Are Crocs Good For Your Back?

Since the creation of Crocs in 2001, originally as a boating shoe at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, they have evolved into the go-to shoe for people with achy feet and plantar fasciitis. However, can Crocs also be good for your back?

Although there is no current scientific research, experts suggest Crocs are good for your back. Crocs' unique design and patented material molds to your feet providing arch support and foot stability with their heel cup and crocs strap. All components contribute to the proper alignment of your spine while standing or walking.

“When you have bad arch support and the gait pattern is off, that pattern travels into your back and can create stress on your back,” says Dr. Jeremy Smith, MD (spine surgeon and back pain specialist with Orthopedic Specialty Institute in Orange County, California.

Specialists like Dr. Smith agree that good posture and proper alignment and gate helps to prevent back ailment and injury. Crocs provide a cushioned flat surface with arch support.  The heel cup is designed for stability and the anchor strap around the heel helps to keep your foot from sliding around in the shoe.

When your feet are on a stable foundation, then your chances of getting back pain decrease. It’s also important to note that back pain can have many different causes.

Other features are also good for your spine. With its non-slip soles, you can lower the risks of falls. It has decent cushioning, nice interior support, real heel cups, and a rigid sole.

How Crocs Can Benefit You?

Crocs shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. It can stay on your feet without changing your natural walking stride, which is beneficial for your back.

You may not know it, but some medical specialists like nurses and surgeons make practice wearing Crocs if they’re going to be on their feet the whole day. In fact, the US Ergonomics Council and The American Podiatric Medical Association have certified this shoe type. (Source)

Crocs makes certain styles specifically for Medical Professionals including Nurses and Surgeons:

Crocs can also be your best choice for summer footwear and other outdoor activities. It can be a good shoe for you if you suffer from spondylolisthesis, chronic lumbar pain due to spinal arthritis, injury or sciatica, and other foot problems.

With Crocs, you can enjoy summer activities while wearing casual footwear. Unlike other footwear, the Crocs are ideal to use for long walks. You can go anywhere on your feet for longer hours without worrying about back and foot pain.

With its foot protection, you can walk without hassle using these shoes.

The shoes can also help those who suffer from bunions-bunions, injured feet, and diabetes-diabetes. With Crocs, you can have heel cups, inner support, arch support as well as massaging heel nubs. It can be the best footwear for those who have foot problems.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Baya Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Navy/Navy, 6 US Women / 4 US Men

Crocs Baya Lined Unisex Clog

Crocs have also been recognized by Medical Professionals as a good shoe for individuals with diabetes. (Source)

Since people with diabetes come with reduced circulation in their feet, they are prone to wound infection and open sores.

Fortunately, Crocs have antibacterial properties and a spare room that can avoid these problems. Crocs also protect from bumps and foot abrasion.

Short Background About Crocs

Crocs are shoes made from rubber that begin in 2002 as boater-floaters for Jimmy Buffet types in Florida. It is originally manufactured in Canada in clog-form. With its great quality, it has now sold over 300 million pairs in about 90 countries.

The company manufactured Rx line models, including Croc Silver Cloud, Croc Cloud, and Croc Relief.

According to the brand’s co-founder Lyndon V. Hanson III, Crocs Vice President, they add a strap for utility and add extra flair. If you have foot problems, this shoe can be good for you.

Crocs Men's LiteRide Modform Slip On Sneakers, Black/White, 8 M US

Crocs LiteRide Modform Men's Slip-on Sneakers

It is also manufactured with antibacterial material to avoid bacterial and fungal infections. It is designed with the safety of users in mind.

The shoes are designed with rubber, comfort, and floatability. The shoes help to reduce achy feet and plantar pain. It is perfect to use for toddlers as well as adults.

The shoe is easy to clean. It offers great toe protection making it good to use in the tropics with aquatic activities. It is affordable, so you get comfortable shoes without spending more of your money.

Downsides of Crocs

Unfortunately, Crocs are not ideal for all-day use. Although it provides good arch support, it doesn’t adequately support the heel. So, they don’t recommend the use of the Iconic Crocs (original style) for whole day use. Thus, if the heel is unstable, it can result to nail problems, worsening of toe deformities, calluses and corns, and tendinitis.

Crocs Work Neria Pro II Graphic Clog Paisley Floral/Black 4 M

Crocs Neria Pro II Women's Clogs

However, Crocs has developed shoes specifically for professionals who are on their feet for 8 hours or more. These shoes are under their Rx brand and include the following shoes:

Wearing Crocs can be beneficial for those who have a high arch and have excessive edema of their ankle and legs. Keep in mind that it is not recommended for marathon wear.

In addition, it may not look fashionable because of its casual design. Although it’s not that fashionable, it can still provide good value for your money with its quality and performance.

What Customers Say About Crocs

Customers who wear Crocs are satisfied with the quality of the shoes. They say that a pair of Crocs are comfortable and lightweight. According to them, wearing Crocs for a long time feels like wearing slippers at work.

It is attractive since it is available in various colors and sizes for more customized use. It has a cute design that suits toddlers and adults.    

Crocs Women's LiteRide Color Dip Pacer Sneaker | Comfortable Sneakers for Women Black/Light Grey/Vivid Blue 4 M

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Women's Sneakers

Crocs come with quality and comfort, making it popular footwear before and even today. In fact, the shoes can be seen everywhere, including in beaches, hospitals, boats, hockey rinks, and even in Hollywood.

The product is also affordable, which makes it satisfying for the users. More importantly, it can offer health benefits. It promotes good ankle and foot care. It is officially sealed and APMA-approved. It is safe to wear for different people of all ages.

Crocs receive more positive reviews than negative ones. You have peace of mind that these shoes can help you reduce back pain. It is not a waste of money since it is made from quality materials for the users' safety and comfort.

Tips to Reduce Back Pain

You work hard every day, so there is a high tendency that you may suffer from back pain. Aside from wearing comfy shoes like Crocs, there are simple tips you can do to reduce back pain. Take it slow and apply ice to the area.

You can also take mild exercise in the form of walking to lower the pain and strain on your joints and muscles. Make sure to use supportive shoes to maintain your stability. With this, you can avoid a dangerous fall. It is also an advantage to keep proper posture.

If you experience chronic back pain, you must consult the advice of a medical professional. 


To sum it up, Crocs shoes are good for your back. Most customers are satisfied with the quality and comfort of the shoes. They are available at a budget-friendly cost but can still provide a high level of comfort and protection for your foot.

Do you want versatile casual footwear you can use in the pool, work, or anywhere? Crocs can be the best option. Just like what we mentioned earlier, it has medical benefits because it is ideal to use for those individuals who have diabetes and foot injury.

It can also reduce the risk of back pain. It comes in various designs, so you can pick the best one that suits your needs and standards.

You can use it during your summer activities and even at your work. Crocs are a good investment for your footwear needs. The money you purchase for it is all worth it. Get your comfy Crocs shoes now!  

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