15 Cheap Alternatives to Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is, without a doubt, one of the best boot brands right now. However, because of the demand for docs and the workmanship invested in each pair, the price of Dr. Martens can be expensive. Luckily, there are several cheap alternatives that you can look into if you have a tight budget. 

Some of the cheapest alternatives to Dr. Martens are boots from Ichigo, Amazon Essentials, White Mountain, Dirty Laundry, Hawkwell, Momoka, Dadawen, Illude, Lugz, Dream Pairs, Qupid, Readysalted, Kino London, Resonda, and J. Adams Harley. Most of the boots sold by these brands are below priced $100.

Want to learn more about these cheap alternatives to Dr. Martens? OK, let me first summarize the boots, then we can get into the details!

That said, check out the rest of this article! I highlighted the qualities of each brand to help you decide which is really worth purchasing.

What can I buy instead of docs?

1. Ichigo Women’s Fashion Ankle Booties

  • Platform height: 0.83 inch
  • Heel height: 1.77 inches
  • Shaft height: 5.12 inches

If you are a fan of the classic Dr. Martens 1460 boots, you will love the ICHIGO Women’s Fashion Ankle Booties. Coming in under $50, they have 1.77 inches heels and look great.

ICHIGO Women’s Fashion Ankle Booties Causal 8-Eye Side Zipper Lace-up Combat Boots(Black 5.5)

ICHIGO Women’s Fashion Ankle Booties

This pair of boots is made of 100% synthetic material. To be specific, its leather upper is made of light-weight Polyurethane. This material is slip-resistant and very much easy to clean.

As for the soles, this Ichigo boot uses Thermoplastic Elastomers, which have a good grip because it is non-skid. The footbed of this boot is also cushioned for additional comfort.

You also won’t have to remove or adjust the laces to wear this boot because it has a side zipper.

2. Amazon Essentials Women's Lace Up Combat Boot

The Amazon Essentials Lace Up Combat Boot is another cheap bestseller that can replace the classic Dr. Martens combat boot. It has a high platform even though it only costs around $40. 

Amazon Essentials Women's Collins Combat Boot, Black, 5.5 B US

Amazon Essentials Women's Lace Up Combat Boot

As expected, this is not made of leather but high-quality synthetic material. If you’re a fan of leather, you would still appreciate this boot because the synthetic used is leather-like and smooth to the touch. It also has 5mm latex and padding that is made of memory foam.

As for the interior of this boot, it is lined with jersey fabric, so you can expect it to be breathable. 

Your color options for this Amazon Essentials boot are black, cognac, black crocodile, and green.

3. White Mountain Shoes Dorian Bootie

  • Platform height: ½ inch
  • Heel height:  2 ½ inches
  • Shaft height: 4 ½ inches

The White Mountain Shoes Dorian Bootie is a highly rated boot on Amazon for around $40. Dorian Booties boast a chunky mid-heel, zipper embellishments, and D-ring laces. It also has a side zipper, so you can wear it easily without removing the laces.

White Mountain Shoes Dorian Women's Lace-up Boot, Black/Fabric, 6.5 M

White Mountain Shoes Dorian Women's Lace-up Boot

Most of the reviews for this boot say that it runs true to size and that it is very comfortable to wear. You can check out the reviews here if you want to read them all. 

4. Dirty Laundry No Doubt Fashion Boot

  • Heel height: 2 ½ inches

The Dirty Laundry No Doubt Fashion Boot is a chunky boot that comes in close to $70! These Dirty Laundry boots are described as an ode to the 90s as it looks very similar to DMs.

Dirty Laundry No Doubt Cream/Black Snake 5 B (M)

Dirty Laundry Women's No Doubt Fashion Boot

Manufactured smooth faux leather is used in the majority of this boot. It has a rounded toe, an ankle-high shaft with a pull-tab back, and a lace-up vamp. Moreover, it has a cushioned sole for extra comfort, a grooved platform, and a non-skid rubber sole!

