Where are Danner Boots made?

I was chatting with a friend who had just purchased a pair of Danner boots.  I was looking for some boots myself and asked him about his boots.  One question that I was curious about was where Danner boots are made?

The majority of Danner boots are made in their manufacturing facility in Portland and some of the components such as soles, eyelets, and laces are made in other parts of America.  There are a few models of Danner boots that are manufactured in China.

I learned quite a bit about Danner boots, here are some of the things that I learned, that I thought you would enjoy!

Danner boots, a favorite of law enforcement, firefighters and servicemen.

You know you have found the proper boots when they are tough enough to handle any rugged terrain and comfortable enough to walk all day long.

Danner boots are initially developed for mountaineering proved to be a favorite among law enforcement officers, firefighters, and service members. But now, their light pair of boots fit perfectly and offer superior quality protection for various purposes.

Danner mens Bull Run Moc Toe Work Boot, Black, 11.5 US

Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Boots
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While outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of the brand's lighter models and its hiking shoes, many customers still can't help but fall in love with their Portland-manufactured classic series, which has attracted a dedicated following over the years. Read on to and learn how to spot a good deal so you can get your pair of Danner boots and join the club.

Danner Boots made in the USA and Portland, Oregon

All leather is sourced from American tanneries and made domestically while workers must complete training at Portland's famous Footwear Academy.

All other components such as soles, eyelets, and laces are also made in America. Because production takes place on home turf, labor costs are higher than in most parts of the world, but they pay their employees an average of $18 per hour plus benefits- not too shabby.

Danner Women's Mountain Light Cascade Brown Boot 8 B - Medium

Danner Women's Light Cascade Boots
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If you purchase Danner boots made-to-order, your order will be handcrafted by veteran boot makers in Portland's workshop - something which you can't say for all luxury boots available today.

Premium Leather, High-End Finishing, and Details

Many brands hide low-quality leather behind flashy branding and substantial price tags, not Danner. These guys use full grain oil tanned leathers sourced from the best tanneries in the USA and overstuff it with top-notch features like padded collars, leather laces, speed hooks for convenience, and non-marking soles.

Danner mens 37352 Jag 4.5" Waterproof hiking boots, Steel Gray/Blue Wing - Nubuck, 11 US

Danner 37352 Jag 4.5Inch Waterproof Hiking Boots
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These features will make you feel confident about trashing your favorite pair of kicks just because you're wearing them at work or play. Of course, all this comes at a price, but it's well worth the investment if you can afford it.

Many of their boots come with Goodyear Welt construction, where the rubber sole is stitched to the leather upper, so you can have them resoled once they wear out, or send them back to Danner, and they will replace the entire upper for as little as $75.

Every pair also comes with a three-year warranty that covers any defect related to materials and artistry and repair for significant damage such as rips and tears due to faulty components like eyelets, laces, etc. Unfortunately, most brands only offer one-year coverage on similar products- it sounds like Danner values quality over quantity when it comes to keeping customers fully satisfied.

Danner’s Convenient Shopping Experience

Danner offers a wide array of models for men and women, as well as a wide variety of materials, colors, and sole types so you can pick up the perfect pair without having to visit multiple online retail websites or brick and mortar stores.

Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote, 8 D US

Danner Tachyon 8-Inch Military Tactical Boots
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Their website is easy to navigate with accurate sizing info, making it super convenient if you decide to order from them directly. You can also check out additional information about each product, such as detailed specs, helpful customer reviews, and high-resolution images before making a purchase decision.

The downside is that they don't offer free shipping on all orders, so you will have to pay $60 - $100 depending on your location, but once again, this isn't too bad considering how expensive local retail shops are these days. An additional $16 is required to get your package shipped within 24 hours, but this covers same-day fulfilment in most cases.

Danner Men's 45040 Sharptail 17" Gore-Tex Hunting Snake Boot, Brown - 11 D

Danner 17-Inch Hunting Snake Boots
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Certain brands allow you to order two different sizes to find the best fit for your feet, or send them back and pay only the difference if they don't fit- great options if you're buying online. Danner boots are generally higher quality than other brands offer, but they also come with a heftier price tag which may be too steep for some shoe shoppers.

The upside is that there are occasional sales when these guys discount their models by up to 20%. Another option is to purchase refurbished pairs available directly from their factory outlet store (click this link to visit Danner’s site).

Sometimes you can get up to 50% discount on well-loved laces and boots, where they fix any significant defects and replace the soles so you can experience their craftsmanship for a minimal investment.

