Why Do Your UGGs Make You Trip?

UGG boots and slippers are known for being comfortable and warm. Unfortunately, they're also notorious for tripping people up. For a shoe model that's loved for its comfort, the falls and injuries it causes leave many unanswered questions. 

Your UGG boots or slippers might have a high ridge on the front that makes you trip. They could also have a worn-out sole with no grip, making you susceptible to falls. The falls could also be because you wear your UGG boots or slippers outdoors, while they're supposed to be worn indoors. 

If you wear your UGGs often and fall frequently, the problem might lie in your footwear. Here are a few possible explanations as to why your UGGs cause you to take a tumble.

How a Big Front Ridge Can Cause You To Trip

UGG Women's Classic Cardy Winter Boot, Grey, 8 B US

UGG Women's Classic Cardy

If the front ridge on your UGGs is too big, it can cause you to trip. 

The front ridge is the part of your boot that meets the ground when you walk and should be slightly smaller than your actual foot. If it's too big, it may get caught underfoot when you step down with each step, causing an unstable feeling as you walk or run. 

Many people have found this to be true and have had no problems once their boots were fitted correctly by a professional in-person at a UGG store.

The Soles on Your UGGs Are Worn Out and Have No Grip

The outer soles of your boots are one of the most important parts when it comes to your safety. They're also the only thing between you and the ground, so it's important to know if your soles are worn out or have no grip. 

If you've had your UGGs for some time and wear them frequently, their soles could be worn out and lose their grip. You could easily slip, fall, and get injured when wearing your favorite pair. 

You can fix these issues by replacing the soles with another pair of rubber soles that have better traction on most surfaces. To replace your UGGs outer soles, you can simply take the pair to a local cobbler to do the work.

UGGs Are Not Built for Full-Time Wear

UGG Women's Bailey Bow II Boot, Chestnut, 8

UGG Women's Bailey Bow II Boot

Your UGGs might have the most comfortable feel of all of your shoes. As a result, you could be tempted to wear them all the time in your house. However, you'll be placing yourself at risk of tripping and getting injured. 

UGGs are designed to give you comfort and warmth as you relax in the house. As such, their soles don't have the same grip as other shoe models. 

If you wear the UGGs all through the day and keep walking in them, you're likely to slip and fall. Only wear your UGGs when you're resting in the house to avoid such scenarios. Even if you spend your days in the house, look for more appropriate shoes to wear when moving around the home. 

You Wear Your UGGs Outdoors 

UGGs must be worn indoors and with socks to keep your feet warm and cozy. This is because the soft wool lining of the shoe can easily get wet from snow or rain and become moldy if you wear them outside for long periods.

Even though you may be tempted to wear them outdoors in colder conditions (especially when the weather is below freezing), you should avoid doing so. When walking around in extremely cold temperatures, it's easy for your feet to slip on ice or snow (especially if there's any leftover water), which could cause serious injuries such as broken bones or sprained ankles.

Your UGGs Could Be Oversized

If your UGGs are too big, not only can they hurt your feet, but they can also cause you to trip. However, this might not be the case if you have a wider foot or find that your footwear tends to slip off your heel. In this case, you're likely dealing with an issue known as "cushioning creep."

Over time, the insoles in your boots will wear down and become thinner than when they were new. As a result of this cushioning creep, you may find yourself tripping more often on slippery surfaces like tiles or stone floors (which aren't ideal for wearing UGG boots).

If you think that your UGGs may be oversized due to cushioning creep—or perhaps they simply feel too large—it might be worth trying another pair at home before purchasing them online. This way, you can get a sense of how well they fit without having to return them later on down the road!

Your UGG Boots or Slippers Are Worn Out

UGG Men's Classic Mini Boot, Black, 7 M US

UGG Men's Classic Mini Winter Boot

UGGs are not made for everyday wear. They're most comfortable when worn in cold weather or on special occasions. With this in mind, they should be replaced at least once every year, whether or not you've worn them frequently. 

If you wear your UGGs frequently, they'll get worn out faster and leave you susceptible to falls. Depending on how much time you spend on your UGGs, you should replace them as soon as you notice wear or tear. 

Alternatively, you could buy an extra pair or two so you don't wear out your single pair too fast. If you spend a lot of time indoors and wear your UGGs often, you can get a pair of more appropriate shoes to spend your days in.


There are many reasons why your UGG boots could make you trip. The most common reason is that the soles probably need to be replaced. If your boots are in good shape and they're still making you trip, the problem might be something as simple as the shoe's style.

Either way, remember these tips to prevent tripping : 

  • Check out how much wear and tear your UGGs have on them. 
  • Think about whether or not they're the right size.
  • Don't wear them too often or for too long at a time. 
  • Wear them indoors only.
  • Replace your UGGs every year!

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