5 Most Comfortable Shoes For Nurses With High Arches (2022 Buyers Guide)

Finding the best pair of nursing shoes is never easy, especially if you have high arched feet. You need to consider several factors and understand the primary necessities of your feet.

In medical terminology, recognized as pes cavus, high arched feet are distinguished by an unusually high arch. The foot arch stretches from the ball of the foot to the heel. A neurological disorder can cause cavus foot, but it is usually an inherited structural deformation.

Nursing is not an easy profession. This job requires constant movement of your feet, which can be exhausting. As a result, nurses should have comfortable shoes to ease their job and provide adequate shock absorption and support. Nurses with high arches find it challenging to find the most appropriate shoes and may end up settling for something less that won't fit well. It may feel good at first, but it can cause you serious complications later. 

Nurses with high arches require supportive and comfortable footwear. This comprehensive guide below will help you decide if you're on a hunt for the right nursing shoes for high arches.

5 Best Nursing Shoes for High Arches

Dansko Women's Professional Clogs

Dansko is known for its comfortable and supportive shoes, commonly used by healthcare professionals. Dansko Women's Professional Clogs are one of the most popular models in the market recommended by doctors and nurses.

Dansko Women's Professional Blue Oiled Pull Up Clog 6.5-7 M US

Dansko Women's Professional Clog
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The leather top and polyurethane outsole with a rocker bottom offer great shock absorption. The outer sole is also slip-resistant to prevent slipping off on any surface.

The padded instep collar also prevents pressure and irritation on the foot's insole while standing or walking. The polyurethane foam footbed provides breathability and temperature control to keep your feet from sweating or blistering.

These clogs offer optimal arch support, ideal for under pronators experiencing too much stress on the ball and the foot's heel. Having good arch support helps with the even distribution of stress upon impact.

Additionally, this nursing shoe is APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved, which means that these clogs help improve good foot health.

All Dansko clogs are quite huge and stiff initially, but you'll eventually get used to them. However, they shouldn't feel tight as these shoes should be more comfortable, loose fit.

Dansko's sizing can be tricky compared to other clogs, so getting one size smaller than your usual size is recommended.

Skechers Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe

Skechers is a brand established for its selection of sneakers. They offer high-quality, diverse, and reasonably priced footwear that meets consumers' specific needs.

Skechers Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe may not usually be the most appealing product, but they sure have several features that should accommodate nurses with high arches who spend all day with their feet.

Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe, Black, 8.5 M US

Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel Women's Shoes
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The sneaker's upper part is leather, while the outsole is rubber. The outsole is slip-resistant, which is beneficial when moving around slippery floors in hospitals. 

The cushioned insoles are covered with detachable memory foam. These insoles, with FlexSole midsoles, provide optimal arch support and excellent shock absorption. The protective features of this shoe support your foot while increasing your stability and preventing foot rotations. You'll feel less pressure on the ball and the heel of your foot throughout weight-bearing activities such as standing, walking, or running.

Getting at least half a size bigger than your regular shoe size is recommended, especially if you have a wider foot. These shoes have a relaxed, relaxed fit and should not feel tight.

Though, some users find the quality and durability questionable. After wearing them for a few months, they noticed the shoes ripped apart and began to lose their form. Hence, compared to Dansko's, these are more affordable.

Alegria Women's Keli Professional

As a nurse, the Alegria brand is a familiar one. The fit and feel of this shoe will surely astonish you. Alegria Women's Keli Professional has good support but fits best with compression socks or thin stockings, considering the top part is tight.

Alegria Keli Womens Professional Shoe Flutter Black 8 M US

Alegria Women's Keli Professional
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These shoes stand out from other regular shoes as they are categorized in the professional line of shoes, and the difference is easily noticeable. However, the downside of these shoes is their longevity. It's prone to scrape marks, which isn't anticipated from footwear with this price point.

At first, these shoes feel great and are extremely comfy. If you're looking for the perfect size, make sure to check Alegria Footwear Size Guide. Alegria offers a variety of premium colors if this particular color doesn't suit you.

