Are Crocs Good For Toddlers

Crocs have become a very popular shoe for adults, kids, and toddlers. Their unique design has created some fashion “controversy”. Starting out as a water shoe or deck shoe, they have become so much more. 

Crocs shoes are everywhere. With different colors, styles, and sizes, your toddlers can be a fashion statement. But are Crocs good for toddlers?

Crocs are good for toddlers. Crocs are made from a soft flexible foam that forms to a toddler’s feet, providing good support, the heel cup and back strap allows the foot to be stable in the Crocs. This provides all the benefits needed for early walking toddlers and those learning to walk.

Australian Pediatric Society suggests that when toddlers are learning to walk, it’s important for them to receive sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. It's best for toddlers to walk barefoot or with soft-soled shoes as much as possible. (Source)

Crocs provides a soft sole, plenty of room for their toes, and a flexible flat sole ideal for toddlers. However, the patented Croslite material that Crocs are made from tends to grip surfaces and could cause tripping hazards for toddlers.

There are also reports of kids Crocs getting stuck in escalators. The grippy material can get sucked into the moving edges pulling your kid's feet with it. (scroll down to see a couple of news reports)

I would suggest that Crocs are a good shoe for toddlers wearing around the house, in the yard, to the beach, around water but a good pair of sneakers or shoes would be better suited when you are walking in the mall or going on an elevator.

Should My Toddler Wear Crocs?

Children need no special arch support. If your toddler is younger than 16 months, he or she may have flat feet. Only after 16 months does she start to develop arches and by six to eight years old they are fully developed. 

Crocs outer soles offer flexibility, cushioning, and traction. The soft flexible foam aids in your toddler's walking. However, you want to be aware that Crocs can have “grippy” soles which may cause your toddler to stumble or fall.

Are Crocs Safe For Toddlers?

The answer to this question is very simple. As long as Crocs are worn at the pool, your yard, the playground, or the beach, these shoes are an excellent choice for toddlers’ feet.

These shoes are not advisable for active children since they tend to run around most of the time. As long as they are worn based on what they are designed for, these shoes will not hurt your child’s feet.

In case you want your children to get involved in physical activities, you need to switch to another type of shoes.

Toddlers need to wear good supportive shoes that match their everyday activities. This is mainly they impose a significant amount of stress and pressure on their feet and legs. While they can wear Crocs, it’s not recommended to wear them all day.

There are reports that toddlers wearing Crocs on an escalator is not a good idea. Here are a couple of videos that discuss this.

What Do Podiatrists Think About Crocs for Toddlers 

Crocs were created with waterproof tendencies and non-slip tread. These shoes are a great substitute for sneakers and a safer option than barefoot.

According to some Podiatrists, Crocs offer better protection than wearing sandals or flip-flops or going barefoot. These shoes provide some arch support and cushioning. The holes let the air in, which helps in keeping the feet from sweating. As for the antimicrobial properties, they help in preventing any infection to the feet.

Some experts also suggest that these shoes are beneficial to individuals who already have foot problems. This is because the shoes’ super-wide offers extra room and comfort for feet with issues like hammertoe or bunions.

These experts point out that the front of the shoe is not necessarily the problem. Since these shoes are backless, there’s not enough support for the feet. Toddlers who wear these shoes can be excessively mobile due to the loose strap around the shoes’ heel and wide nature.

Crocs Kids' Classic Slipper | Fuzzy Slippers, Deep Green, 4 Toddler

Crocs Kids' Classic Slippers

Excessive mobility gives inadequate support to the rear foot. This can result in hyper pronation and flat arches to the toddlers when they get older. Then, flat feet can lead to foot problems such as hammertoes, bunions, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

Besides, if your toddler walks incorrectly, the condition becomes more pronounced and can cause back, hip, and knee pain over time.

Therefore, it’s important to fit the Crocs properly into your toddler's foot.

Benefits of Wearing Crocs for Toddlers 

While wearing Crocs, there are several benefits, mind that these shoes are not always the perfect choice. However, it’s still interesting to know these advantages.

Easy On, Easy Off 

Toddlers still have no clue about tying their shoelaces. This is what makes Crocs a right choice for those who have not yet perfected tying shoelaces.

Foot Support 

These trendy shoes offer good cushioning and arch support. However, this support is less than traditional athletic shoes.


These shoes offer better foot protection against rocks, debris, and elements compared to going barefoot.

Crocs Kids' Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog | Kids' Slippers, Cloud Ombre, 4 Toddler

Crocs Classic Tie Dye Lined Kids' Clogs


Crocs are designed with breathable holes. Even if your toddler’s feet get wet, they dry quickly. This helps to avoid foot infection, rashers, or odor.

Slip Resistant 

Since Crocs were primarily designed to be worn near the water, these shoes feature non-slip tread alongside waterproof tendencies.

Potential Drawbacks of Wearing Crocs for Toddlers 

Since no product is perfect, Crocs also come with some drawbacks. Check them out below.

Lack of Ample Support 

If you want your toddler to wear a pair of shoes for long periods, it’s better to opt for something that offers more stability and support to the foot. Besides, experts recommend only wearing these shoes for about 4 to 5 hours.

Crocs Kids' Crocband Rain Boots, Yellow/Navy, 2 Little Kid

Crocs Crocband Rain Kids' Boots

Not ideal for Physical Activities 

Toddlers slow learn different physical activities, and they need shoes that can support their enthusiasm. However, Crocs are specifically designed for physical activities. The flexible nature of these shoes can cause ankle sprains when worn while running around.

Not Enough Protection

While Crocs provide better protection than going barefoot, the level of protection is not enough. When compared to normal shoes, Crocs have little protection against elements.

Getting the Right Pair of Crocs

When you try Crocs on your child’s feet, they must conform to fit his or her foot with no slipping as he or she walks. Although there might be slipping, it should be minimal.

There are several ways on how you can ensure that your toddler got a good fit. The toddler’s heel must rest securely, while the toe must not ride up and down. The shoe’s arch, top, and side areas should comfortably hug his or her feet. The toes should not touch the front. You can wiggle room the shoe front to check this.

Final Thoughts 

Ideally, it would help if you gave your toddler shoes that can support their needs. Since toddlers’ feet are developing, look for shoes that can protect their feet against elements. These shoes should also help them create an arch and rearfoot that promote proper walking.

Crocs are known for their waterproofing, flexibility, and loose-fitting style. While toddlers can wear them, you still need to be cautious about how long they should wear these shoes. These shoes offer a number of benefits, but also come with some drawbacks. 

Overall, these shoes are perfect for walking near water for short distances. So, do not let them wear these shoes for long periods, for it may lead to potential foot problems.

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