What's the Difference Between Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly?

Torn between buying the fiercely punk-inspired Dr. Martens Jadon and the sleek chic combat Molly? Don’t stress out because you are at the right place! This guide will help you decide which Doc Marten boots are the best fit for you and your feet.

The easily accessible Dr. Martens Jadon has a variety of styles and colors, compared to Molly which has a limited variety that is also not within easy reach. While both possess the Doc Martens comfort trademark, the former has an advantage with its wide size range, unlike the latter which only has limited varieties.

Aside from availability, style, colors, and sizes, the classic Doc Martens Jadon and Molly also vary in terms of pricing. These features and factors are discussed in this article to help solve your dilemma of choosing between a Jadon or a Molly.  

What are the style differences between Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly?

Dr. Martens, Jadon 8-Eye Leather Platform Boot for Men and Women, Black Polished Smooth, 8 US Men/9 US Women

Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Leather Unisex Platform Boots

Dr. Martens is famous for its use of high-end materials in boots production. More so, it is prominent due to its statement of elegant style, comfort, and durability. 

The classic Doc Martens boots are even one of the well-worn pairs of your favorite celebs!

The quality of any Doc Martens boots is really out of question for the brand is known for its high-quality boots like the models Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly. The tricky part is choosing the right Dr. Martens pair for you because both offer almost similar benefits and only differ on a few aspects. 

Getting confused about what to purchase is really understandable. That is why in this guide, I have enumerated the feature, color, and style variations between the two Doc Marten models. These can help you decide what Doc Martens is suited for you.


Dr. Martens Jadon has maintained the defining feature of the brand which are visible yellow stitches around the welt, and a heel loop. Dr. Martens has made use of materials such as smooth, patent, and even nubuck leathers in producing its Jadon models. 

The eight-eyed Jadon platforms are known for their inner ankle zip and their heel height of 1 ⅞ inch. Its sole is also air-cushioned, adding comfort to its chunky style.

Dr. Martens also has Jadons that are a hundred percent vegan. Jadon Vegans are made of synthetic materials like Oxford and Felix Rub-Offs which are a replacement for real leathers.

On the other hand, Molly also has the classic Doc Martens trademarks: visible stitches, smooth edges, and heel loop. There is a Molly made up of Patent Lamper or grain leather with a high-shine coat. Another variation is made from smooth leather.

Doc Martens Molly also has larger eyelets and ribbon laces that are made of satin. Its heel height of 2 inches is also perfect for our short friends. It also offers the best comfort because of its air-cushioned sole. 

Colors and Styles

Dr. Martens Jadon is available in many colors. Although the black Jadons are the usual go-to pairs of your favorite Hollywood actor, there are other eye-catching colors like black, brown, white, and red which you can choose from. 

There are also Doc Martens Jadon's which are multi-colored and printed. More so, Dr. Martens also offer Jadons in vegan versions like the Jadon II Vegan in maroon and Vegan Jadon Max in black.

Dr. Martens Molly only has a limited range in colors and styles. Its usual colors are black and brown. Although there are also iridescent and rainbow-colored Molly platforms, these are typically hard to find and are not easily accessible in other parts of the globe.

Do Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly fit true to size?

Dr. Martens Women's Molly Fashion Boot, Black Buttero, 5

Dr. Martens Women's Molly Fashion Boot

Generally, Doc Martens boots fit true to size and are also slightly hard to break in. Also, the brand does not offer half sizes. It is highly advisable for you to size up when buying a Dr. Martens platform boots. 

Dr. Martens Jadon comes in a range of sizes both for men and women. However, Molly only offers a wide size range for women. You might also encounter a hard time finding your size when the Jadon and Molly model you’re eyeing is in demand. 

Both Jadon and Molly are durable and made to last. Although it may be hard to break in, these Doc Martens are designed to adapt your foot’s shape so you can wear them for a long period. You just have to be patient in breaking it in. 

Which Doc Martens is more comfortable to wear?

