Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit?

If you’re wondering whether you can wear your cowboy boots with a suit, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve owned and worn cowboy boots for many years.  I started wearing them casually, then purchased a pair of steel-toed boots for work.

However, styles and fashion has change over time and I thought we could talk about wearing cowboy boots with a suit!

You can pair cowboy boots with any suit if the color combinations match well. Though cowboy boots are primarily paired with jeans, you can still pair it with a suit. Fashion and styles evolve. A buffed leather or exotic leather cowboy boot is an excellent choice to be paired with a suit.

You should choose a leather sole to give a classy and luxurious impression when considering cowboy boots.

I have a pair of cowboy boots that I’ve owned for more than 20 years.  They are so comfortable!  I’m surprised at how well they have lasted.  Although I have taken fairly good care of them.

Another question I get is if Cowboy boots can be business casual.

Can Cowboy Boots be considered business casual?

Cowboy boots can certainly be considered business casual.  Choose a cowhide leather or exotic leather, such as alligator, ostrich, or fish leather cowboy boot that has more of a polished finish. The square toe can be more comfortable for standing and walking than the traditional pointed toe.

Let’s take a look at some options below...

Best Cowboy boots to wear with a Suit?

There are a lot of cowboy boots that can cater to your style. However, if you wish to wear cowboy boots with a suit, choose a well-polished boot made from genuine leather.

It can be alligator leather, lizard leather, snakeskin, fish skin, or cow-hide.

Below are the different leather options for cowboy boots that would go well with a suit..

Cow-hide Boots

If you want to have that gentleman look, you should choose a cowboy made from a well-polished cow-hide. Cowboy boots that are well polished and have heels will make you classy and taller.

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Lizard Leather Boots

The texture of the lizard leather is unique. This is very classy and elegant but at the same time caters to the traditional look of the West.

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Alligator Leather Boots


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These boots are very classy, luxurious, and with a classic look. These boots will also enhance the overall beauty of your outfit.

Snake Skin Leather Cowboy boots

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Another popular alternative leather is to use Python. Burmese pythons are an invasive species in Florida and their skin can be incredibly beautiful. It's also tough.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit?

There are many boots, and finding the right one to match your outfit is essential. You need to know the factors in looking for cowboy boots that suit your formal look.

Boot Comfort

Aside from being confident in wearing your cowboy boots, it is also best to wear them with comfort. If your boots do not suit you well or are uncomfortable wearing them, it will ruin the whole outfit. It's hard to enjoy the outfit if you can feel discomfort.


Cowboy boots have various toe styles that match your preference when matching with your suit.

Roper Toe

This style is popular and very classic. It has a rounded tip that gives comfort. Square-toed

This style is wide and flat. Square-toed is stylish and provides enough space for your toes.

J and D Toed

These boots look good in your suit since they are pointed, giving it a formal look.

Boot Style

There are various styles to choose from. However, it is best to choose a design that caters to comfort, ease and can be slip on and off easily.

Boot Heel

The height of the heel is important because it gives you extra height and will affect your level of comfort when worn.

Boot Versatility

When choosing the perfect boots, look for something that you can pair with a variety of suits. When you go for business travel for meetings, it would be easy for you to pack them.

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Professionals who Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit

In Texas, it is customary to see men pairing cowboy boots with a suit. Also, many professionals used this combination, including mariachi bands, former US presidents, and Texas rangers.

Mariachi Band

Mariachi bands are well-respected professionals, and mariachi music plays a vital role in Texan and Mexican culture. Most Mariachi bands are wearing formal suits with cowboy boots.

Former US Presidents

There are a lot of previous US presidents who were seen wearing cowboy boots with a suit. A few of them include Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., and some US presidential candidates.

Texas Rangers

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The long-standing law enforcement in Texas called Texas rangers must wear a dress coat, a necktie and pair it with cowboy boots.

What are the Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit?

There are lists of cowboy boots that you can pair with your suit. Here's some:

Western Boots

Western boots were used in the early days due to their longevity. It has pointed toes with one to two inches heels and long shafts that are perfect for your suit.

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Roper Boots

Roper boots are classic cowboy boots. These boots are designed to provide comfort while working.

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Walking Boots

Walking boots are comfortable to wear since they are made for walking. It had a wider toe and square heel, making it comfortable to stroll.

Working Boots

Working boots are made with cowhide and are cost-efficient. These boots are ideal for working since their heels are only one and three fourth inches or lower.

ARIAT mens Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot, Brown, 9.5 US

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How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Blue Suit?

In wearing cowboy boots with a blue suit, it is best to keep it sleek and minimal. To match your blue suit, you can wear brown or burgundy-colored boots. Combining these colors will give dynamics to your style.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Black Suit?

When you pair a black suit and a pair of cowboy boots, you create a confident and aesthetic look. When you wear a black suit, you should pair it with black boots too. This outfit will give you a streamlined look that can be worn in a formal or casual look.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Grey Suit ?

If you want a connoisseur look, you can match your grey suit with a white turtleneck. Match them with black cowboy boots to effortlessly slay the ensemble.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Charcoal Suit?

This outfit is sophisticated, giving it a modern gentleman look. You can pair your suit with burgundy cowboy boots to style the overall outfit.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Burgundy Suit?

You can match your burgundy suit with a charcoal crew-neck t-shirt. This will showcase a formal but stylish look, and you can match them with black embroidered cowboy boots.

Is it Okay to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit?

Yes, you may, but not all companies allow their employees to wear cowboy boots with suits. Some companies follow strict dress codes. However, others may require you to wear cowboy boots; it depends on your employer.

Cowboy boots with suits match perfectly well. There are many types and designs of suits that go well with your cowboy boots. Wearing these matches is fine if you are not dealing with dress code obligations.

Cowboy boots are not only used for casual and cattle wear; when paired with suits, they can also be used as professional wear. Wearing cowboy boots with a suit shows authority and confidence in the workplace. The world is changing, the same as fashion. Whatever you outfit combinations or preference are, it is important to wear them with confidence.

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