Why Are Your UGGs So Hard To Get On? 6 Solutions

UGGs are one of the most comfortable, ever-trendy footwear styles on the market, but putting them on can sometimes prove to be an arduous task. So why are your UGGs so hard to get on?

UGGs are hard to get on when you first bring them home because the wool needs time to press together and create more room around your foot. Because UGGs are made with authentic sheepskin, they will stretch up to about a half size over time.

In the rest of this article, I’ll explain why your UGG boots are so tight and will share some helpful solutions for putting on your cozy new UGGs. I will also discuss some tips and tricks for manually stretching your UGGs for a better fit! Therefore, if you’re struggling to put on your brand-new pair of boots, make sure to read on!

Why Are New UGG Boots So Tight?

New UGG Boots are tight because they are made of authentic two-way sheepskin, consisting of a soft outer layer and wool lining. The wool lining starts out fluffy, soft, and thick. Over time, the material compresses as it adjusts to your foot's size, shape, and pressure.

As with any leather shoes, a new pair of UGG Boots are made to be tight at first wear so that as they stretch over time, they do not become too big for your feet. A brand new pair of UGG boots may be a bit tricky to slip on at first but should become easier over time as they stretch.

6 Solutions for Putting On Snug UGGs

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot, Grey, 5 B US

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot

Getting a pair of UGGs on your feet as you head out the door can sometimes stop you in your tracks. When your boots are especially snug (especially when they are brand new), the tugging, pulling, and stress-inducing effort can cause your whole mood to change!

Luckily, you can put an end to your struggle and frustration by trying these six helpful solutions for putting on those snug UGGs.

  1. Wear thin socks (or none at all).
  2. Make sure you have the right size.
  3. Start with cool, dry feet.
  4. Use your body weight.
  5. Put the pull tags to use.
  6. Avoid pulling the top seam.

1. Wear Thin Socks (or None at All!)

When a pair of UGGs are already particularly tight, adding a fluffy, thick pair of socks to the equation is a surefire way to add to your issues. Do yourself a favor and choose a pair of thin, slim socks that will help your foot slide into the shoe rather than act as a roadblock.

Because UGGs are lined with a layer of thick, soft fleece, a pair of thick socks is really not necessary anyway. In fact, UGG boots were actually designed to be worn with no socks at all! If you must wear them, a pair made out of thin, breathable material is your best bet for comfort and ease of wear.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right Size

We’ve all experienced trying a pair of shoes on at the store, buying them, and then getting home and realizing that the fit is just not right on you. In this case, return or resell them if you can.

There are methods out there for stretching your boots, should you need to make a small adjustment up to half a size, but anything more than that will cause discomfort no matter what method you use to get them on your feet.

When purchasing a pair of UGGs, it is a great idea to purchase them from a store that regularly carries UGGs and has sales personnel well informed about their products' wear and care.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get fitted professionally. Even if you know your regular shoe size, it’s not a bad idea to have your foot measured and get a professional shoe size recommendation for your new boots.

Try on several different sizes, walk around in them, jump up and down, and ensure they are comfortable. Don’t forget socks! Always try on UGGs with whatever style of socks (if any) you plan to wear with them so that you know for certain that you have the right size.

If you are purchasing online, don’t forget to take a look at the official UGG Sizing Chart to ensure that you are looking for the right fit!

3. Start With a Cool, Dry Foot

When putting on your UGGs, it’s easiest to slide your foot in if it is cool and dry. When the weather is warm, and your body is overheated, your feet can sweat and swell up, causing your shoes to fit tighter than usual.

If your UGGs are usually tight when you put them on, chances are they are going to be even more difficult to get on if your feet are warm and swollen. This is especially important to keep in mind when shopping.

Often, during a long day of strolling the shops, your feet end up warm and can be slightly swollen inside your shoes. Try to make the shoe store the first stop on your shopping trip so that when you are trying on shoes, your feet haven’t had a chance to swell, and you will be able to find your true size.

4. Use Your Body Weight

UGG Women's Adirondack Boot III Snow, Stout Leather, 5

UGG Women's Adirondack Boot III Boot

When putting on your UGGs, use your body weight to help slide your foot into your shoe. Instead of struggling with pulling on the sides of your boot, slide your foot in, toes down, until the heel of your foot is in line with the ankle seam. Then, stand up flat on the sole of the shoe.

Using your body weight, your foot should easily slip right into the correct placement. Take care not to cause permanent damage or wrinkling to your boot by shoving your ankle into the back of the footwear. If your foot is positioned correctly, it should slide on fairly easily.

5. Put the Pull Tags To Use

Some UGGs are made with convenient pull tags that are intended to assist you with pulling the boots on your feet. These pull tags are a great help when using the body weight method explained above.

