Are Crocs Winter Boots Warm?

Are Crocs winter boots warm? Crocs have certainly come a long way since they were first introduced in 2001. The clog-style shoe was initially made as boating shoes so that they could get soaked with no consequences while offering some grip on wet surfaces.

That’s why men and women, adults and kids wear them all summer to the pool, beach, and rain showers. However, it turns that Crocs have also been made for the winter. So, are these Crocs winter boots warm?

Crocs winter boots are considered warm. They are constructed to be waterproof, with toasty faux-shearling around the collar and insulation or synthetic shearling inside. Sealed seams and gusseted construction keeps the weather out. Crocs boots keep your feet dry and warm in the winter season.

Crocs produces 4 different types of winter boots:

Crocs are able to handle wet and snow. They keep your feet dry and warm without being heavy like other winter boots.

Can you wear Crocs boots in the winter?

Yes. Crocs presented an array of fuzzy shoes that we can wear comfortably around in winter.

As mentioned above, there are winter boots for men, women, and kids. The boots are designed to be warm and waterproof, therefore keeping your feet away from the elements and warm.

Do Crocs offer other winter shoes?

Crocs also offer fuzzy Crocs with a faux fur lining that will keep your feet warm on a mild winter day. But these aren’t recommended for cold snowy or rainy days.

The fuzzy Crocs allows you to indulge in faux fur’s pure, luxurious pleasure. You can match these fuzzy Crocs with your preferred jeans and sweater, and you are set to step out in winter.

Does Crocs Winter Boost Worthwhile?

Whether or not Crocs winter boots are worthwhile is a personal choice. I like the Crocs brand and I like the quality of products that Crocs produces. The winter boots have some components made from the traditional, patented Croslite material, but the winter boots have other materials too.

The Luxe II models have a synthetic fur inner and a genuine shearling collar. These are a nice pair of boots and you are typically going to pay over $100 for them.

Ensure they are dry and warm in a pair of high-quality Crocs winter boots. The company has a selection of fashionable and high-quality boots, which are ideal for winter or cold weather season.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Baya Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Navy/Navy, 6 US Women / 4 US Men

Crocs Baya Lined Unisex Clog

Are Crocs Winter Boosts available in Various Colors?

Aside from functionality and comfort, Crocs winter boots are also available in a few different colors depending on the style you choose. 

AllCast II Snow Boots

The AllCast II Crocs boots come in Men’s or Women’s with 2 color choices. Black & Wheat

crocs Women's AllCast II Luxe Snow Boot, Wheat, 4 M US

Crocs AllCast II Luxe Women's Snow Boots

AllCast II Luxe Snow Boots

The AllCast II Luxe Crocs boots come in Men’s or Women’s with 2 color choices. Again, Black or Wheat

crocs Men's AllCast II Snow Boot, Wheat/Black, 7 M US

Crocs AllCast II Men's Snow Boots

Crocs Crocband Boot

The Crocband Winter boot is only available for women and offers 3 color choices: Black, Burgundy, and Red Pomegranate

Crocs Crocband Winter Boot Burgundy 4 M

Crocs Crocband Women's Winter Boots

Crocband Winter Boot for Kids

The Crocband Winter Boots for Kids comes in a choice of 3 colors: Candy Pink, Navy/Red, and Cerulean Blue/Light Grey

Other colors may become available, but at this time, these were the colors available for Crocs winter boots.

Crocs Winter Puff Snow Boot (Toddler/Little Kid), Candy Pink, 6 M US Toddler

Crocs Winter Puff Kids' Boots

Are Crocs Winter Boots Insulated to Keep You Warm?

Crocs winter boots come in three styles.  Each style is made slightly differently with different materials.  Therefore, to answer this question, let’s look at each style to understand how they are “insulated” to keep you warm.