This shoe offers constant traction and shock absorption as you move throughout the day, thanks to its slip-resistant polyurethane sole. It's intended to lessen tension on the heel and central metatarsal. The "Perfect Fit" footbed comes with a combination of latex, cork, and memory foam.

Klogs Women's Naples

If you're looking for flexible and lightweight clogs, the Klogs Women's Naples clogs are flexible and lightweight is your companion. This shoe is flexible enough, eliminating the need to break them in. There are also elastic bands on each side, allowing you to get in and out of them effortlessly.

Klogs Footwear Naples Infield Chaos 5 M (C)

KLOGS Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Women's Clogs
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The upper part is leather, while the outsole is composed of flexible polyurethane. The heel is approximately 2 inches high for optimal heel lift.

Insoles also have adequate cushioning to promote proper arch support and shock absorption. Furthermore, you can easily detach the insoles and switch them to your best insoles according to your foot type.

These clogs are available in various colors and patterns, making it easier to accommodate your style.

They are slightly larger than regular clogs, so you should pick the ones no more than one size smaller than your usual shoe size. However, clogs are supposed to have a relaxed and loose fit. Clogs are meant to be a little wider, particularly in the heel area for natural movement.

In contrast to Dansko's clogs, they are thinner and more flexible. The interior is also softer but has insufficient support in the arch.

The primary concerns with these clogs are inadequate quality and durability, as per other consumers. The cost for these clogs is expected to match its quality and durability as Dansko's, which have a similar price. They say these shoes aren't as durable as they look and may wear out quickly when overused. Moreover, customer reports say that the clogs began ripping after only several months of use.

OOFOS Unisex OOCloog

These nursing shoes perfectly match the saying "looks can be deceiving.”  OOFOS Unisex OOCloog may only have a limited choice of colors, but it feels like walking on air when you wear these shoes. 

OOFOS Unisex OOCloog - Recovery Footwear - Reduces Pressure on Feet, Joints & Back

OOFOS Unisex OOCloog Lightweight Recovery Shoes
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Aside from that, this footwear is durable, lightweight, and comfortable, which is extremely preferred by nurses and other healthcare professionals. If you're looking for the best nursing shoes that are simple and convenient to use, then give OOFOS Unisex OOCloog a try. 

OOFOS established a great deal of effort in making its footwear. This unisex clog is impressive and has great quality. The manufacturer utilized enclosed cell foam to produce the shoes, ensuring the footwear's durability and support.

In addition, the foam material used is resistant to moisture penetration; thus, it functions as a water vapor barrier.

The clog also has a rubber sole for long-lasting use and good performance in varied areas such as in hospitals. The OOFOS Unisex OOCloog is machine washable; thus, despite how many ventures your feet will take them, a quick spin inside the washing machine will do the job and turn them sparkly clean once again.

Important Points Nurses Should Know About Shoes for High Arches

The foot arch is found between the heel and the ball, formed by bones supported by ligaments and tendons. The arch is supposed to bend upwards, but some people experience what is recognized as flat feet or fallen arches. 

Despite that, it's possible to get arches higher than they are supposed to be. Both of these conditions can be uncertain and may lead to discomfort. Nurses with high arches should be mindful when choosing the best shoes to wear at work. 

While high arches are not as prevalent as low arches, preventing any stress on this part of the foot is better. People with high arches should check the interior of the shoes, especially for nurses who spend all day on their feet. 

Dansko Women's Professional Dandelion Patent Clogs 6.5-7 M US

Dansko Women's Professional Clog
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Aside from the spacious toe box and cushioning, stability and support are other major factors. While many shoes can provide custom orthotics for high arches for nurses, some are designed to support this part of the foot.

High arches on their own can be excruciating, but they can also be linked to other foot conditions, such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Claw toe
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hammertoe

High arches can also influence the way the feet and ankles move. The ankles can become sensitive, which increases the risk of slips and injuries or even developing shin splints.

How To Choose The Best Nursing Shoes for High Arches?

It can be a little tricky choosing the right shoes that fit your preference—understanding various factors before making any purchases is crucial.

As a nurse, your feet are exhausted nearly all day, and you can't expect a regular shoe to make the deal for you. That's why you need the right pair of nursing shoes, especially if you have high arches.

