Teva vs Birkenstock: Which is Better?

Finding a comfy and cozy go-to pair can be challenging, especially when you’re choosing between the two prominent sandal brands: Tevas and Birkenstocks. Both brands have something good to offer, so you better take note of ‘em! 

Teva is known for its Velcro nylon straps, cushioned footbeds, and rubber outsoles. On the other hand, the trendy Birkenstock is famous for its natural cork footbeds, deep heel cup, and leather straps. Generally, Tevas are perfect for light to medium adventures, while Birkenstocks are more suitable for city walks. 

In choosing between Tevas and Birkenstocks, it is important for you to take into consideration your personality and hobbies. These are factors to think about when you are torn between the two brands.

To help you decide, this article included sections that will enumerate their differences in terms of materials, styles, and availability. Also, try checking out the listed best-seller models of each brand.

Differences between Tevas and Birkenstocks

Teva Women's De La Vina Boots

Generally, the trademark appearance and styles of Tevas and Birkenstocks are not similar. Although there are models which may resemble each other’s designs, it is still obvious that there are great differences in their material composition.

More so, Tevas and Birkenstocks are made for distinct purposes. Tevas are originally built as sports sandals, while Birks are created for foot support brought by its orthopedic insole. The sections below are helpful for you to know more about Tevas and Birkenstocks varying characteristics. 


The materials used by the brand Teva vary greatly from the ones Birkenstocks use for their production. For instance, Teva utilizes rubber in making their footwear’s soles. Their soles have two layers which are enough for their pairs to be breathable.

Birkenstocks unconventionally made use of natural raw corks as their footbeds, not just on one layer but four. These corks allow heat insulation and shock absorption. They even provide great support for your feet. 

Cork reproduces by itself without the need to cut off trees. You don’t need to worry that much because no trees are harmed or killed. These natural corks are even bound together with natural latex.

Further, Teva actually means “nature” in Hebrew. In terms of producing guilt-free and environmentally friendly footwear, Teva also takes pride in utilizing recycled polyester, primarily made from plastic bottles, for their iconic Teva straps. 

On the other hand, Birkenstocks use straps made of high-quality and unsplit leather. Most Birkenstock straps come with metal buckles which can allow you to modify the tightness of your Birks. 

Features & Styles

Teva has translated its motto “strapping into freedom” into a series of sandal straps. These straps are tough and strong. They won’t let go unless you unleash them!

Aside from their strappy designs, Tevas are also known for its soft inner sole. If you worry a lot about bacteria and foot odors, Tevas integrated an out-of-the-box solution to that: their soft soles come with Microban Zinc.

These soft inner soles serve as the footbed supporting your arch. Its outer sole, on the other hand, is made of strong rubber that offers a good grip, perfect for your next hiking trip.

Birkenstocks do not have the same complicated strap design of Tevas. Their best sellers actually have simpler open-toe designs with one to two horizontal straps on the front feet and metal buckles.

As previously mentioned, one of Birkenstocks' distinct features is its cork footbeds. These footbeds are anatomically designed, making Birks one of the best pairs that can give orthopedic support to your feet.

Tevas are lighter than Birkenstocks. Tevas only use two layers of rubber sole, unlike Birkenstocks which bound four layers of corks into one. The former is really great for some daring escapades while the latter is perfect for comfortable walking.

Colors & Availability

Both Teva and Birkenstocks are available in a wide range of colors. You can have them in basic colors like black and white. There are also models which come in multi-color and print designs.

Tevas are available in multi-patterned styles in addition to the basic and solid colors. If you want a more cheeky and fun Teva pair, try checking out their collaboration with other designers like Anna Sui and brands like Igloo. 

Surely, you’ll have many options to choose from. Teva does not usually go out of stock, except for collab pairs or limited editions, same as Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks, on the other hand, are also available in many colors, from basic to two-toned. For instance, their Arizona lineups even offer metallic shades. The brand has also introduced a printed collection where many patterns and designs are accessible.

How comfortable are Tevas and Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock London Sandcastle Suede Leather R 42 R EU

Birkenstock London Women's Shoes

Both Tevas and Birkenstocks are comfortable. However, for Tevas users, it was the Velcro nylon strap that made wearing Tevas cozy and comfortable. It is built to be durable and strong but at the same time lightweight.

Although some say that Tevas somehow flashes an awkward physical appearance due to its Velcro straps. However,  it can’t be denied that Tevas are comfy to wear. Its comfort level can still be modified because the straps are adjustable in many places. 

Unlike Tevas, Birkenstocks only have limited options in calibrating its strap’s tightness. With one to two straps that come with a metal buckle, these are the only points where you can make adjustments. 

But, it is Birkenstocks’ footbed that gives its wearer a high level of comfort. Their anatomically built cork footbeds will just perfectly fit your foot’s shape. Given that, you can stand and walk at ease and without hassle for a very long time.

Apart from giving comfort, they are also healthy for your feet! The more you use your Birks, the more your feet will acquire an upright posture. This will really make you feel great. 

Which is the better travel sandal?

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal, Stone, 39 R EU, 8-8.5 M US

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

Due to its lightweight and waterproof composition, Tevas could be considered the better travel sandal. Apart from its high level of comfort, it has a better grip and support perfect for activities such as hiking. 

Tevas can also be worn for water-based outdoor activities like crossing some rivers or going to lakes. When tackling terrains or rocky surfaces, this outdoor shoe would definitely support your feet and deliver its purpose.