5. Hawkwell Men's Steel Toe Safety Waterproof Leather Work Boot

For those who are a fan of Dr. Martens steel toe boots, this one's for you. This Hawkwell Steel Toe Leather Work Boot will only cost you under $50. 

Hawkwell Men's Steel Toe Waterproof Safety Work Boot,Black Leather,7.5 M US

Hawkwell Men's Steel Toe Safety Waterproof Leather Work Boots

It meets the safety standard for steel toe boots, and it is made of durable waterproof leather. It also comes with a padded collar that prevents debris from entering your shoes and a rubber outsole that is oil-resistant and has the perfect traction.

6. Momoka Women's Ankle Boot

The Momoka Women's Ankle Boot is made of 100% vegan material, so it is quite cheaper than docs. You can purchase a pair of these for under $50 (sometimes much less!).

Women's Chunky Platform Ankle Lace up Boots Side Zip in Black(KEY1-BK,US7)

Momoka Women's Trendy Boots

The sole of this footwear is slip-resistant, so that you can bank on its durability. Moreover, it is a slip-on, so you don't have to trouble yourself lacing in and out every time you use it.

It also uses a cushioned insole, which is very comfortable to wear. This boot is also true to size, unlike other brands.

7. Dadawen Women's Ankle Booties

  • Heel height: 1.12 inches
  • Shaft height: 4.7 inches

The Dadawen Women’s Ankle Booties are under $30 and made of waterproof faux leather and have a padded tongue and collar. 

DADAWEN Women's Round Toe Waterproof Lace up Work Combat Boots Low Heel Ankle Booties 300 Black US Size 6

Dadawen Women's Round Toe Waterproof Lace Up Work Boots

The outsole of this boot is made of rubber, and it is purposefully textured so it can maintain a grip on slippery and uneven terrains. The outsole is also very flexible, so you can use this for various activities.

As for the design, this Dadawen boot has a lace-up front and metal eyelets. The footbed is cushioned, and the insole is padded, while it also has a stitch seam detail similar to Docs.

8. Illude Women's Lace Up Fashion Combat Boots

  • Heel height: 1.25 inches
  • Shaft height: 7 inches

Illude's combat boot is made of 100% vegan synthetic material. For around $30, you get a pair that looks very 90s and comes in different colors such as red, black, white, wine, and yellow.

ILLUDE Women's Lace-Up Fashion Combat Boots Round Toe Ankle Bootie Chunky Platform Military Combat Boot (6, Black Patent)

ILLUDE Women's Lace-Up Fashion Combat Boots

You won't get tired of standing or walking with this boot as it is really comfortable to wear. It has a comfy upper and a padded footbed, so you can wear this boot all day long.

This boot doesn't have a zipper or a buckle, so your only option of wearing this is through lacing it up.

9. Lugz Men's Empire Water Resistant Boot

The Lugz Empire Water-Resistant Boot is an upgrade from your classic Dr. Martens. This is perfect for rainy days or the winter season since it is highly water-resistant.

Lugz mens Empire Wr Fashion Boot Oxford, Golden Wheat Cream Bark Gum, 6.5 US

Lugz Men's Empire Water Resistant Thermabuck Boots

The other features of this boot that are worth noting include its slip-resistant outsole that is made of rubber and the anti-fatigue midsole that uses EVA cushion and Flexastride Memory Foam

This costs no more than $100, so it is quite a good deal. 

10. Dream Pairs Lace Up Ankle Boots

  • Platform height: 2 inches
  • Shaft height: 5 inches

You can purchase this boot from Amazon and the local Walmart near you. Dream Pairs is primarily made of rubber, and it has a classic lace-up combat design similar to Docs.

DREAM PAIRS Women's New Mission Black Combat Mid Calf Boots Size 5 B(M) US

Dream Pairs Women's Winter Lace up and Ankle Mid Calf Combat Boots

This boot is perfect for casual use and even hiking. Its rubber sole is non-slip and is very durable.