Keep in mind, however, that many UGG boots do not include pull tags in order to maintain their simple, clean look. Some of the UGG boots that do have pull tags are:

  • Classic Short Boot
  • Classic Boot
  • Classic Mini Boot
  • Classic Ultra Mini Boot
  • Neumel Boot

I recommend the UGG Women’s Classic Boot, available on Amazon.com for ultimate ease of wear. This boot is fantastic because not only does it come complete with pull tags at the top, but it also features a full zipper from top to sole, making it the easiest UGG boot to put on! This model is available in both classic black and a lovely chestnut color.

6. Avoid Pulling the Top Seam

UGGs are some of the most well-made and high-quality boots available, but that doesn’t make them immune to damage. In order to keep them in great shape and avoid causing ripped seams or torn fabric, be sure not to pull on the top seam of the boot when putting them on.

The top seam is one of the most vulnerable parts of your boot, and wearers often use it as an anchor for pulling their boots on their feet. Doing this will weaken the stitching over time and cause damage to your UGGs.

Can I Manually Stretch UGG Boots That Are Too Tight?

UGG Women's Adirondack Boot III Boot, Black, 5

UGG Women's Adirondack Boot III Boot

When you find yourself with a pair of UGG boots that are a bit on the tight side, you may wish you could manually stretch them for a better fit. While it is always best to allow your UGG boots to stretch naturally over the course of time, it is possible to speed the process along if you so want.

You can manually stretch UGG boots up to a half size larger by using various methods that encourage the sheepskin to stretch. Some of these methods require the help of a shoe repair professional, while others can be done easily at home.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common boot-stretching methods:

Using a Blow Dryer and Thick Socks

Start out by putting two pairs of thick socks on your feet. Put your new boots on over the socks (this may take some patience and is done best using the body weight method explained above).

Once you have the boots on, use a blow dryer to gently blow warm air on the boots in increments of 5 minutes or less. Be sure to keep a distance of about 8-10 inches (20.3-25.4 centimeters) so that you do not cause any harm to yourself or heat damage to the boots.

This method may take several attempts, but the heat will encourage the leather to stretch, and after using this method a few times, you should see a notable difference in the size of your shoe.

The Freezing Water Method

Fill two gallon-sized (4.5 liters) plastic bags with water, seal them, and place them inside each of your boots. The water should go all the way to the toe of the boot so that the entire boot stretches equally.

Once your bags of water are positioned correctly, place your boots in the freezer for 8-10 hours. I suggest doing this at bedtime so that they can freeze completely overnight. Because water expands as it freezes, the pressure will encourage the leather to stretch.

In the morning, you can remove the boots and set them on the counter. Wait until the water has melted completely before attempting to remove the bags.

Note: Be sure your bags of water are completely sealed. You do not want the water leaking and potentially damaging your boots!

Try a Boot Stretching Spray

Believe it or not, really simple leather-stretching sprays are available that will quickly and easily soften and stretch your boots! Just spray a little bit on the boot before you put them on, and simply walking around will encourage the leather to stretch the way you want it!

If you have a wooden shoe stretcher at home, you can use it in addition to the boot-stretching spray to achieve excellent results. Using the shoe stretcher, you don’t have to wear the boots while the spray works its magic! Just be sure that you have the right size shoe stretcher for your boot. Shoe stretchers come in all shapes and sizes for different types and styles of shoes.

I recommend this FootMatters Boot & Shoe Spray from Amazon.com because it is easy to use, has great reviews, and is inexpensively priced. It also comes with a handy pair of mini shoe stretchers!

Using Calf Stretchers or “Boot Trees”

UGG Classic Clear Mini Boot, Clear Water, Size 6

UGG Women's Classic Clear Mini Boots

If your boots are difficult to get on because the calf is too tight, a calf-stretcher or “boot tree” may be just what you need.

Most calf stretchers are easily adjustable, so you can put them in your boots and set them to your preferred width. Not only will this help you adjust the size of your boot and achieve a proper fit, but it will also help maintain the shape of your boots over their lifetime.

Take Them to a Shoe Professional

Suppose you wish to stretch your UGG boots but have reservations about the possibility of causing damage to your sheepskin galoshes. In that case, you can take them to a shoe repair professional and enlist their help in achieving your just-right fit.

Hiring a professional to stretch your boots will definitely not be the least expensive option; however, because of their knowledge and experience, you can rest assured knowing they will do high-quality work without any irreversible damage to your boots.

Final Thoughts

The easiest way to get UGG boots on your feet without fuss is to use your body weight to slide your feet into the boots without pulling or yanking unnecessarily. By keeping it simple and putting them on gently, the way they were designed, you can avoid unwarranted frustration and keep your footwear in excellent shape!

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