Do You Wear Socks With Men's UGGs?

With the popularity of UGGs for men, the dilemma for most men is whether to wear them with socks. While some say that wearing socks with UGGs is a personal preference, others believe that it ruins the comfort and style of the shoes. So, what is the correct way to wear UGGs?

You should not wear socks with men’s UGGs. UGGs are made from genuine Australian sheepskin, and soft hollow fibers in the wool lining act as a natural ventilator and insulator. This stabilizes the body's temperature. Wearers can best experience this feeling when their feet directly contact the wool.

In the following paragraphs, I'll discuss why you should wear UGGs without socks, what will happen if you decide to wear socks, and how to take care of your UGGs.

Why You Shouldn't Wear Socks With UGGs

UGG Men's Olivert Snow Boot, Black, 10.5 M US

UGG Men's Olivert Snow Boot

In recent years, the UGG brand has become increasingly popular, with their line of men's shoes gaining a large following. Even celebrities are embracing this growing trend.

The one question that still lingers when considering UGGs footwear is whether or not to wear socks with them.

UGGs Shoes Are Warmer Without Socks

UGGs are a classic piece of footwear that has been around for years. They are made with the best quality Merino sheepskin. According to the manufacturer, they should be worn barefoot to benefit from their warmth.

If you love UGGs but aren't a fan of wearing socks, you might be wondering how they keep your feet warm.

We'll examine how this works.

Let's start with the materials used in making UGGs. You'll notice that it's sheepskin—that's right, natural A-grade Merino wool. Sheepskin has an incredible ability to absorb water and release it when it's dry again, which helps keep your feet warm and dry inside your shoes. 

Additionally, layers of wool are also on top of this layer of skin. The wool fibers trap air between them and create insulation around each fiber. Consequently, they prevent heat from escaping from your shoes, thereby keeping your feet warm.

When you buy a pair of UGGs, it's for the pleasure of fine luxurious wool all around your feet; why spoil it by wearing socks?

Your Socks Can Interfere With the Fit of Your Men’s UGGs

UGG Men's Olivert Snow Boot, Slate, 8 M US

UGG Men's Olivert Snow Boot

As you've already seen, UGG shoes are to be worn barefoot, but as we also know, some people wish to wear them with socks.

What's the harm if you decide to wear them with socks anyway? Nonetheless, you might consider not wearing socks with your UGG boots for several reasons.

First, the truth about UGG shoes is that when you wear them with socks, there's a chance your fit will be less than ideal. The shoes might feel tight or uncomfortable, and you might have to make a few adjustments in terms of size choice. The shoes may not be as snug as before.

Even wearing thin socks will not give you that cozy fit for your UGGs because of the design and intention.

Secondly, wearing socks can make it hard for air to circulate around your feet in the specially designed UGGs, leading to sweaty feet and odor.

Your UGGs Shoes Won't Smell or Become Dirty Without Socks

You should know the following truth before putting on your favorite pair of fur-lined shoes. Wearing UGGs without socks won't ruin them. That's a myth that many people believe because they don't understand how the product works. The fact is that the lining enables air to circulate in between your feet, thereby allowing your feet to breathe.

So even if you do wear them without socks, the shoes will not retain odors. Your feet will neither be sweaty, smelly, nor even get dirty.

However, when putting on your UGGs, make sure your feet are dry and clean. Remember that If you already have dirty feet, not even the fabulous sheepskin can change that.

But if you've already decided  to wear your UGGs with socks anyway, here are some tips for getting the best fit possible:

  • Buy a pair a half-size larger than usual. Consider going up a size to accommodate the extra thickness.
  • Choose socks made from natural fibers like cotton or wool. Wool keeps your feet warm and also allows them to breathe.
  • Avoid polyester. Polyester makes your feet sweat more than other fabrics do.
  • Choose good-fitting socks. Don't buy socks that bunch up. 

What do you do if you didn't heed this advice and now your shoes have a bad odor? Throw them away or burn them? 

Don't worry; I'll show you ways to get rid of the foul odor from your UGGs without having to burn them or do anything drastic.

How To Get Rid of Bad Odor From Your UGGs

UGG Men's Hannen TL Boot, Cordovan, 7 M US

UGG Men's Hannen TL Fashion Boot

UGG footwear is famous because of its soft, cozy fleece lining. With time due to wear or improper care, the fleece lining can start to smell. The outcome is that your UGG footwear won't feel the same unless you fix the odor problem.

The smell that can come from your shoes can be unpleasant and embarrassing. You can't take yourself seriously when all everyone can think of is the unpleasant smell emanating from your shoes.

Luckily, there are ways to remove that foul odor. Here are a few steps for eliminating the bad smell in your UGGs:

  1. Check the inside of the shoe for any loose materials like lint or pieces of clothing. If you find something amiss on the inside of the shoe, remove it with tweezers or by hand.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda inside your shoes and leave them overnight or for 24 hours if possible. 
  3. Shake out or vacuum the powder from your shoes.

Other Methods of Getting Rid of Bad Odor

You can also deal with your UGG’s bad odor by following these tips:

  • Replacing your UGGs innersole with a fresh pair may solve the problem. 
  • Use an odor-killing spray, shoe deodorizer balls, or bamboo charcoal deodorizer bags.


Men's Ugg shoes are popular shoes that come in many styles and colors, but they all have one thing in common: the material is sheepskin. The shoes aren't meant for wearing socks, but some people prefer to wear socks with their UGGs for extra warmth or style.

According to the manufacturer, if you want to experience the full luxurious feeling of UGGs, there should be nothing on your feet when wearing them, meaning no socks. So wearing socks with your men's UGGs is a personal choice.

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