How To Put Crocs Charms (Jibbitz) On Crocs (With Video)

OK, so I’m assuming that you own a pair of Crocs and you want to know how to put those jibbitz charms on your shoes. You’ve come to the right place!

To add Jibbits to your Crocs, it’s an easy process. Pick up your Crocs in one hand and a Jibbitz charm in the other hand.  Line the back of the Jibbitz at a 45-degree angle to the hole you wish to house the Jibbitz. Push the Jibbitz charm into the whole and spin the charm while firmly pushing down toward the Crocs.

I find it easier to add the Jibbitz charm if I place the Crocs against a hard surface, like the floor or a table or counter. I also place my hand inside the Crocs to provide some resistance around the hole that I’m pressing the Jibbitz into.

Scroll down to watch the video that shows me pushing the Jibbitz charm on my Fuzzy Crocs.

If you want to remove the Jibbitz charm, then you basically do the same thing. I have the Crocs on a hard surface, I place my hand inside the Crocs and push up on the bottom of the Jibbitz charm. With my other hand, I grab the Jibbitz on top and pull and twist. The Jibbitz comes off quite easily.

Scroll down to watch the video of me removing the Jibbitz charm from my Fuzzy Crocs!

Where to find Jibbitz Charms?

You’re here, so I’m going to assume that you know what Jibbitz charms are, but… in case you don’t?

Jibbitz charms are little images, sayings, letters, characters, and some sorts of pop culture to be placed on the holes of the Crocs shoes. With 13 holes on each pair, you can even put several creative designs on your Crocs Classic. You can add beautiful styles and designs of Jibbitz charms on its holes to showcase your hobbies, latest obsession, or sense of humor on your feet.

Originally Jibbitz was a separate company owned by Ocean Minded and Crocs purchased Jibbitz in 2006. Today, you can purchase Jibbitz charms through Crocs or buy Jibbitz on Amazon, but there are also many other manufacturers of these charms and some really creative people on Etsy who create new and unique Jibbitz charms every day!

How to place a Crocs Charm (Jibbitz) on your Crocs

I gave a brief explanation at the beginning of this page, but let me go into more details and provide a video for reference. Here’s the video of me adding a Jibbitz charm to my Fuzzy Crocs:

Here are the step-by-step procedures that you can do when putting Jibbitz charms on your Crocs:

  1. Pick the Jibbitz charms that you want to place on your Crocs.
  2. Hold your Crocs in one hand, fingers inside your Crocs and under the desired placement hole.
  3. Tightly hold the Jibbitz with your other hand.
  4. Line up the black bottom of Jibbitz so that it will be placed on the center over one of those holes in Crocs.
  5. At a bit of an angle (45 degrees) push the black part (bottom) of your chosen Jibbitz firmly through the hole on the Crocs. You may also need to flex your Crocs a little bit to place it easier on the holes.
  6. You will feel the Jibbitz pop when it’s in place.  It’s a distinctive pop. 
  7. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again.  Push a little more while providing enough resistance from underneath for the Jibbitz back to push through the Crocs hole.

How to Remove Crocs Charms (Jibbitz) from your Crocs

The removal of a Jibbitz is relatively simple. Let’s review the steps to remove your Jibbitz from your Crocs. First, watch the video:

  1. To remove the Jibbitz, pick up your Crocs with one hand.
  2. With the other hand hold the Jibbitz firmly while you have your fingers of the other hand under the Jibbitz you wish to remove.
  3. Push the Jibbitz up from the bottom, while pulling the Jibbitz from the top. If you pull with a twisting motion, the Jibbitz will come out very easily.

Note, the Jibbitz may feel a little tight, but by adding pressure from the bottom while simultaneously pulling the charm from the bottom you’ll have little trouble removing the Jibbitz.

Types of Jibbits

Jibbitz comes in a wide array of styles and types. You can choose individual letters of the alphabet.

You can also choose little colorful images that could represent anything that you might be interested in.

There are Disney characters Jubbitz.

There are also 3D Jibbitz. These charms stick out further than the traditional Jibbitz that lie flat. You can find Soccer balls, Basketballs, footballs, and more in 3D versions.

If found some really cute Jibbitz charms (now these charms aren’t officially “Jibbitz” because these charms are made by local artisans who create and manufacture them for you and me). On Etsy, I’ve seen the loch ness monster that takes up several holes and she moved in and out of the Crocs like she would the water.

I’ve also seen Starbucks charms


There are some charms with chains that give your Crocs an entirely different look…

I also saw some Harry Potter “Jibbitz” charms there too.


Where to Buy Jibbitz Charms for Your Crocs?

Ok, I’ve already mentioned that you can buy Crocs (Jibbitz) charms from Crocs company directly or on Amazon.  You can also purchase shoe charms, that aren’t necessarily officially “Jibbitz” through Etsy

Crocs have retail locations across North America, but for me, I’ve noticed that I get a better price on Amazon.  I also like to support individuals, like local artisans.  I’ve seen some really creative charm and Crocs ideas on Etsy.

Maybe, if you are creative and perhaps you love Crocs.  You could combine your creativity and your love of Crocs into making some charms for others!

Designer Crocs Charms


How Else Could I Decorate My Crocs?

Not only can you decorate your Crocs with Jibbitz, but there are other options too...

What about adding some spurs to your Crocs.  Here is a great example of Crocs with Spurs…


One idea that I saw, which totally changed the look of the Crocs was to change the strap to a leather strap. Here are a couple of examples of leather heel straps for Crocs.


Snake Skin Print Crocs with Leather Strap


One artisan on Etsy has sold over 10,000 bridal Crocs. They are bedazzled with sequin crystals. Very cool…


There are several Etsy artisans who have created Goth Crocs. Now you could certainly do this yourself, but here are some images for inspiration:

Custom Goth Crocs


Goth Crocs (Original)


Custom Crocs for Nurses!


The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative with your Crocs and adding charms...

Fast Foot Crocs Charms


Crocs chain "Charms"



It’s fairly easy to add and remove the Jibbitz to your Crocs and today there are so many different options and styles of Jibbitz to choose from.

Crocs Charms, Letters & Numbers


I hope I helped answer your question and potentially provided some inspiration to Jibbitz that you may not have thought of or considered in the past!  Good luck with your Jibbitz!

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