Why do Birkenstocks Make a Fart Noise When I Walk?

Are you worried about why your pair of Birkenstock makes farting noises when standing up or walking? Who would not? Just like any other sandal, Birks can also create suction noise for several reasons.

A Birkenstock pair makes a farting noise primarily because it is newly bought or there is trapped moisture or air on its sole. When these two issues are out of the picture, the existence of defects or damage, as well as sweaty feet, may also be the cause. You must determine the cause first to know how to resolve the problem.

In this article, I have discussed in detail the reasons mentioned earlier. Moreover, I have also elaborated on how you can reduce or remove the farting noise your Birks pair creates.

Just carry on reading to know more about this topic. Rest assured that all information stated below will be helpful in your Birkenstock journey.

Do Birkenstocks make farting noises?

Yes, under different circumstances, Birkenstocks also make farting noises. Almost every sandal is prone to this problem. Although cases are low, the luxurious Birks are no exception.

The main reason is that air gets trapped at the footbed or near the arches. This is common to footwear with foot cushioning, like Birkenstocks. However, this is just an initial phase for most Birks pairs.

After breaking into a Birkenstock, its footbed conforms to the shape of its wearer’s feet. When this happens, its material composition will compress. It won’t spring back into place after this.

When you think this is why your Birkenstocks squeak all the time, do not worry because what you’re experiencing is temporary. When you have successfully worn them in, you no longer would be bothered by these noises.

Why are Birkenstocks farting?

Birkenstock Original Arizona Birko Flor Regular width Soft-Footbed 051061 (38.0 EU)

Birkenstock Milano Sandal

As previously mentioned, when air or moisture is trapped in a Birkenstock footbed, Birkenstocks create noises that may irritate you for a while. However, they will soon stop after the break-in period.

Apart from this, there may be other reasons why you hear your Birks farting. I have explained them below.

When worn out of the box

Give your pair some time as they need to be worn in first before they perfectly fit your feet and resolve that farting noise problem. Typically, leather sandals or shoes produce squeaking or farting noise. There is no serious problem here.

Birkenstocks are made of premium quality leather. Although they are challenging to break in and annoy you a bit due to being noisy, they will soon fit comfortably and not be bothersome.

You can read this article if you are having difficulty breaking into your new Birkenstock. Indeed, this will be useful to your journey.

Defective and damaged

Defects or damages may also cause the farting noise you hear from your Birkenstocks. Regardless of whether they are newly bought, you should check out where these defects and damages are located.

One aspect you should inspect is whether or not the footbed and the sole are bonded strongly and adequately. Also, look over the heel part and check if it has loosened up. 

Sweaty feet

When you think that all the reasons mentioned above are not it, then maybe your sweaty feet are the main culprit. The warm weather is even making it harder for the moisture-sensitive footbed of your Birkenstocks. That’s why it is crying for help!

Of course, I can’t blame you for why you have been wearing your Birks barefoot because they are too comfy. Without socks, your sweat directly goes to the footbed and soon evaporates.

This moisture will be trapped on the layers of your sole. Therefore, you’ll hear suction noises when you wear them, which are inevitable.

What part is responsible for this suction noise?

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Birko-Flor White

Birkenstock Arizona Women's Sandals

Commonly, insoles that have orthotic purposes produce farting noises due to friction. For most Birkenstocks, the suction noise is possibly from the footbed or insole. The Birks footbed comprises natural materials such as cork, jute, suede, and latex. 

The regular Birkenstock footbed has four layers. Its first layer is made of cork and latex, ensuring flexibility. Two layers of jute fabric are sandwiched at the top for a high level of comfort, and a suede lining is also present, which adds softness. 

On the other hand, soft-footbed Birks have an additional cushion foam with a rubber-like finish. These layers absorb foot sweat or moisture, which causes farting noises. 

However, this may be a temporary case for most Birkenstock wearers. When these materials are compressed even more after wearing them often, they won’t spring back into place.

Instead, they remain intact. Thus, the noise gradually disappears. You’ll get surprised once you no longer hear them!

Steps in Preventing Farting Noise in Birkenstocks

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal, Stone, 39 R EU, 8-8.5 M US

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

Once you have identified why your Birkenstocks produce farting noises, you need to find solutions. Lucky for you, I have listed down some ways how you can solve the noise problem.

When your Birkenstocks are new, you must break them in and, simultaneously, do some conditioning. You can use some wax conditioners to soften your pair.

On the other hand, if the problem is trapped air or moisture, you can carefully use a dryer or heater so that you can dry those footbeds out. For sweaty feet, try using some foot powder or wear some socks.

When they are fresh out of the box and you see some defects, try returning the Birkenstocks pair to the shop where you got them. If you have been wearing them for some time now and noticed some damage, try going to a professional shoemaker or cobbler to fix them.

My Birks Are Making Fart Noises, Final Thoughts

Suction noises that are fart-like are not that common but are possible with Birkenstocks. But hey, there may be nothing serious to worry about because these noises are totally normal for most sandals!

It is also normal to get annoyed or embarrassed when you have heard those. They may get on your nerves for a while, but you can do something about it. Keep in mind the tips I have enumerated above, and try dodging those farting noises.

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