Can you wear Birkenstocks to the beach?

Looking for a pair of sandals to wear for your upcoming beach trip? The ever-famous Birkenstock has several to offer. In this article, I have prepared a list of recommendations for you! 

You can wear a pair of Birkenstock to the beach, but you have to be wary of the dos and don'ts. Note that not all Birks are waterproof. For instance, leather sandals are moisture-sensitive. You can't leave them under the sun and in the water for long. A better option for beach Birks would be the Essentials EVA collection. 

Birkenstocks, particularly the EVA pairs, are highly recommended for water-related activities. If your beach trip package includes activities on the water, you must check out Birks EVA.

You have to continue scrolling for more information about this type of Birks. More so, included in this article are sections that discuss whether or not Birks are waterproof and enumerate some "beachable" Birks.

Are Birkenstocks beach friendly?

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Vegan Sandal, Iridescent Light Rose Microfiber, Size 41 EU (8-8.5 M US Men/10-10.5 M US Women)

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Birkoflor Slide Sandal

Generally, Birkenstocks are beach-friendly. The high level of comfort and durability are very reliable when in the sand. However, it is noteworthy that not all Birks are water-resistant.

For instance, Birkenstocks with leather uppers are sensitive to too much moisture. Thus, you can't risk wearing them while on water, or your pair's footbed will get soggy.

Opt for an EVA version if you really want a completely waterproof Birkenstock. EVA, or ethyl vinyl acetate, is a water-resistant material used by Birks in producing some of its models.

These are super beach-friendly pairs! You can wear them in the sand under the sun's heat or playfully paddle into the water. There is nothing to fear.

Are Birks waterproof?

Not all Birkenstocks are waterproof, although some have water-resistant properties. For instance, synthetic pairs have an EVA sole. But don't worry because, as previously mentioned, there are waterproof Birk sandals.

Generally, Birkenstocks are designed not to be submerged in water for long. This is because its material composition tends to be dried out after water exposure. 

Let's now delve into the specifics. Traditional Birks come with four-layered footbeds made of cork, jute, suede, and latex. These materials significantly and quickly absorb moisture.

This makes the non-waterproof Birks susceptible to damage. However, you can search on the net for some tips on how you can make them water-resistant.

Can Birkenstocks get wet?

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal, Stone, 39 R EU, 8-8.5 M US

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

Non-waterproof Birkenstocks can't get wet, although they can last for some period in water. However, it is better to avoid lengthy water exposure if you have a leather pair. 

Thus, leather pairs are not greatly recommended for water-related activities during beach trips. Except, of course, for EVA Essentials models.

Do not worry because Birkenstock has already solved that waterproof dilemma. The brand has introduced a beachable collection: the Essentials EVA. 

Now, you can already wear a pair of Birkenstocks by the beach without the fear of getting them wet. To know more about EVA Essentials, check out the following article.

All About EVA Essentials Birkenstocks

The most beachable Birkenstocks pairs are none other than those under the EVA Essentials collection. These colorful and fun-looking pairs are compatible with your fancy swimsuits or trunk shorts.

EVA Essentials Birkenstocks are greatly recommended to be worn during your beach trips. If you want a beach companion that you can wear in any activities, day and night, an EVA Essential would be perfect. 

Ethyl vinyl acetate, or EVA, is a waterproof material that is very lightweight and non-toxic. What's good with EVA is that apart from its water resistance, it is also heat-resistant and shockproof.

Its footbed, although not made of the traditional materials used by Birkenstocks, is shaped based on the contours of the feet. So, expect a high level of comfort even during your first wear. 

The design of EVA is monochromatic and minimalist. It is available in basic colors such as black and white. But the pastel versions are always hyped up during summer due to their vibrant and sun-sational colors.

Beachable Birkenstocks

Birkenstock Milano Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,40 M EU

Birkenstock Milano Men's Sandals

Here's the section you've been waiting for! I have prepared a list of beachable Birkenstocks just for you. These are the Birks pairs that are best worn on the beach. 

Arizona Essentials EVA

Opt for the timelessly fashionable Arizona Essentials EVA for a classic slip-on beach pair. This two-strapped Birkenstock is comfortable, even when worn out of the box.

The straps come with a metal buckle. This allows for adjustments to the snugness of the pair. Additionally, Arizona is available in basic colors as well as pastel ones.

For as low as $50, you can already take home a pair of Arizona. This is absolutely a steal!

Gizeh Essentials EVA

If you are not into a two-strapped slip-on, you can check out the thong-style Gizeh in the EVA version. This flip-flop Birk is popular with women.

Gizeh features broader straps and elevated footbed edges. This design is great for people suffering from bunions. You can buy a pair of Gizeh Essentials EVA for only $50.

Honolulu Essentials EVA

Honolulu Essentials EVA is another flip-flop to check out. It is a sporty waterproof Birkenstock that is very light and flexible. 

This model is available in pastel colors such as pink, violet, green, and yellow. You can buy a pair for $40. Honolulu is one of the cheapest Birkenstock pairs out there.

Madrid Essentials EVA

On the other hand, the Madrid Essentials EVA is another classic. This model is a slip-on that comes with one strap only. You'll be amazed how many people are wearing Madrid by the beach.

Madrid in EVA is also waterproof and lightweight, perfect for water-related activities. It comes with an EVA sole that is shock-absorbent and very comfy. You can obtain a pair for only $40.

Barbados EVA

Barbados EVA is also a great pair to wear by the beach. This model is very popular with men. If you are not into the adjustable straps of Birks, you may check out Barbados EVA.

It has a single thick upper strap with an embossed design and logo lettering. Besides being beachable Birks, Barbados is also a perfect sporty slide. It is priced at $40.

Wear Birks to the beach, Final Thoughts…

All in all, waterproof Birkenstocks are much more preferred to be worn on the beach. However, non-waterproof pairs can still be brought during beach trips, provided they don't get wet or left under too much heat.

The models mentioned above are the top 5 on my list of the most beachable Birkenstock pairs. I hope you now have a number one pair in mind to purchase!

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