Do UGGs Make Your Feet Stink? What You Need To Know

The thought of wearing wool boots all day may have you wondering if this warm footwear will make your feet a bit smelly. So, will UGGs make your feet stink, and if so, how do you avoid this? 

UGGs can make your feet stink, just like any other warm shoe. This is because when you sweat, the normal bacteria on your body eat the sweat on your feet. This bacteria can emit foul odors through this process. UGGs, being a warm shoe, may make your feet sweat more than other footwear choices. 

In the rest of this article, I'll briefly go over why foot odor occurs. I'll also discuss if UGGs cause foot odor more regularly than other footwear choices. Lastly, I'll give you tips on avoiding getting smelly feet when you wear your favorite pair of UGGs. 

The Causes of Smelly Feet

Bacteria love to feed on sweat, and because feet can get pretty sweaty, many bacterias take up camp on your feet. This bacteria eats your sweat and, in the process, emits waste. This waste is what creates what you would call "smelly feet." 

You may be asking, if my whole body is covered in bacteria and I produce sweat everywhere, why doesn't my entire body smell like feet? Well, Ben Bowlin of Brain Stuff on YouTube explains why pretty well. 

If you're interested in hearing this process explained, you can head over to youtube to watch Ben Bowlin and the Brain Stuff team discuss the cause of smelly feet:

Essentially, when the bacteria on your body eat your sweat, its waste needs a place to go. Unlike your feet, the rest of your body is exposed to at least some airflow, whereas your feet are in shoes that most likely don't allow much airflow. The shoes, therefore, absorb a lot of this smelly bacteria waste, making your feet and shoes smell stinky. 

UGGs and Smelly Feet

UGG Men's Olivert Snow Boot, Black, 10.5 M US

UGG Men's Olivert Snow Boot

As you learned above, sweat and bacteria together make your feet stinky. So, warm shoes like UGGs may make you sweat more than you usually do, and therefore, your feet might get smellier than usual when wearing them. 

UGGs are lined with sheepskin wool, which is fantastic for comfort and keeping you nice and warm. Unfortunately, this comfort and warmth can lead to stinky feet. 

According to the UGGs company, this sheepskin is breathable and may actually prevent the buildup of some bacteria as the wool absorbs water vapor. This may be true, but some water is sure to remain on your feet, and even the most breathable shoes may allow for the buildup of some bacteria. 

In short, UGGs can make your feet smelly. There are ways to prevent this smell, which I'll discuss later in this article.

Do UGGs Make Your Feet Any More Smelly Than Any Other Shoe?

UGGs can make your feet smelly than other shoes. As UGGs are warm shoes, they may make your feet sweat more than an unlined footwear option. Therefore, UGGs can lead to more foot odor.

Crocs, mesh sneakers, and any form of sandal may make your feet less stinky than UGG boots as they’re breathable and expose your feet to more air. Here are some options for breathable footwear: 

  • Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog: Crocs are an excellent option for close-toed breathable footwear. These will not be as warm as UGGs, but foot odor will be much less detectable in these shoes. I've linked a well-reviewed and affordable pair of crocs from if you're interested.
  • Skechers Unisex-Adult Classic Fit: Shoes that include the mesh in their design are another excellent and breathable option to eliminate foot odor. As air can get into the shoe, bacteria may be less likely to feed on your sweat. I've linked a pair of well-reviewed mesh shoes (available on that will allow for breathability.
  • Sandals: Any form of sandal will be great as far as breathability goes. This is true, but like the above designs, these shoes will not offer the same warmth as UGGs. 

All of this being said, UGGs shouldn't be tossed to the side just because of some odor! There are ways to eliminate this odor that will allow you to wear your warm shoes without any worries!

How To Eliminate UGG Odor

UGG Classic Clear Mini Boot, Clear Water, Size 6

UGG Women's Classic Clear Mini Boots

There are actually quite a few options for products and services that will reduce any smell or bacteria buildup in your UGGs, including: 

  • Wearing the right pair of socks.
  • Getting a professional cleaning.
  • Using a deodorizer spray.
  • Using a foot powder. 

I’ll get into these options in more depth below.

Wear the Right Pair of Socks

According to Dr. Larry Huppin, podiatrist and orthopedic authority, the right pair of socks keep your feet nice and dry. Dr. Huppin stresses that it's essential to:

  • Avoid cotton socks as they absorb and keep in moisture.
  • Look for socks made out of acrylic materials; these are a great dry-fit option! He recommends X-STATIC socks which you can find with a simple google search. He also recommends Juzo 5760 Silver Sole socks, which you can locate on Amazon. 

If you're interested in hearing Dr. Huppin discuss the process of making the right sock choice, here's the link to a YouTube video in which he goes over this process:

Get a Professional Cleaning

UGG actually offers a program called UGGRenew. This program will take your old UGG boots and clean and restore them. Simple cleaning is incredibly affordable and can be located on the UGGRenew website. In this cleaning, your shoes will be shampooed in order to lift stains and remove any odors. 

You can also opt to clean your UGGs yourself using kits such as the UGG Shoe Care Kit, which can be found on Amazon. This kit is recommended by the UGG company, affordable, and well-reviewed. This kit will help you deal with odor at home through routine cleaning.

Use a Deodorizer Spray

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot, Grey, 5 B US

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot

Another quick and easy option is a deodorizer spray. You can use this spray on your feet and or shoes before slipping into your UGGs in the morning. I've linked one incredibly economical choice called Dr. Scholl's Odor-X Spray-Powder

If you're interested, hop over to Amazon and take a look at the reviews on this product. The majority of customers seem to be very satisfied.

Use a Foot Powder

Lastly, foot powders can help eliminate any odor in your UGGs. From the same company, Dr. Scholl's Odor-x Sweat-Absorbing Foot Powder seems to do the trick as it is pretty well-reviewed on Amazon. This product helps keep your feet dry as the powder absorbs a good amount of moisture. 


UGGs can make your feet smelly, but they shouldn't be tossed aside, as there are many deodorizing options. 

UGG boots can lead to smelly feet as the warmth they offer may make your feet sweat. The normal bacteria on your feet will then eat this sweat and produce waste products, causing foul odors. 

You can halt this process through the right choice of socks, routine cleaning, deodorizer sprays, and or foot powders. 

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