Birkenstocks with cork footbeds can also be your travel companions. Imagine wearing a comfy pair while driving or riding a plane. 

However, you have to keep in mind that its footbed is made of natural cork which should not be submerged in water for too long. Although they are kind of water-resistant, you don’t want them to get soggy and later on become too dry!

If you really want the classic two-strap Birks design for your water activities, you can try the Arizona EVAs. These are made of synthetic plastic or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which makes them water-resistant.

Which travel sandal is more fashionable?

Many shoe enthusiasts think that Birkenstocks and its lineups are more fashionable than Tevas. Birkenstocks, both in corks and EVA, look easygoing yet fashionable. Top models like Kendal Jenner, even Gigi Hadid, use one!

Tevas were also given their spotlight as they have become integrated into fashion runways. From a sports sandal, Teva is now a brand that has been collaborating with fashion icons and companies.

Either way, you can both include Tevas or Birks in mix-matching your casual outfits. Choose something that will complement your personality and fashion style. You should also consider your hobbies and activities. 

What are the top-selling Tevas styles?

Teva Women's Verra Sandal, Bungee Cord, 5 M US

Teva Women's Verra Sandals

You just have a lot of options when checking out Teva’s sandal lineups. If you are an outgoing and adventurous type of person, you should consider some of Teva’s top-selling styles, which I’ll enumerate for you. 

Original Universal Tevas

First off, we have the classic Teva sandals, which are available in many solid colors and prints. These pairs are retro in style and super lightweight, partnered with Teva’s durable Velcro straps. 

Although Teva's Original Universal doesn't have a high-level grip, its aesthetically pleasing appearance and comfortability are top-notch. These distinct features make them one of the favorites!

Original Universal Tevas can be obtained in basic colors such as black, white, gray, or nude. They are also available in multi-prints and dual to tri-colored designs.

Flatform Tevas

If you are looking for a chunkier version of the Original Universal Tevas, you should try their Flatform versions. Flatform Universal has that elevated and stylish look that is perfect both with shorts and jeans.

Although its sole is thicker than the Original Universal, it still remains lightweight. Flatform Tevas are also available in many colors, even metallic ones. Dual or tri-colored Flatforms are also eye-catching.

Teva Collaborations

Fan of exotic but fashionable-looking designs? There are many collections where you may find one. You have to check out Teva’s collaborations with well-known brands and artists. 

Two of the most popular Teva collaborations are with the artist Anna Sui and designer Christian Howen. Teva also had great collaborations with other prominent shoes, bag, and eyeglass companies like Herschel and Coco & Breezy. You better hurry because Tevas collaborations can be sold out within a few blinks!

What are the top-selling Birkenstocks styles?

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Black 41 (8-8.5 US M US)

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Birkenstocks also offer a lot of styles and designs, even making your life harder. There are unisex designs that can basically fit every casual style you have in mind. More so, there are also styles made for women’s foot shape and style alone.

Arizona Birks

Arizona Birks is one of the most popular slide sandal designs in all of the Birkenstocks’ lineups. Almost everyone in your neighborhood has one, I guess. 

These two-strap slides come with anatomically shaped footbeds that make wearing them so cozy and comfy. They are available in a wide range of colors and leather: from solid to metallic, from suede to oiled.

To cater to suggestions and comments of Birks users, the company has released an EVA version of Arizona. Arizonas that are made with waterproof synthetic plastic are now available in the market.

Barbados EVA Birks

Barbados EVA Birks is another lightweight and open-toe flip-flops also rise as one of Birkenstocks best sellers. Barbados EVA, which is also water-resistant, looks very casual and comfortable.

Barbados EVA wearers say that wearing these feels like walking on a cloud. If you want minimalist footwear, Barbados EVA might be for you. These are available in limited colors such as black, white, yellow, blue, and metallic silver.

Gizeh Birks

If you are looking for a more feminine look, you might want to look at Gizeh Birks. They are available in many solid colors. Their pastel-colored versions look really cute and adorable.

There are also Gizeh Birkenstocks which are multi-printed and colored. Further, there are platform versions that add chunkiness to that feminine Gizeh look. Note that there are also Gizeh Birks made of EVA. 

How much do Tevas and Birkenstocks cost?

Teva Men's Open Toe Sandals Sport, Triton Dark Shadow, 7

Teva Terra Fi Lite Men's Sandals

Tevas are less expensive than Birkenstocks. The cost of purchasing Teva sandals starts at a lower price in comparison to Birkenstocks. For as low as $24, you can already buy one at Amazon.

Of course, it depends on what model you would like to buy. Teva’s Original Universal has a price range of $32 to $55. Flatform Tevas are more pricey as they can be bought for between $49 and $74. Even more expensive are the Teva collaborations which price ranges from $60 to $90.

On the other hand, the starting price for Birkenstocks is much higher compared to Tevas. You can buy one Arizona Birks for as low as $34. The most expensive one costs $109. Barbados’ price range is between $39 and $49, while Gizeh is priced from $35 to $125. 

Final Thoughts

There are many factors that you should consider before buying either a pair of Teva or Birkenstocks. First, you need to know what you are and what you like to do, as these are crucial aspects of your decision-making. 

Once you determine your personality and the activities you want to do, deciding on whether to purchase a Teva or Birkenstocks becomes easier. You just have to complement one another. Also, do not forget to check your budget limit. 

Both Tevas and Birkenstocks have something unique to offer. Thus, all you need to do is identify which of the two suits you the most.

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