Danner’s Social Media Presence

Danner has over 200k followers on Instagram and more than 400k Facebook fans, so this company values its customer's opinions about its products, seeks feedback, and consistently tries to improve its product range according to what's trending in the streetwear industry. This is admirable especially considering how many brands pump out generic styles that cater to our modern fashion.

Danner Men's 31660 Bull Run Lux 6" Lifestyle Boot, Sunstone - 10.5 D

Danner Bull Run 6-Inch Lifestyle Boots
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Any company trying to keep up with current trends usually fails miserably, but this one manages to come out looking pretty well most of the time. Suppose you're an active member on any of their social media pages. In that case, you will already know that the customer service department responds within seconds to any complaints or questions people might have.

They are also very active in terms of promotions and giveaways on both Instagram and Facebook, where they give away free t-shirts, hats, phone cases, etc. now and then. Of course, everyone knows how expensive shipping costs can be these days, but Danner takes care of this for you, so there is no need to worry about it ruining your surprise gift if you win one of their contests.


Depending on your location, Danner boots cost anywhere between $150 for their entry-level models to $400 on average, which is pricier than what most other brands offer, but they make up for it by providing excellent quality footwear that will last you years without falling apart like some of its budget competitors.

Danner Men's Bull Run Wellington Construction Boot, Brown, 9.5 D US

Danner Bull Run Wellington Construction Boots
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The wide variety of materials, colors, and sole types available along with free shipping on all orders more than makes up for the extra 50% price increase over some similar products out there. Cons: Pricier than competing brands- As mentioned previously,

Danner boots are generally higher priced than most other options on the market, so if you're looking for something less expensive, then you might want to check out some of the other brands that offer cheaper alternatives.

Customer Service

The purchasing process is relatively smooth and hassle-free, but if you do happen to run into any problems, then Danner's customer support team will try their best to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Some people have been complaining about slow email response times from their representatives. However, it usually takes less than a day for them to get back to you.

Are Danner boots made in China?

The majority oof Danner boots are made in the US, however there are a couple of models that are made in China. With those boots that are made overseas, the factory is ISO certified and ensures that its products meet strict quality requirements.

Danner Men's FullBore Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote, 10 D US

Danner FullBore Military Tactical Boots
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If you're looking for high-end footwear with excellent durability, then guys from Oregon make significant investments, especially if you live an active lifestyle or happen to work in a job where your shoes take a lot of abuse from the elements.

They may be expensive, but they will last years without falling apart like cheaper alternatives, making them well worth the extra expense.

Are Danner Boots Made in the USA?

Most of Danner’s boots are still made in the USA, with some models being manufactured in China. They have made shoes since 1932 and continue to produce high-quality footwear that's guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Danner Men's 41530 Vital 17" Snake Boot, Brown - 9 EE

Danner Men's Vital 17-Inch Snake Boots
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How to Tell Original vs. Replica (Fake) Danner Boots

Check under the 'About Us' section on any given product page. There you will see all of the specifications for every model, along with where it was manufactured.

For example: "The Danner Light Mountain Boot is proudly Made In The USA from globally sourced materials" Is Danner Boots Good? - Yes, they make excellent footwear ideal for active lifestyles or people who work outdoors. Their durable constructions and a wide variety of colors and soles make them a reliable choice for many.

Danner Men's 45382 453 5.5" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot, Steel Gray - 10

Danner Gortex Hiking Boots
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You can send back any unused product within their 30-day period, which is plenty of time to try out your new boots or shoes before deciding if you want to keep them.

They won't refund you, but they will exchange your purchase for a different size, color, etc., without any extra fees, so there's no reason not to give Danner a chance if you're on edge about whether or not you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

Wrapping Up

Danner presents a top-notch product that offers incredible value for money, considering how expensive they can sometimes be at local retailers, both online and off. If you are looking for “Made in America” then I would say that Danner is a brand you should consider!

Danner Men's Mountain 600 Hiking Boot, Rich Brown-Full Grain, 7 D US

Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots
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We would highly recommend their boots since they will last many seasons before you’ll need to replace them, which beats having to purchase new boots every other year.

Furthermore, the warranty that comes with the purchase is an additional bonus that puts your mind at ease about spending a few hundred bucks on high-end footwear.

You might find cheaper options out there, but they won't provide nearly as good of a value for money ratio, and most importantly, they aren't going to last you very long. To know more about Danner boots and other quality footwear, visit Danners website, click here.

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