Which Birkenstocks to Buy?

From closed-toe shoes to slip-on sandals, Birkenstock got them all. The brand has something good to offer for every activity and event you might think of. More so, with Birkenstock, there is just a limitless option for all everyone!

Selecting which pair to buy from Birkenstock’s long list of sandals can really test your patience and fashion sense. If you are looking for a versatile pair perfect for long-distance walking and casual get-ups, check out Arizona, Mayari, and Gizeh. For supportive and hiking-friendly Birks, opt for Milano or Kalahari.

That’s just the tip of the Birkenstock iceberg! There are still many Birkenstock styles worthy of mentioning. For this reason, I have dedicated sections of this article to enumerate those.

Keep on reading to know which Birkenstock model complements your fashion sense as well as your hobbies. Apart from that, I have also elucidated how you should choose your Birkenstock.

How should you choose your Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock New Women's Mayari Slide Sandal Dove Blue/Mineral Nubuck 37 R

Birkenstock Mayari Women's Sandals

There are many factors to take into consideration when buying a pair of Birkenstock. Three of these are the following: material composition, sizing, and footbed type.

You don’t need to go anywhere else because I have already discussed everything you need to know about these aspects in this section. You just have to continue scrolling down!

Leather vs. Synthetic

There are two types of materials in producing their pairs: leather and synthetic. Moreover, Birkenstock utilizes different kinds of leather in its leather lineups such as smooth, oiled, nubuck, suede, and Amalfi, among others.

The brand is very popular with its leather uppers due to its high comfort level and ability to conform to the foot's shape. Although more challenging to break in than synthetic models, leather pairs have consistently topped the Birkenstock charts.

On the other hand, if you are worrying so much about the break-in process, you can opt for a synthetic Birkenstock model. According to reviews, synthetic pairs are very comfortable to wear even when newly bought.

Synthetic Birkenstocks are relatively new collections of the brand. These were released to cater to the growing number of demands for cruelty-free and easier-to-break-in Birkenstocks.

The synthetic lineups are made of patented materials such as the Birko-Flor, Birkibuc, and Birki-Felt. There are synthetic pairs that retain the original suede leather lining of Birkenstock. But there are also wholly vegan options! You may click on this link for a more detailed discussion on vegan Birkenstocks.

Regular vs. Narrow Sizes

Birkenstock is designed to be spacious and roomy for the feet. Many reviews state that Birkenstocks feel big upon wearing. This might be true for people with narrow-width sizes.

Birkenstock models will feel big, especially when you choose the wrong size. More so, models such as the Mayari and Gizeh have a narrower fit than other models.

At this point, you should note that there are two types of Birkenstock sizes for adults: regular and narrow. Birkenstock in regular sizes would best fit those with medium and regular sizes.

On the other hand, if your feet are slimmer than usual, you should opt for a narrow version. Narrow-sized versions are best for women who opt to buy unisex Birks. However, not all Birkenstock models have this size option.

Regular vs. Soft Footbeds

Besides its leather uppers, Birkenstock became very popular for its uniquely designed footbeds, copied by many. The Birkenstock footbed comprises four natural materials: cork, latex, suede, and jute.

The footbed is anatomically shaped, noticeable for its deep heel cup and raised toe edges. This multi-layered insole of every Birkenstock gets very comfortable when worn often.

There are also two types of footbeds. The first and original one is the regular footbeds with four layers. A break-in period of two to three weeks is necessary for the footbed to conform to the shape of your foot like a custom fit.

The soft footbed versions are the better options for people who do not want to experience the same break-in period. Birkenstock has introduced this second type of footbed with an additional layer of jute at the top for extra comfort.

What are the best Birkenstock models for the following activities?

Birkenstock Milano Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,40 M EU

Birkenstock Milano Men's Sandals

Now that you already know the variations of Birkenstocks in terms of materials, sizes, and footbeds, we can move forward to another topic. Below is a list of the best Birks models for certain activities. You have to take down some notes!

Long-Distance Walking

Birkenstock is known for producing shoes that are very supportive of ankles and arches. The brand’s trademark footbed is the primary reason Birks are considered orthopedic and therapeutic. Almost every Birken is excellent for long-distance walking and people suffering from foot problems.

The best Birkenstock model for long-distance walking would depend on your preferences. For instance, if you are more comfortable with slip-on than clogs or ankled-strapped sandals, Barbados, Arizona, and Madrid Birks are the ones for you.

On the contrary, opt for Yara or Milano Birks if you prefer something that will hold your ankles securely and a pair that won’t easily fall off. These models are indeed the best walking, strappy companions!

Hiking or Traveling

If you are looking for a hiking or travel buddy, know that leather uppers and cork-latex footbeds are sensitive to moisture. Thus, they should not be immersed in water for a long time.

So, a pair of synthetic Birkenstocks is the best option if you are crossing some puddles when hiking. Arizona and Gizeh are available in purely ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) versions. These pairs are waterproof in their entirety!

Additionally, Birkenstock has recently released its outdoor collection. If you still want to experience the comfort of the original cork-latex footbed in hiking sandals, opt for Milano Rugged, Kalahari, Tatacoa, or the Atacama Birks.


If your work is non-corporate and does not demand a completely closed shoe to wear, Birkenstock has a list of clogs that are perfect for your workplace. Imagine working with a comfortable pair of shoes!

Of course, first on the list is the iconic Boston Clogs. Birkenstock Boston is available in both leather and synthetic versions. Check out Boston in oiled or suede leather if you want the former. On the other hand, try Boston Vegan for a synthetic one.

Buckley or Zermatt Shearling is for those who want something out of the ordinary. Additionally, for a completely waterproof clog, search for polyurethane Super Birki which is great for workplaces such as restaurants and hospitals.

What are the best Birkenstock models for certain events?

Birkenstock Men's, Boston Soft Footbed Clog Habana Brown 42 M

Birkenstock Men's Boston SFB Sandals

Although most Birkenstock models are very flexible and versatile, some are really best for certain casual events. I have listed them down below for your reference.

If you are a party-goer and want something comfortable to wear on the dance floor, you should check out Birkenstock Arizona Shearling, Platform, or Big Buckle. These will absolutely match your party OOTDs!

Not aware that Birkenstock has a boot collection? Yes! And this is the sign for you to get one. For a chic fashion outfit ensemble for casual parties or even attending festivals, opt for some cute boots like Stalon and Bryson Shearling.

Although when going to concerts or musical festivals, I would highly suggest that you get a closed-toe Birkenstock so that your feet are comfy and at the same time safe from some stamping. You should also try to check out Bend, a Birken sneaker!

Birkenstock also offers wedge heels perfect for business or formal events. For women, Namica, Ebba, and Fanny are the best options. For men, Boston and Buckley are highly recommended.

Choosing Which Birkenstock to Buy, Final Thoughts

It is totally understandable to get confused when selecting between all the stylish Birkenstock models available. I, myself, had a hard time deciding between an Arizona and a Milano Birkenstocks.

What resolved my dilemma was when I identified what I wanted and needed. So a pro tip: before going into a retail store or checking into Birkenstock’s official website, you should already establish your negotiables and non-negotiables!

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