  There are many local artisans who create wonderful pieces including jewelry, shirts, art, Jibbitz, and even custom Crocs. Here are a couple of examples:

Red Starlight Crocs (this Nurse loves her Crocs!)


Fuzzy Pirate Crocs (very creative use of Jibbitz here)


Goth Crocs (there are several different versions of these Crocs, very cool!)


Wedding Crocs (there's over 20,000 reviews for these Crocs - Wow!)


As you can see, you can be as creative as you want to be. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your Crocs.

Now, if you want to paint your Crocs, then I believe this could the best option!

Hydro-Dipping Your Crocs

Hydro-Dipping seems to be an effective way to “paint” your Crocs and this seems to provide a longer-lasting solution.

You can buy Hydro-Dipping stencils, or you can spray different colors on water and dip your Crocs.

Here are a couple of videos that show people doing this.

This YouTube video shows a few different shoes being hydro-dipped.

Here is a YouTube Video that shows Crocs being hydro-dipped.

If you want instructions on how to do it, then read this article I created called: Can Crocs Be Dyed?

Where to Buy Perfect Materials for Customizing Crocs Designs

The first and easiest way to customize your Crocs is with Jibbitz. 

Whether you are about to use Jibbits charms like letters, Disney characters, food items, sports objects, and anything based on your desires, make sure that you will select the right ones that would complement the whole appearance of your Crocs.

But, where will you buy a specific type of Jibbitz for customizing your Crocs? I’d check Amazon first. You can also check Etsy for different Jibbitz. Then you could check the Crocs online store. 

The Crocs company purchased the company that originally designed and created Jibbitz. Now you can visit to find a wide variety and good selection of Jibbitz charms.

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