Do Darn Tough Socks Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Most socks come with a warranty, but you can't deny that these warranties could last for months only. Most socks may have a warranty others don't have. Many socks companies may provide a six months to a year warranty, but none of them can beat the warranty of Darn Tough.

Darn Tough Socks provides a lifetime warranty. The lifetime guarantee of Darn Tough is simple without string and conditions. Once the socks wear, tear, or develop holes, there is a guarantee of sock replacement. Darn Tough will automatically replace the socks by following their replacement guidelines.

Replacement is one of the fantastic lifetime guarantees of Darn Tough. Imagine being able to purchase quality socks with a lifetime guarantee; that speaks of a great deal. Not only do you have a durable sock, but you also have the warranty to use it as long as it takes, and once damaged, there is a guarantee of replacement. However, this guarantee and replacement have steps to follow. For more guidelines, continue reading. 

How Long Do Darn Tough Socks Last?

Most Darn Tough Socks customers would testify that socks could last for 10 years. However, socks may last longer depending on how you use them. Though Darn Tough may last for many years, that also includes proper care and cleaning.

Though Darn Tough is guaranteed for its quality wool material, these socks may shrink and lose their ability to fit ideally once improper wash care is done and if frequently exposed to direct heat. You may be traveling, hiking, or doing extreme sports, Darn Tough Socks can last throughout though you may be traveling hundreds of miles doing physical activities. 

You will be confident that the materials you have purchased are worth it since their durability could last for many years. Moreover, once the socks are worn out or create holes, you have the guarantee to have the sock replaced. 

Darn Tough (Style #1466) Men's Merino Wool Micro Crew Hiker Sock With Cushion - Lime, Medium

Darn Tough Merino Wool Micro Cushion Men's Crew Socks

How To Return Darn Tough Socks?

Darn Tough aims to create quality socks and build a solid trust foundation with its customer; that is why when you purchase directly from Vermont, they will offer free returns and exchanges within ji 90 days. When you have purchased the socks for more than 90 days, the company will cover you with their Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. 

If you have purchased the socks at within 90 days, you need to follow the steps such as selecting the items to return, getting a refund confirmation, and sending your socks back.

However, if you have bought your Darn Tough Vermont elsewhere, or you may have purchased it more than 90 days, the company will get you covered with their Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. 

There are two ways on how to return your Darn Tough Vermont Socks. The return policy falls under your online purchase on and if you have purchased the item elsewhere. No matter where and how you bought Darn Tough Socks, the life guarantee still applies. To return Darn Tough Socks, you need to check the damage in the socks and fill in the warranty for and ship the damaged socks. 

How To Replace Darn Tough Socks?

The replacement of Darn Tough socks is easy once the step-by-step process is followed. The method includes shipping damaged socks with the warranty form; then, the office will verify the return request, and socks are ready to be replaced and be delivered to your doorstep. 

There are ways on how to get a replacement; consider following the steps and guidelines below.  

Darn Tough Women's Run No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion - Small Black Merino Wool Socks for Running

Darn Tough No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight Women's Running Socks

Bought At Within The Last 90 Days

Once you purchase the Darn Tough Socks on their website within the last 90 days, you may follow the return and exchange process steps.

Step 1: Select The Items to Return

The first thing you need to do is find and click the socks you want to be replaced. 

Step 2: Get a Refund Confirmation

The store must first inspect your items; by then, the refund confirmation will happen. The refund confirmation may take about 48 hours. 

Step 3: Send Your Socks Back.

After all the steps are done, your sock replacement will be on its way.

It is easy to return the material once the return is authorized. You will be receiving a step-by-step process on your email that you need to follow together with a prepaid shipping label. 

Darn Tough Function 5 OTC Padded Cushion Sock - Men's Black X-Large

Darn Tough Ski/Ride Function 5 Over The Calf Padded Cushion Men's Socks

Darn Tough Socks Bought Elsewhere

If you bought your Darn Tough Socks elsewhere or if it has been 90 days after the date of your purchase, you can still have the guarantee that your socks will be replaced because of the Darn Tough Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee that got you covered. Kindly follow the steps below in how to do the process.

Step 1: Remove Socks

You need to check your sock to verify the damages on it thoroughly. Once done checking, prepare the socks for replacement. 

Step 2: Online Form

You will need to fill in the information in the warranty claims. You may click here to get the warranty form. The first thing to do is to email the warranty form to their Vancouver office. When sending the warranty form, it must come with the complete pair of socks; if only a single sock is shipped, they will not process the return. 

If you prefer changing the size of the socks, you need to fill in the preferred sock size in the warranty form, or else the same sock size will be sent back. In mailing the socks with the warranty form, it is best to flatten the socks to reduce mailing costs. 

Step 3: You Ship

Ship your Socks with your warranty form. The cost of shipping the socks to their office will be charged to you since they are not responsible for the shipping fee. Moreover, the company will not cover lost parcels and will not be liable for the lost socks. 

Darn Tough (Style 1810) Women's Function 5 Snow Sock - Black, Medium

Darn Tough Function 5 Padded Cushion Over The Calf Women's Socks

Also, provide one form for each pair of socks if the socks you want to be replaced varies like it is a mix of men's socks, women's, and kids. If they are only one design with the same size and all in one package, you can consider using one form only. In addition, do not tape the socks in the warranty form since they will need the form to continue with the process. 

Step 4: Receive Code

You will be receiving a code in your email. You will be needing the code on They will send a code to you once they have received the socks and the process is ongoing. 

Step 5: Shipping

After all the processes are done, a new pair of socks are ready to be shipped. Please note that if you have returned multiple pairs of socks, each is enveloped separately, which means you may receive the parcel on different days. So you don't need to worry if your socks are delivered on separate days.

If you have returned more than four pairs of socks, they will ship them all together in one box. You need not worry about the shipping fee since Darn Tough will cover it for you. Allow a few more days for the socks to be delivered.

Step 6: Replace

The last step would be your most awaited time, the arrival of the returned socks. You may now slip on the most comfortable, durable, best-fitting socks. 

Where to buy Darn Tough Socks

Though Darn Tough is located in Northfield, Vermont, you can still purchase these socks and be shipped into your house. To buy from a legitimate online store, you may consider purchasing from the following online retailers...

Darn Tough Women's Run No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion - Small Ash Merino Wool Socks for Running

Darn Tough No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight Women's Running Socks


The best thing about Darn Tough Socks is that you guarantee their socks' quality and are assuring you that they will replace it once the item is damaged. This great deal from Darn Tough is impressive since it will ensure you that your purchase is worth spending.

To get a replacement, you need to follow the guidelines and steps mentioned above. The return process is easy once you follow the steps accordingly. 

Darn Tough Socks

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