AllCast II Snow Boots

The AllCast II offers a choice of men's or women's boots, however, both are built with the same material. The base of the boot is a TPR Shell, it’s waterproof and ready for all weather conditions. The upper is attached to the base with sealed seams and gusseted construction to keep moisture and snow out. 

The upper is made from a rugged, synthetic nubuck material and faux-shearling around the collar.  Inside the AllCast boots offer a 200-gram insulation liner.

AllCast II Luxe Snow Boots

The AllCast II Luxe also offered in a choice of men's or women's models, is definitely the luxurious upgrade to the AllCast winter boot. These “Luxe” boots offer the same TPR shell foundation however, the upper is genuine shearling around the collar with a soft synthetic shearling inside.

Instead of synthetic nubuck, the “Luxe” model boasts genuine suede uppers with waterproof treatment and some synthetic nubuck trim. Like the original AllCast II, this boot has sealed seams and gusseted construction to prevent your feet from feeling the damp of the outside.

Crocs Crocband Boot

The woman’s Crocband winter boot is made from three components. The base uses Crocs closed-resin foam with Croslite pods on the tread for added traction. The upper boot can be worn up or rolled down, made from water-resistant synthetic nylon and faux-fur collar. Inside are soft and comfortable liners to keep you warm.

Crocband Winter Boot for Kids

The Crocband kids winter boots have three components. The lower base is made with Crocs patented Croslite foam.  The tread includes Croslite pods for traction. The upper boot is made from nylon and completed with an inside liner to keep your kid's feet warm and cozy on those cold days.

What is one of the most popular Crocs Winter Boots?

If you want to walk in winter with comfort, then use Crocs winter puff boots. These are very versatile and easy to walk in boots. It is also sporty and light, with enough warmth to get you around in style.

This is made of puff nylon upper with fill for warmth, Croslite material base makes these very comfortable and light, sporty sneaker-inspired brands. The rubber outsole pods boost durability and traction with its iconic Crocs comfort, lightweight, and flexible 360-degree comfort

Are these Crocs Boots for Winter available for Kids?

Crocs currently makes one style of boot for kids called the Crocband Winter boot for kids. 

The boot's outsoles and the lower base are made from Crocs’ patented Croslite closed-resin foam and boast Croslite pods for added traction.  A water-resistant synthetic nylon upper and inside liner completed the lightweight winter boot.

What is more, kids can choose from 4 fun, bright shades including Slate Grey & Lime Punch, Navy & Red, Bright Cobalt & Light Grey, or Pink Lemonade & Lavender.

When and Where to Use Crocs Winter Boots?

Look for the best pair of Crocs boots for winter or put on some puffy flair each step you make with snow-friendly puff boots.

It doesn't matter if you are stepping out for daily errands or winter trips to the mountains with friends and family; the collection of comfortable snow boots will be certain to have you covered.

Are Crocs Snow Boots Really Comfortable?

Yes. The weather outside can be frightful, but Crocs winter boots surely are very delightful. Combining comfortable and cozy lining with the soothe of Crocs, these Crocs boots are the best match for ladies out there searching for a dressier pair of boots for low temperature or a more functional pair of boots to weather the snowstorm.

All adult winter boots produced by Crocs boast their patented Dual Crocs Comfort system. This ensures the boots are doubly comfortable compared to their standard Crocs clog.

Crocs are looking out for your feet and have lots of snow boots for women to select from. Give Crocs comfortable and cute winter boots a try now.

It doesn't matter if you are gearing up for an errand around town or dressing up for dinner with family and friends out in a winter wonderland; the cozy and comfortable winter boots for women and kids alike will be certain to keep their feet and toes dry as well as warm.

Take on all the snow adventures in style with winter boots from Crocs available today.


Don't take your feet for granted during low the winter season. Make sure to keep your feet warm and dry in a pair of comfortable and warm Crocs boots for winter.

Crocs have a wide choice of comfortable boots for men and women, and kids alike that are right for cold weather conditions.

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