Why Doesn't Merino Wool Smell?

You may be surprised to know that merino wool socks make your feet less sticky. Most hikers and those who have tremendous work will prefer using merino wool socks since it is less likely to smell though used multiple times. Also, you may be questioning why merino wool doesn't smell.

Merino wool doesn't smell because it is good at wicking away the moisture that causes bacterial build-up that makes your feet stinky. The fibers in the merino wool absorb the moisture and bind it within its structure, so microbes that cause odor cannot penetrate or grow.

It is of great benefit to you as a user that merino wool is not smelly. It keeps you confident not to have stinky feet; you can also guarantee that your feet are clean. Since dirty socks cause odorous feet, using merino wool is the best choice for your hygiene. It keeps your feet away from blisters and irritations. Moreover, I've got more to share with you; keep on reading.

Tips to Get the Smell out of Merino

Merino wool is known for being smell-resistant because it absorbs the odor and traps the smell. You can even use merino wool for four days without washing. However, it will smell when left unwashed for more days. Now, I've got some tips on how to get the smell of merino.

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Regular Washing

Sometimes merino wool only needs minimal washing to get rid of the smell. Before doing so, it is best that you need to check the tag first before washing them. However, the most common steps of washing your merino wool are as follow:

  1. Turn your merino wool inside out.
  2. Hand washes the merino in warm water. Avoid using hot water since wool shrinks at hot water temperatures.
  3. Use mild soap and fabric softener. Soap and detergent will destroy the fibers, and fabric softeners soften the fiber. Soap and fabric softeners destroy the natural capacity of the wool to wick moisture and regulate body temperature.
  4. You can tumble dry the wool, but it is prescribed if you do air dying to reduce the environmental impact and extend the product's life.
  5. Dry your wool by keeping it lay flat to avoid distorting its shape. If you prefer a dryer, dry it in a low setting.

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Use Vinegar

There are instances when your merino wool socks smell burnt because they may be washed with hot water, or you stay in a smoky environment where your socks absorb the smell of smoke. In washing away the odor of merino wool, you may use water, vinegar, a sink, and a towel.

Here are the steps in removing the smell in your merino wool.

  1. Get some water. Fill in the sink or the tub with clean and cold water.
  2. Gently wash the wool by hand.
  3. After that, rinse the merino wool with plain water.
  4. Grab the vinegar, then mix one part vinegar and one part water in the sink or tub.
  5. Rinse your merino wool in the vinegar and water combination.
  6. After that, gently squeeze the merino wool to remove the excess water in the wool.
  7. To avoid distorting the shape of the merino wool, hang or lay it flat dry in a towel.
  8. Once it is dry, don't store it immediately in your drawers. Instead, please keep it in an open area.
  9. Leave it for a few days to allow the vinegar to dissipate in the merino wool.

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Dry Method

There is another way of getting rid of the burnt smell in your merino wool. This method is called the dry method of odor removal. You will need to use deodorizers; you can choose between baking soda, plain charcoal briquettes, white vinegar, and coffee grounds. Next, you need to have a container; you can choose between a cooler, a box, or a cabinet. Below is a step on how to get rid of the burnt smell in your merino wool.

  1. To start with, you need to choose a deodorizer; you can choose whether you would like baking soda, plain charcoal briquettes, white vinegar, and coffee grounds. However, you need to note that the burnt smell will fade when you use coffee, but the coffee smell will stay.
  2. Choose your preferred container. You can choose between a cooler, a box, or a cabinet.
  3. Then, place the wool in the container, laying it flat as possible.
  4. The next thing to do is put a bowl of deodorizer inside the container and close it.
  5. It would help if you left the container closed for several hours, or you could leave it closed overnight.
  6. Repeat the same steps until you get rid of the smell.

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Can You Use Febreze on Merino Wool?

You can use Febreze Fabric Refresher on your merino wool. You can use a steamer with a bottle of Febreze Fabric Refresher. You can use them to deodorize your merino wool while also keeping them smelling good.

Febreze Fabric Refresher is made with two powerful ingredients as water and alcohol. Alcohol is essential in removing the odor and in keeping the fabric clean. It is best to mist your merino wool in an open space.

Why Does Merino Wool Smell After Washing?

Merino wool is sometimes associated with a bad smell after washing, and it is described as a wet dog, burned, or perm smell. These smells are commonly associated with wet wool. The particular smell in merino wool is normal since the material used is all-natural to preserve the lanolin content inside the wool.

Lanolin is what makes the merino wool wicking away sweats, stain-resistant, feels soft to the touch, stays elastic, and bacteria and odor resistant. Since wool is a natural product, wool will smell strong when wet. When merino wool is dry, the smell will go unnoticed. Moreover, the more you wash the merino wool, the more it is likely to smell when wet because washing dissipates lanolin.


Merino wool is best in wicking away moisture and odor. You can even use merino wool for four days without washing them. However, merino wool is a natural product that contains lanolin. When wet, the merino wool will smell, but the more you wash it, the less it is to smell when wet because lanolin dissipates when washed.

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