Do All Birkenstocks Models Fit the Same?

Wondering whether or not all Birkenstock models fit the same? You are not alone; many other Birks consumers ask the same question. Knowing how specific variations fit is essential when selecting your next Birks pair.

Most Birks models fit true to size, but their fittings feel different from each other due to factors such as footbed and width variations, as well as material composition and build. For instance, you may find Gizeh and Mayari not as loose as other Birks classics. At the same time, Arizona may feel spacious and roomy. 

To learn more about Birkenstock models’ fitting, you must scroll over and reach the end of this article. I have included sections discussing why specific models fit tight or loose compared and enumerated factors that affect one pair’s fitting.

How do Birkenstocks fit?

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,39 M EU

Birkenstock Arizona Women's Sandals

In terms of sizing, Birkenstocks fit true to size. Sizing up or down won’t be necessary as the brand’s sizing guide is accurate. You just have to determine precisely your foot’s length and width measurement.

Further, Birkenstock is prominent for its sandals which provide a high level of comfort and convenience to its wearers. Thus, without a doubt, Birks fit casually cozy, perfect for your walking adventures across the city’s streets. 

Although classic Birkenstocks, made of natural leather, are more challenging to break in, they will soon fit comfortably as their footbed will conform to the size and shape of your feet. 

Leather Birks’ footbed and upper straps may feel compressing at first. This is because the edges of the footbeds have an elevated design, while its upper straps are made of genuine leather.

However, this kind of fit won’t last long. As you break them in, you’ll slowly feel like the footbed and strap hug your feet relaxedly. Soon enough, they will feel like they are custom-made. 

Do all Birks models have a similar fit?

Not all Birkenstock models have a similar fit. A valid reason for this is that the materials used for one Birks may vary from another. Two other factors contributing to this variation are the type of footbed and width size. 

Those made with natural leather may fit snugly when worn out of the box. On the other hand, those made with synthetic materials fit just right. In addition, classic Birks in cork footbeds need a more extended wearing-in period, unlike those made of leather-like materials.  

Apart from material composition, the footbed type also needs to be emphasized. While regular footbeds fit a little stiff and hard at first, soft footbed Birkenstocks feel the opposite: they fit comfortably even when newly bought. 

However, regular footbeds tend to give more of that supportive and cozy fit as they adapt to the contouring of your feet in the long run. While soft footbeds just give off the same vibes throughout your Birks journey. Refer to the next section for more information.

It is also worth noting that sizing variations affect how Birks fit your feet. The brand offers two alternatives in selecting your size: regular and narrow

Regular-sized Birks are great for medium to large width sizes, while the narrow ones are perfect for those who have slimmer feet. Other differences between the two types of width sizes are best discussed below. 

Birkenstock Footbed Variations

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal, Stone, 39 R EU, 8-8.5 M US

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

As mentioned, the footbed type is one aspect to look at when identifying the similarity and differences in Birks models’ fit. I have discussed these deliberately in the following subsections.

Regular Footbed

The four-layered regular footbeds are made of four different natural materials: cork, latex, jute, and suede. The first layer combines cork with latex, ensuring that the footbed is flexible and shock-absorbing.

The second layer contains jute fabric which is responsible for stability. On top of these is the suede lining that is soft and absorbent. Sandwiched together, regular footbeds are produced. 

If you’re in for some breaking-in challenge to get the maximum level of comfort Birks can bring, regular footbeds may be for you. Birks in regular footbeds fit kind of inflexible and rigid at first. Moreover, they may let you feel like you’re wearing an enclosed shoe. 

However, after some time, their anatomically molded footbed will adopt your foot’s shape and become more comfortable. You’ll benefit from the excellent arch and heel support they offer.

Soft Footbed

Soft footbeds just integrate another layer on top of the jute fabric. This layer is made of cushiony foam that has a rubber-like finish. This serves as extra padding and makes Birks easier to break in.

Birkenstocks in soft-footbed variations will fit comfortably even when you just purchased them. A great advantage is that you don’t need to worry about break-in soreness or blisters. 

Soft footbeds fit perfectly fine and won’t cause too much compression and pressure on your foot. Another feature is that they run narrower than the original footbed design.

However, you must remember that soft footbeds may feel weird when you’re already used to wearing regular footbeds. Their softness will bring uneasiness to your feet, so getting one won’t be the best option.

Birkenstock Sizing Variations 

Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan Watercolor Flower White Birko-Flor 38 (US Women's 7-7.5) Regular

Birkenstock Gizeh Women's Sandals

Birkenstocks offer sizing variation in terms of width which also affects how Birkenstocks fit. Their models are available in two width sizes: narrow (N) and regular (M). 

Narrow Size

When you select the narrow version of the Birkenstock model you like, expect a slimmer sandal to take home. The roomy and spacious design of Birkenstocks may not be appropriate for all; that’s why they have introduced narrow-sized Birks.

Birkenstocks in N sizes may be snug-fitting to those with medium to large foot width dimensions but fit just right to those with a narrow foot. If your foot’s width measurement is under N sizes, but a pair seems too tight, its metal buckles can adjust that!

Regular Size

For those with wider feet, the regular-sized Birkenstocks are perfect for you. You just have to get your standard EU size and need not worry about sizing up or down because Birkenstocks are true to size.

Regular Birks will fit loose at first, but as previously mentioned, they will start to conform to your foot’s shape when you wear them in. If you think that they are unsecured, unfasten the straps first.

Afterward, lay your feet down on the footbed and ensure they’re inside the edges. Then, bring those strap backs not too loose or tight. 

Do All Birks Models Fit The Same? Final Thoughts…

Although not all Birkenstock models fit similarly due to the aspects mentioned earlier, the brand’s pairs are convenient and comfortable to use in the long run. You just have to find the best-fitting variation for you. 

Whether you want leather or synthetic, regular or soft footbed, narrow or regular-sized Birks, rest assured that they are made of high-quality materials which bring forward great comfort and support to your feet.  

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