e-Girls in Cowboy Boots

If you’ve been searching for e-girls and cowboy boots, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The e-girl sub-culture is widely accepted to have been started with Avril Lavigne.  The fashion choices particular to e-girls include winged eyeliner, colored hair, boots, heavy eye makeup, pigtails, pink nose, eyes & cheeks. 

Every fashion sub-culture has unique apparel. As dark clothing apparel is common to the goth subculture and Japanese outfits to the anime core fashion subculture, the e-girls subculture is often perceived as a fusion of both the goth and anime fashion subculture.

Notable celebrities and public figures have been associated with the e-girls fashion subculture. Most notable of these figures is the DC animated character ‘Harley Quinn.’ From the pigtails to the colored hair to the winged eyeliner makeup, Harley Quinn depicts to some extent what e-girls look like.

You will see e-girls posing with black and white striped shirts and cloths with tongues sticking out. During the initial stages of this fashion trend, e-girls existed only behind the screens in the digital world or Tumbler and Tik Tok.

However, in recent times, the subculture is gaining more prominence and adoption by people off the digital world. The traditional e-girl look is now mixed with apparel such as cowboy boots or knee-high boots. This makes it essential to consider the popular e-girls cowboy boots that can be used to achieve the perfect e-girl look.

While cowboy boots might have initially started off as riding boots used by ranchers, it has evolved into a fashion accessory used to give a funky feel to a casual look. Below, I highlight a couple of different cowboy boot styles that would fit with “e-girl fashion”.  These cowboy boots are worth considering if you are looking to spice up your e-girl look.

E-Girls In Cowboy Boots

Addison Rae in Cowboy Boots

The most prominent images of e-girls in cowboy boots would be Addison Rae sporting a pair of cowboy boots on the beach, while eating pizza!

e-girl in cowboy boots

Women's Rancher Cowboy Boot, Check price & availability:
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The Rancher cowboy boots are made from full-grain leather and provide extreme comfort while giving off a stylish look to compliment any attire. This pair of cowboy boots usually come in a distressed brown and tan color with features such as a rubber sole, double row sole stitch, tempered steel shank, and a two-inch heel.

It is a highly sturdy pair of boots that can be used to both ride and complement a look. The more you wear these boots, the more comfortable they get!

Miley Cyrus in Cowboy Boots

Miley Cyrus in Cowboy Boots

Another star associated with the e-girl fashion culture is Miley Cyrus.  She is often photographed wearing several different styles of cowboy boots.  Here are a couple of examples of boots that she has been seen wearing…

Laredo womens Lucretia boots, Black/Tan, 8.5 US

The Laredo Women’s Lucretia Western Cowboy Boot are 100% leather.  These cowboy boots have metal studs to enhance the design, similar to the boots worn by Miley Cyrus. You can also find a nice selection of women's cowboy boots here.

Cuadra Lizard Urban Western Boots 2B07LT (9 D(M) US, Dusty Gray)

Cuedo Lizard Cowboy Boots
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Women's Vintage Lizard-Inlay Western Snip-Toe Boots
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Black and White e-Girl Cowboy Boot

Black and white pattern clothing and footwear are typically worn by e-girls. Shoes such as black and white converse or black and white vans are often associated with e-girls and e-boys alike.

Black and White Checkerboard Pattern Vans

Black & White Converse

Therefore it’s not a stretch to extend this black and white theme to cowboy boots for e-girls. A cowboy boot version that is black and white and knee-high is the Cape Robbin Kelsey Cowboy boots. Famous singer Dua Lipa (another model who has been associated with the “e-girl sub-culture”) has been spotted in similar boots on the streets of New York City.

      This pair of boots are more fashion-forward and should be solely used for fashion purposes and not riding. It is a perfect choice for any e-girl, and it comes in different colors and has an over-the-knee design with block heels. This pair can be paired with any outfit to give an elegant yet in-vogue look that will definitely make a statement.

Black E-Girl Cowboy Boot

If you’re looking for affordable, stylish, and durable, low-top cowboy boots, the Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Boot is a perfect choice.

This affordable pair of shoes come in various colors and gives users the option to adjust the length of their boots. They are a very stylish set and can be used to complement any casual look.

With features such as pull-up tabs, a 12.5 inch opening circumference, a soft inner cushion, a 2.5 inch stacked heel, and is made from 100% synthetic material, this pair of boots is an excellent option for anyone getting cowboy boots the first time. 

Alternate e-Girl Cowboy Boots

Since fashion has a lot to do with current popular trends, it is essential to look at the current popular boots that e-girls and other young females often use.

Dr Martens Shriver Hi Fashion Boots are a popular choice due to their leather finish and hip look. Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and many more e-girls have been seen wearing Dr. Martens.

The Doc Martens are made with 100% leather and an air-cushioned synthetic sole and provide extreme comfort while giving an elegant look that can match various styles. These boots often come in different colors and also provide a unisex option.

Calf Height E-Girl Cowboy Boot

If you are looking for a pair of black, calf-length cowboy boots, like those worn by a member of the e-girls group from Japan, then look to the Soda, Pointy Toe Cowboy boot 

This pair of boots are perfect for e-girls, and it is made from purely synthetic materials. It comes in various colors and has a heel height of 2 inches. With a shaft length of 9.5 inches and a circumference of 13 inches, these boots provide extreme comfort while maintaining a stylish look. 


The traditional idea of an e-girl had little to do with their boots and more about their hair and makeup. However, in recent times, the fashion sub-culture created by e-girls has gradually diffused into a situation where anyone can take a part of the whole concept and make it their own. 

This is why various artists like the ones mentioned earlier have been associated with the term. Fashion is constantly evolving, and with the help of the internet, it is moving at a rapid rate. Fashion is free, ever-changing, and non-restrictive, and now, anyone can be tap into the e-girl fashion subculture.

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