Who Owns Darn Tough?

You might be owning Darn Tough Socks for years and might be a little curious about who owns this company. Apart from that, you might be thinking about who makes these durable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant socks. To answer your curiosity, I have searched for details about Darn Tough socks for your questions to be answered.

Darn Tough is a family business owned by the Tabot family in Northfield, Vermont, USA. The Tabot family ran this American family business for more than three decades, and Marc Cabot is the founder. Ric Cabot is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Darn Tough.

The company did not easily rise to where it is right now. They started as a small business that faced many challenges before advancing as one of the most quality approved sock businesses. To dig deeper into what's behind the quality Darn Tough socks, continue reading below. 

The Family Behind Darn Tough

Marc Cabot is the founder of Darn Tough Socks, as he started the company in 1978. He firstly rebuilt an old mill in Northfield, which is now known as Cabot Hosiery Mills. In 1989 Ric Cabot joined the company to help the operation of the Mill.

Cabot is not only the family that is behind Darn Tough. There is also the Palic family. The family was a Bosnian refugee who came to America in October of 1997. They worked in Darn Tough on humble beginnings, and in the latter, they provided a significant contribution to the company. They are also three generations of family that caters to creating the best fitting and best performing socks. 

Who Makes Darn Tough Socks?

Many people are interested in who makes Darn Tough socks, and you might be one of them. Many ask about the Mill tour, but sadly they don't allow this. Moreover, they have shared the people behind sock making, and you can also learn about sock making along the way. Take a look at the details below.

Product Line Manager

The Product Line Manager of Darn Tough is Owen. He has been working for Darn Tough since 2016. He is the one who is working on Research and Development. 

Owen and his team are assigned to the primary ways of production, which include research that is beneficial for today and future sock production. The Research and Development team is given to the initial process of sock production.

Darn Tough (Style 1980) Men's VanGrizzle Hike/Trek Sock - Charcoal, Medium

Darn Tough VanGrizzle Boot Midweight Cushion Men's Socks

Owen and his team always consider an outstanding balance between analytics and creativity. They make sure that they have tested it before launching a new product by wearing them multiple times. Owen and his group brainstormed sock design, colors, pattern, and fit and handed it over to the Sample Group for testing. 

Samples Programmer

Darn Tough's Sample Programmer is Clay. When the Research and Development team sends ideas to the Sample Group, Clay is responsible for how the ideas come into reality using the materials and tools they have in the Mill. 

Moreover, limited or unavailable tools don't stop Clay from going through with the designs. Clay built the Program from scratch if some plans were not made before. Clay and the Sample Group put the designs and patterns into the Program and knit the socks for a real-life sample using their machines. Clay and his team checked and caught problems since not all the designs from Research and Development made it to production.

Purchasing Manager

The purchasing manager of Darn Tough socks is Don. He has been working in the company for more than four years. Don and his team step in once new socks are made through all the processes. 

Don is the one who worked with the supply partners and maintained their relationship with Darn Tough. He and his team always consider quality materials. They make sure that the Mill has the quality yarns that they need with the highest quality. 

Darn Tough (Style 1815) Men's Captain Stripe Snow Sock - Stars and Stripes, Large

Darn Tough Captain America Ultra Light Over The Calf Men's Socks

Line Supervisor

Micheal or Big Mike is the Line Supervisor of Darn Tough. Mike is the one who oversees the processes, including the knitters and the knitting machines. Mike gives a great effort in checking the correct sizes, colors, and quantities of your socks before you can wear them. 

The Program starts from Samples and the quality materials from Purchasing; the materials are now ready for knitting. Since knitting is the heart of sock making, knitters ensure that the machines are stocked with the correct yarn, including the number of yarn needed for the day. 

Knitters also have an eye over the issues. They are the ones who keenly check if there are broken needles or thread problems. They are the one who checks and catches up on machine problems and resolves the issues. Mike and his team are facing the challenge of spotting and troubleshooting the problems. 

Master Technician

Adnan is Darn Tough's Master Technician. Adnan is on the rescue when there is something to be fixed in the machine. For over 23 years, Adnan is always to the rescue when the knitters are more complicated or too challenging to repair. With Darn Tough's 270 knitting machines that run, Adnan and his team check before using the machines and help repair once issues arise.

Boarding Supervisor

Dylan is the Boarding Supervisor of Darn Tough. When socks are knit, he and his team are the ones who clean the socks for you. That is why you don't need to worry about throwing your socks for the first time in the laundry since Dylan's team has already done that. Darn Tough Socks are already preshrunk. 

Darn Tough Women's Topless Sunbaked No Show Hidden Lightweight - Small Aqua Casual Fun Merino Wool Socks

Darn Tough Topless Sunbaked Lifestyle Women's Socks

Once the socks are dried and fresh-smelling, they go to Boarding. The process is like ironing the sock in the air. Each is placed in a metal sock form with appropriate sizes from small to large that travels to super-hot air to give each sock's perfect shape and form. 

Inspecting Technician

With over six years of inspection experience, Heather is the inspecting Technician of Darn Tough. Of course, inspecting the quality of the socks needs a little bit of OCD. This is not the first time the socks are checked, but Heather and her team make sure to eye out irregularities. 

Heather and other auditors examined every detail of the socks from its color, design, size, weight, and visual cues. From toes down to seams, everything is checked to make sure that the stitches are perfectly knitted. The entire auditing team makes sure that they only ship the best quality socks to you. 

Packaging Line Supervisor

There is another Heather in the company, and she is the Packaging Line Supervisor of Darn Tough. She has been working in Darn Tough for over 24 years. After checking the quality of socks, it is then passed to Heather's team for Stickering. 

DARN TOUGH (Style 1437) Men's Athletic Sock - Charcoal, Large

Darn Tough Ultra Light No Show Men's Socks

Heather grabs the pairs of socks to be packed and ready to be purchased. Packers are separated into two groups. The first one is responsible for putting packaging around the socks. The second team packed the socks in the box to be handed for shipping. 

Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

Don has been working in Darn Tough for over ten years and is currently the Shipping & Receiving Supervisor of the company. He has been involved in many processes from sock making, Boarding, knitting, and picking orders. They carefully check that the label in the box is the same as the box label. They make sure that the right sock boxes get into the right truck for delivery.

Where to buy Darn Tough Socks

Though Darn Tough is located in Northfield, Vermont, you can still purchase these socks and be shipped into your house. To buy from a legitimate online store, you may consider purchasing from the following online retailers...

Darn Tough Women's Treeline Micro Crew Midweight with Cushion - Small Cranberry Merino Wool Socks for Hiking

Darn Tough Treeline Women's Hike/Trek Socks


The Tabot family founded Darn Tough socks. However, they considered their employees a family; hence, one of the families that also helps the business is the Palic family.

Moreover, there are a lot of teams behind every sock production, including Product Line Manager, Samples Programmer, Purchasing Manager, Line Supervisor, Master Technician, Boarding Supervisor, Inspecting Technician, Packaging Line Supervisor, and Shipping & Receiving Supervisor Team.

Darn Tough Socks

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