How Much Taller Do UGGs Make You?

Apart from a well-fitting size, comfort, elegance, or style, height compensation is one of the factors that some people consider when buying footwear. If you're a fan of UGGs, you might be searching for an ideal pair of shoes that will add to your height. However, how much taller do UGGs make you?

UGGS make you up to 3 inches (7.6cm) taller. However, this height addition will depend on the type of UGG footwear that you're wearing. So, heels and heeled boots will add more inches than slippers, sneakers, and flat-heeled boots.

Depending on the occasion, boosting your height can make you feel more confident. This article will discuss a few topics related to UGGs and height compensation. So, keep reading to learn more!

Which UGGs Will Make You Taller?

Have you ever wondered why we remove shoes when measuring our height? It may seem obvious to some people, but not everyone takes a minute to think about it. Hence, any shoe type can add extra inches to your height.

Regarding shoes, UGG has undoubtedly created a sensation in the footwear industry with their signature sheepskin boots. So, you might be considering getting yourself a pair of UGGs that will boost your height  – and confidence. However, not every UGG style will add much to your height. 

All UGGs will make you taller since every shoe (no matter how flat) adds some inches to your height. So, whether it's a pair of slippers, sneakers, or boots, it will increase your standard height. However, your preferred height addition will determine what type of footwear to go for.

Although UGG is famous for its flat-heeled boots, it offers a vast array of other footwear types, including:

  • Slippers
  • Moccasins
  • Sneakers

Moreover, the brand unleashed a collection of heeled boots a few years ago.

Now, if you're wondering how many inches each UGG footwear type will add to your height, let's break it down.

Here are various kinds of UGGs and the approximate height values that they'll add to your usual height:

UGG Footwear TypeHeight Addition
Slippers 0.25 - 0.5 inches (0.6 - 1.27cm)
Sandals/slides0.5 - 2.5 inches (1.3 - 6.4cm)
Sneakers0.5 - 1.5 inches (1.27 - 2.8cm)
Shoes and Moccasins0.25 - 1.25 (1.27 - 3.2cm)
Classic boots0.75 - 1.5 inches (1.9 - 3.8cm)
Heeled boots2 - 3 inches (5.1 - 7.6cm)
Heels and platforms2.5 - 3 inches (6.4 - 7.6cm)

That said, let's look at individual footwear from various UGG categories and how many inches (or centimeters) they'll add to your height. These UGGs are all available on

UGG Men's Tasman Slipper

UGG Men's Tasman Slipper, Burnt Olive, 7

UGG Men's Tasman Slipper

This comfortable pair of slippers will not add much to your height since it has a thin outsole. However, you'll be 0.75 inches (1.9cm) taller after wearing UGG Men's Tasman slippers (available on, and they're ideal for indoors since they're cozy and have a light, flexible outsole.

UGG Women's Yarrow Sandal

UGG Women's Yarrow Sandal, Natural Canvas, 5

UGG Women's Yarrow Sandal

The UGG Women's Yarrow Sandals are the perfect footwear for ladies during summer, featuring an elegant suede and canvas upper. With a 2.5-inch (6.4cm) heel, these sandals provide the extra height that you need to leave a statement. 

Furthermore, your comfort is guaranteed, as they bear a durable rubber outsole.

UGG Women's Disco Slide 

UGG Women's Disco Slide Slipper, Tide Pool, 5

UGG Women's Disco Slide Slipper

These disco slides are a perfect combination of elegance, comfort, and versatility. They comprise a platform outsole, providing a leg-lengthening look by adding 1.75 inches (4.4cm) to your height. 

In addition, their ultra-soft sheepskin and Eva form interior will cushion your feet all day long.

UGG Men's Hepner Fashion Sneaker

UGG Men's Hepner Fashion Sneaker, Chestnut, 7.5 M US

UGG Men's Hepner Fashion Sneaker

Apart from creating a sophisticated look, these men's slippers will increase your height by 1.25 inches (3.2cm). They consist of high-quality suede and leather, making them durable and stylish. They also have a removable cushioning insole that provides comfort and flexibility. 

UGG Men's Classic Boots 

UGG Men's Classic Mini Boot, Black, 7 M US

UGG Men's Classic Mini Winter Boot

These classic boots are signature UGG footwear, envisioning comfort and style. They comprise pure wool insoles and rubber outsole, ensuring that your feet remain warm and cozy. However, they only add around 0.75 inches (1.9cm) to your height.

UGG Women’s W Bandara Boot 

UGG Women's BANDARA Ankle Boot, mole, 8 M US

UGG Women's W Bandara Ankle Fashion Boot

Tese Bandara boots will blend with various outfits, as they comprise a suede upper with a back zipper. Their chunky heels will boost your height by 2 inches (5.1cm) for a comfortable lift. Moreover, the boot's foam cushioning will protect your feet from getting sore.

UGG Women's Platform Sandal 

UGG Women's April Sandal, Jasmine Leather, 5

UGG Women's April Sandal

When you pair these platform sandals with your dresses or shorts, summer will never be boring. Furthermore, their platform sole adds a whopping 2.5 inches (6.4cm) to your height! So, they're the perfect footwear when you want your feet to breathe, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. 

How Shoes Make You Taller

Shoes come in various designs, styles, and colors, and different factors determine how much height a shoe adds. So, it's essential to know how tall you want to appear when choosing footwear. 

Here are factors that determine how tall a shoe can make you:


Both insoles and outsoles add an extra height to a shoe, making you taller when you wear them. However, this will also depend on your shoes' type of insole or outsole. 

For instance, most slippers and flat sandals have thin outsoles. Therefore, they'll probably increase your height by 0.5 inches (1.3cm). 

Contrastingly, platform soles have thicker outsoles measuring over 2 inches (5.1cm).

Some shoes have insoles with unique features, making them add extra weight to the shoe wearer.


Your shoe's heel also determines how tall you become after wearing it. Most people are comfortable in low-to-medium heeled footwear. Nevertheless, others may love wearing high-heeled shoes since they're leg-lengthening, attractive, and stylish.

High-heeled shoes with a platform will add 100% of their heel length to your height. However, those without platforms, including stilettos and heeled boots, only increase your height by 75% of their heel size.

Here's a YouTube video that explains this concept:

However, wearing high heels can have adverse effects on your feet as it minimizes your balance and alters your posture.


A shoe's design determines its features, including its:

  • Heel size
  • Insole structure
  • Body build
  • Outsole

These unique components ensure that the shoe serves its intended purpose. For instance, loafers, ballet shoes, and moccasins are flat-soled to enhance comfort and balance. 

On the other hand, heels and platforms have elevated designs to increase the wearer's height.

Final Thoughts

Height addition is probably not what every buyer looks for in a shoe. However, it's a vital consideration for those who feel undermined due to their short stature. Like most footwear brands, UGG offers a vast collection of high-heeled shoes to boost your height.

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