Are Crocs Bad For Feet?

Have you been wondering if Crocs are bad for your feet?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve worn Crocs for many years, I buy a new pair every year.  I find them versatile and very comfortable, but I’ve heard rumors that Crocs are bad for feet…

Crocs are not bad for your feet. Crocs were originally designed to eliminate achy feet and plantar pain. Certified by the US Ergonomics Council, Crocs are ideal for people with foot issues because Crocs are very light, with inner support, massaging heel nubs, heel cups, and arch support.

Crocs began in 2002, and have been gaining immense popularity from across the globe. It is estimated that more than 300 million pairs are sold in different corners of the continent since then.

Crocs are one of the go-to footwear for many because they are comfortable to wear and slip on or off. They are practical to wear. Simply rinse and wipe them off when they get dirty. 

In the spring of 2020, Crocs donated over 850,000 pairs of shoes to medical professionals on the frontlines working with COVID patients.

What Makes Crocs Good For Your Feet?

Crocs are believed to provide extra protection for toes. They are great footwear to use for any travel escapade in the tropics with some aquatic activities. Another thing that people love about crocs is that they won’t cause a big fortune. They are competitively priced and won’t cost an arm or a leg. 

Certified in the US, crocs have therapeutic benefits, although they lack aesthetic value. Originally developed to relieve achy feet and plantar pain, crocs also help people with diabetes, injured feet, bunions, and other health conditions. 

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Since the American Podiatric Medical Association recommends them, Crocs are prescribed by medical doctors for patients suffering from mild or serious foot problems.

Lightweight and compact, crocs are ideal for individuals with bone deformities, including hammertoe and bunions, according to Harold Glickman, former president of the APMA. He also added that crocs are made of anti-bacterial material that prevents any fungal infection from happening. 

For patients with diabetes, crocs are found to provide added protection and value. Since people with diabetes have reduced circulation in their feet, they are less permeable to wound infection and open sores.

But crocs can be a lifesaver. Both of their strong anti-bacterial properties and enough space can help minimize these risks. 

Unlike flip-flops, crocs offer additional comfort and protection, making them one of the sought-after and reliable solutions for patients. 

What Experts Say About the Safety of Crocs?

Some consumers and medical experts, however, raise concerns about crocs. Podiatrists say that crocs could hurt our health, especially when worn all the time.

A Chicago-based podiatrist Megan Leahy advises her clients not to wear crocs all day because they can cause severe health problems, including calluses, tendonitis, corns, toe deformities, and nail defects. These foot problems have been associated with backless shoes as they don’t have enough and strong heel support.

For that reason, our toes are more likely to grip the soles, stabilizing our heels every time we use them. 

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But what about crocs with a heel strap? Well, they are not still perfect for your feet, according to Alex Kor, a podiatrist. He added that patients still have a higher risk of experiencing foot pain, especially when their footwear bends in the shank.

He also said that the majority of his patients complained about heel or arch pain and all of them wore crocs. 

Aside from crocs, people buy many shoes for price and aesthetics, which can extremely cause damage if they are worn regularly, according to surgeon Jamin V. Brahmbhatt. He said that people overlook their feet' health.

While the symptoms may not be visible right away, any foot problem requires immediate attention. Without treatment, we may start feeling pain in our hips and other sensitive body parts. 

Some Controversies About Crocs 

In 2008, Japan requested the company to modify the design of its footwear after receiving a number of complaints from consumers. It is reported that kids get stuck and hurt in escalators while wearing crocs. The same complaints were also made in the US. 

In the same year, a woman in Pennsylvania sued the company for around $7.5 million. Reports also said that a boy wearing crocs get injured in the Atlanta airport. 

Two years later, a couple from California filed a lawsuit against the company when their daughter was caught in the escalator, where she lost her toe. Luckily, the company has settled most of these cases. 

Other Problems in Wearing Crocs 

Calluses, corns, toe deformities, nail defects, and tendonitis are common problems for people using crocs. Here are the other problems to expect when using the footwear for hours straight: 


Wearing crocs for an hour or more every day can lead to blisters. That’s why experts recommend the use of socks for added protection and comfort. 

Smelly Fit 

Crocs are filled with anti-bacterial properties. But we cannot deny the fact that their rubbery material can cause extreme sweat, leading to smelly feet. 

However, because of the material that crocs are made from, they are easily washed or rinsed to make them fresh again!

The Advantage of Consulting Your Podiatrists  

The risks of heel or ankle problems are higher when wearing crocs. So, before investing in this type of footwear, it is ideal to consult your podiatrist and other medical professionals for your safety.

Usually, medical professionals suggest using Crocs for patients with diabetes to protect them from sores wound infections. You can also wear footwear for aesthetic purposes. But be as careful as possible. 

Tips When Wearing Crocs 

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Wearing Crocs have many drawbacks. But it doesn’t mean you cannot use this footwear. To minimize the risks of suffering from any foot problem, below are some simple and useful tips to bear in mind: 

Use Them in Intervals 

Many consumers suffer from toe deformities, blisters, and ankle pain because they wear crocs for a few hours straight without intervals. Podiatrists suggest everyone take off their pairs of crocs after a few minutes or an hour to avoid any ankle or heel injury. 

Wear Socks 

Crocs are breathable and comfortable, just like flip-flops. You can also use socks for added comfort. But be sure to use it while wearing long pants to look still fashionable, presentable, and stylish. 

Escalator Safety Tips 

Reports reveal that more than 10,000 people go to emergency rooms after a crocs-related accident on escalators. Over 20% of the cases involved having their footwear, hands, and feet trapped. Experts suggest that parents make sure their kids ride in the center of a specific escalator step to be safe. 

It is best for parents with small children to carry them to avoid any injury and accident on the escalator. 

In case something happens, escalators are developed with emergency stop buttons you can easily and quickly press. But prevention is always better than treatment, remember that! 

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Are Crocs Safe?

Crocs can pose dangers to your feet’ health, especially when worn without intervals. A long hour of use can result in tendonitis, blisters, and even foot deformities. So, use them the way your podiatrists tell you.

Don’t forget that experts know best. Before planning to wear Crocs, always consult a certified professional for your peace of mind. You can also let your kids wear crocs. You simply have to take extra caution, especially on elevators. 

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