Both Dr. Martens lineups are designed to bring comfort. These Docs have an air-cushioned sole which can bring comfort to the platform boots wearer. They are comfortable to use even when walking a long distance.

Although you must endure the break-in period, Doc Martens Jadon and Molly will fit more comfortably in the long run. Try to size up and wear some thick socks, you can even insert a boot stretcher or you can just use your Jadon or Molly more frequently. 

Doc Martens recommends using Wonder Balsam. This is a mixture that contains coconut oil, beeswax, and lanolin are ingredients that will help soften the authentic Docs leather. More so, it even protects the platform boots’ layer and maintains its shine. 

Dr. Martens Jadons have that inner-ankle zipper which greatly helps in settling the feet and closing the boots. On the other hand, Mollys have larger eyelets where you can use either satin ribbons or laces whatever brings you comfort. 

How much do Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly cost?

Dr. Martens, Vegan Jadon II 8-Eye Synthetic Platform Boot for Men and Women, Cherry Red, 5 US Women/4 US Men

Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II 8-Eye Synthetic Unisex Platform Boot

Docs are commonly expensive for work boots due to their popularity as a premium brand and market demand. Its durability and comfort statement, as well as its Made in England tag, makes the platform boots a lot more pricey than the others.

The price range for Doc Martens Jadon platform boots is from $126 to $230. Jadon's have a wider price range for it has a lot more style variations. Further, Jadon Vegans are in a price range of $200 to $220.

Unlike Dr. Martens Jadons, Mollys have a limited model range. A Molly women’s leather platform boots can be purchased at $200. No other styles are available on Dr. Martens’ official website.

Which Dr. Martens is more available in the market?

Dr. Martens' boots are widely accessible in the market. However, there are some models and particular designs that are hard to find due to their high demand. 

A list of Jadon styles like the Jadon Smooth Leather, Vegan Jadon II, and Jadon Max, among others is available almost everywhere. These are widely available across the globe. You can also order via the official website of Dr. Martens. 

Molly, on the contrary, only has limited variation and there are no major differences in terms of designs. As of today, only the Molly Women’s Leather Platform Boots are available on the official website of Dr. Martens. The other color and style variations are no-shows. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a pair of Dr. Martens Jadon or Molly?

Dr.Martens Womens Molly Iridescent Crackle Leather Black Boots 8.5 US

Dr. Martens Women's Molly Iridescent Crackle Leather Black Boots

In terms of style variation, you have a number of platform boots to choose from under the Jadon lineups. This is an advantage for Dr. Martens Jadons. 

Although most trademark features of classic Docs are also evident on a Dr. Martens Jadon, its varying styles offer you a range of choices.

While Molly is only limited to smooth leather styles as of the moment, it is the best choice to gain additional height with its 1.5 inches platform. However, there are no other styles and colors available for this Docs model. 

In addition, Dr. Martens Jadons have a size range both for men and women, unlike Mollys. Given that, the Jadon lineups really have a lot to offer in comparison to the Molly platform boots. 

Both Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly as platform boots are fashionable, weather resilient, and unchallenging to wear. The only disadvantage would be the break-in point upon purchase. This period lasts for roughly three to five weeks of use. 

Setting aside the hassles this period causes, buying a Docs Jadon or Molly is worth its price. Your Docs will eventually stretch out and conform to the size of your feet. You don’t have so much to worry about.

Dr. Martens Jadon vs. Molly, Final Verdict...

It is worth noting that both Jadon and Molly are highly durable and comfortable. Similarly, these are platform boots that can add height without sacrificing the wearer’s comfort. 

Purchasing either of the two will surely be worth it for the brand already speaks of quality for itself. Doc Martens Jadon and Molly both show the brand’s timeless and unconventional designs which people, in this aesthetic era, adore.

Now that you have already known their differences in terms of features, colors, styles, and other aspects, you can now decide what particular model to purchase. 

Just keep in mind that life is short to wear boring shoes. You should opt for the most iconic and stylish one. Choose something that will match and radiate your personality.

You can't go wrong with either choice!

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