Skechers Women's Work Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe, White, 6 M US

Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel Women's Shoes
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A high arch foot is the opposite of flat feet. The former is an arch raised higher than the usual, while the latter is the movement from the feet towards the heel then into the bottom foot.

These are a few features you should consider when planning to buy nursing shoes for high arches:


Comfort is one of the essential things to consider when buying the best shoes for nurses with high arches. Nursing is an exhausting job; make sure you wear comfortable shoes that won't burden you while performing your duties. 

Many things make up a suitable nursing shoe - the softness of the materials, smell-proof and waterproof features, and overall flexibility are all critical in maintaining your feet comfortable. The shoes should have enough space to fit your toes and heel. 

Alegria Womens Keli Sugar Skulls Pink Shoes 5-5.5 M US

Alegria Women's Keli Professional
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The shoe's cushioning and shock absorption is also a plus. Though ensure the shoes aren't too loose and opt for the most suitable fit.


Buying expensive shoes for your foot condition is an investment, so you expect them to serve you for a longer time. The shoes should also match your lifestyle. With proper care and wearing the right socks, you should be able to prolong the life of the shoes. 

Nursing shoes have to be durable and feature excellent structure and high-grade, durable materials. Be mindful of the activities you perform with them, as the sole of the shoes should endure the long shifts and extended hours on your feet. Durable and sturdy shoes are essential as a nurse.

Klogs Footwear Women's Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog

KLOGS Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Women's Clogs
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While most shoes for nurses with high arches offer comfortable and optimal protection, they should also provide a proper balance between flexibility and stability. 

Shoes that are too firm will prevent you from performing your duties efficiently. You should feel a natural stride as you walk instead of feeling like you're walking in wooden clogs.

The additional support makes the shoes a bit stiffer depending on your foot type because they give you the support and stability you need.


People with high arches are commonly facing this problem. Getting shoes that fit you well is crucial. Sometimes, you're required to get half or full size larger than your actual shoe size to provide your toes space to move openly. 

The design of the shoes also determines how they will fit your feet. This can sometimes be challenging as one size doesn't fit all for most shoes. Finding the right model of shoes that matches your fore and rear feet will provide convenience and relief to your feet all day.

Dansko Women's Professional Fragment Patent Clogs 5.5-6 M US

Dansko Women's Professional Clog
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoes are recommended for people with high arches?

The most recommended nursing shoes for high arches are Dansko Professional Clogs and Skechers Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Sho due to their superb slip-resistant, high-quality, diverse, and inexpensive cost that meets consumers’ needs.

How do I know if I have high arch feet?

One of the quickest solutions to find out if you have high arch feet is to visit a shoe store that offers digital foot scanning technology.

It's a free solution used in more than 5,000 locations worldwide to determine your size, arch type, and weight distribution.

Alegria Womens Keli RIC Rack Tan Slip-On - 42

Alegria Women's Keli Professional
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Can I customize a pair of shoes to fit my high arch feet?

Nowadays, many brands are working on this idea of matching the perfect pair of shoes for individuals with high arches. 

This approach is seen in every shoe for people with high arches that have mosaic insoles. These insoles with detachable gel plugs allow you to customize your footwear according to your pressure points.

The second solution mostly found in custom orthotics is to sustain the long foot arch while placing a metatarsal pad behind to relieve the pressure from that spot.

How do you take care of your footwear?

Taking care of your shoes or clogs allows them to last longer. Leather shoes are the types that need special treatment. It would be best to only clean them with a dry or damp cloth soaked in the water.

For clogs, you can wash them with any detergent. They are the easiest ones to maintain and also dry quickly.

Klogs Footwear Women's Naples Medium Travel Pebble Size 070

KLOGS Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Women's Clogs
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Amazon & Zappos


Those are our picks for the best shoes for nurses with high arches. When buying the right shoe, you should understand your foot type to decide which footwear would work best for you.

As a nurse who spends hours on your feet, make sure you invest in high-quality shoes that provide comfort and stability to your feet, especially if you have high arches.

Lastly, I hope you've learned a few things and factors to consider after going through this article. I hope we made your search for the best pair of nursing shoes for high arches easier and more specific.

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