Are Crocs Good or Bad for Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis can be really painful.  My father had this and I’ve recently experienced plantar fasciitis.  I was wondering if I could find shoes that would help to alleviate the pain.  When I was out mowing my lawn (wearing my Crocs), I wondered, “Are Crocs good or bad for plantar fasciitis?

Crocs are good for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or foot pain. Crocs were designed to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet and are Certified by the US Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association.

When you think of foot pain, plantar fasciitis may come to your mind. You have probably got this condition if you experience heel pain even during your first few steps. Anti-inflammatory medicines, surgery, and rest are some of the treatments for this painful condition.

Anecdotally, some People suffering from plantar fasciitis report that they feel better when wearing Crocs.

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I didn’t have an extremely serious condition of plantar fasciitis and I found that if I rolled my foot on a golf ball every night for 20 to 30 minutes (while I was watching TV), I experienced a significant amount of relief the next day.

Crocs History

Originally, Crocs were made as waterproof, non-slip shoes. Then, it became one of the popular choices for people with plantar fasciitis. Crocs are made with a patented closed resin foam called CrosLite which molds slightly to the wearer’s foot.

The closed resin compound is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial therefore helps to prevent fungal or bacterial infections.  They are loose-fitting around the foot yet have a strap to keep them in place. They allow lots of air circulation and help to protect your feet from outside abrasion.

With the right pair of shoes, plantar fasciitis sufferers can protect their feet, support their arch, and cushion their heels.

With Crocs, there is no need to go barefoot when going to the beach, in the yard, pool, or boat.

Benefits of Wearing Crocs

Crocs come in a wide array of colors and styles. While some designs are meant to be worn as casual, stylish, and colorful waterproof shoes, others are mostly made for people with heel pain. 

These shoes are typically breathable and lightweight. They also promote good circulation. These qualities make them ideal during summertime. They offer plenty of room in the toe box, which supports a healthy and natural gait. As a result, toes are not compressed.

Contoured Footbed

Some Crocs are designed with a contoured footbed. This feature helps in supporting and massaging the arch while you walk. This footbed is also useful in easing the discomfort and pain linked with plantar fasciitis.

Nubbed Foam Design 

Another interesting thing about Crocs shoes is that some of them feature a nubbed foam design that you can find on the footbed. This feature relaxes the condition while you are relaxing at home.

The comfortable feel that the shoes pamper you when you try relaxing on the couch.

Shock Absorbent Heel 

To reduce the pressure on the heel, you will need padding of the heel and support of the arch. Fortunately, some Crocs feature a shock-absorbent heel.


The Croslite material of Crocs is what makes it lightweight. Wearing lightweight shoes means the comfort level while walking is improved.

Closed Cell Resin 

Besides excellent arch support, heel cushioning, and complete comfort, Crocs also feature closed-cell resin. This feature can reduce the chance of foot odor because bacteria that cause the nasty smells in shoes don’t penetrate the CrosLite material.

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Potential Drawbacks of Wearing Crocs 

If you ignore plantar fasciitis, it may result in chronic pain, which will hinder you from performing regular activities. Do not attempt to change the way you walk just to relieve the pain. This is because it can cause foot, knee, back, and hip problems.

Mind that some Crocs are not meant to be walking shoes or running shoes for long distances. So, refrain from wearing them if you plan on standing, walking, or running for long periods.

Crocs makes a number of different styles of shoes.  They have specific shoes designed with additional arch support.  Here is a list of these Crocs:

In fact, these Crocs listed above were designed for Nurses and Medical Professionals with a non-slip sole and arch support for their long shifts and potentially slippery surfaces.

As for fashion Crocs, some say Crocs are ugly.  Well, I might agree with you a little, but I still love my Crocs!  But, I won’t wear them out with a suit and tie, but with a pair of shorts or out casually, they’re great.

Wearing the Right Type of Crocs

From day-to-day life scenarios, your feet face a lot of abuse. When you stand, your feet must bear your weight and take opposite and equal force from the ground to respond accordingly to your weight. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, your feet have additional pressures as you walk or run.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligaments that hold the bony joints around the arch of the foot relax too much. As a result, the arch flattens more usual, and the foot becomes slightly longer. The pain caused by plantar fasciitis goes away once the damage has been done and the foot is finally adjusted.

The next time you put weight on your foot after relaxing, more tearing occurs. In other words, this painful condition is a cycle that goes over and over again until you seek proper treatment. Besides, this condition is very common to older people, soldiers, athletes, and anyone who needs to stand for a long time.

A good pair of Crocs for plantar fasciitis can reinforce the foot arch while keeping the feet in proper alignment. These shoes also reduce the Achilles tendon load and then lessen the windlass mechanism that makes barefoot walking is not suitable for people with this condition.

Even if the pain already subsides, you will still need shoes like Crocs that support the foot at all times and fits well.

Choosing the Right Crocs for Plantar Fasciitis 

Not all Crocs are the same. So, make sure you are getting the right pair of them for your plantar fasciitis. Below are some tips on how you will end up with the right pair of Crocs.

Foot Size 

Your foot size varies over the course of a day. This is because your feet tend to expand at the end of the day. So, it’s essential to shop for Crocs after a long walk or in the afternoon, when your feet already expanded.


Keep in mind that one of the best qualities of Crocs for plantar fasciitis is the comfort you will feel right away. Be aware that a break-in period isn’t necessary as it can worsen the condition.


Features play a critical role in the overall experience of wearing Crocs. It is best to look for Crocs that offer extra cushioning for your forefeet, sturdy ankle support, and special shock absorption for your heels.

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What Do Experts Think About Crocs 

Crocs are treasured for their floatability, rubberiness, and comfort. These shoes offer excellent toe protection and are ideal to wear when traveling to tropical destinations with aquatic activities.

However, what do experts or podiatrists think about Crocs?

According to podiatrists, it’s not ideal for anyone to wear Crocs all day. While these shoes provide excellent arch support, some of them do not secure the heel adequately.

When there is no stability in the heel, toes end up gripping, which leads to tendinitis. It can even worsen calluses, nail problems, or toe deformities.  That’s why it’s important to have the right fit and appropriate arch support for the activities you perform.

There are two types of patients who can benefit from wearing these shoes: people who suffer from excessive edema of the ankle and legs and those who have a very high arch.

Final Thoughts 

Having plantar fasciitis does not necessarily mean that you cannot stay comfortable for long hours while walking.

You can take advantage of Crocs that have the perfect fit, cushioning, and proper arch support.

So, always shop for Crocs with all the essential features that can help you make this condition more bearable and prevent you from worsening the heel pain.

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