In addition, it has a side zipper, so you can easily remove and wear it without messing with the laces. It also has metal eyelets so it looks like very classic Docs.

11. Qupid Renley Lug Combat Slip On Chelsea Booties

The Qupid Renley Lug Combat Boot are priced between $25 and $50.  They come in black, white, and dark rust colors. It is made of synthetic material, so it's perfect for vegan folks.

Qupid Renley Lug Combat Slip On Chelsea Booties White Size 5

Qupid Renley Lug Combat Slip On Chelsea Booties

Another thing to note about this pair is that it has a tall shaft height ideal for women's styling, it has a lug sole, and it looks very much like the Docs' Chelsea boot.

It doesn't have laces, so you can slip it on fast— ideal for those who live a fast-paced life.

12. Readysalted Chunky Sole Lace Up Ankle Boots

  • Heel height: 2 inches

You can purchase this Readysalted boot for around $50. It is made of vegan material and is very comfortable to wear.

READYSALTED Women's Cleated Ankle Platform Lace Up Side Zipper Biker Combat Chunky Sole Boots In Black(KEY1-BK,US5)

Readysalted Women's Lace Up Chunky Low Heel Platform Ankle Boots

What I love about this boot is its chunky appearance. It also has side zippers for wearing convenience. The laces are made to help adjust the fit of the boot to your feet, and it also provides maximum support.

13. Kino London Chain Lace Up Ankle Boots

  • Platform height: 1 inch
  • Heel height: 2 inches
  • Shaft height: 7.5 inches

The Kino London Chain Lace Up Ankle Boots is made of synthetic leather, just like the majority of the doc alternatives I mentioned here. 

Kino London Womens Chain Lace Up Ankle Boots Ladies Black Patent Casual Winter Biker Combat Booties Size 5 B(M) US

Kino London Women's Chain Lace Up Ankle Boots

It appears quite chunky, and it has chain details— perfect to style with trendy clothes! It also has adjustable laces and zippers, so you can wear it easily! 

No matter where you are going to use it— whether at an evening party or work, you'll see that you get more than what you pay for when you purchase this Kino London boot.

14. Resonda Women Combat Boots

The Resonda Combat Boot is always out of stock, and for good reasons. This boot is highly rated, and it is made of waterproof material.

Resonda Womens Combat Boots Fashion Leather Ankle Booties Lace up Short boots Waterproof,All-black,US8.5

Resonda Women's Combat Boots Leather Fashion Ankle Booties

The style of this boot is very reminiscent of classic Doc Martens. It has a faux leather upper, round-toe design, and laces. Since it is a combat style, it looks even sexier when paired with jeans and khakis.

This boot also has a cushioned footbed, smooth and breathable fabric lining, and a non-skid sole.

15. J. Adams Harley Combat Boot

  • Heel height: 1 inch
  • Shaft height: 6 inches

This Doc alternative, J Adams Harley Combat Boot, comes in under $50 are available in black, white, and burgundy colors.

J. Adams Harley Combat Boot - Casual Outdoors Slip On Lace Up Ankle Bootie

J. Adams Harley Combat Boots

Its lace-up feature is very stylish, and the added details make it look very edgy. You don't have to worry that it is uncomfortable to wear because it has padded insoles and a low platform. You can wear it every day, and it won't cause any blisters

This boot also has a non-slip sole, and its high rise will prevent your ankles from rolling.

Best Cheap Alternatives to Doc Martens, Final Thoughts…

It’s not difficult to find cheaper alternatives to Dr. Martens. There are so many brands that offer high-quality boots for half the price of DMs. 

Here’s a recap of the 15 cheap Dr. Martens alternatives that I have shared above:

Most of these pairs can be sourced online. However, make sure that you get the exact measurement, so you don’t regret your purchase.

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