Can You Wear Cowboy Boots To Work?

A lot of people will always have hesitation in wearing cowboy boots to work. There will always be questions like, "Can I wear cowboy boots to work"?

You can wear cowboy boots to work, whether you are working in construction, working inside or inside, or working in an office. Cowboy boots offer you style and some are OHS rated and certified as protective footwear.

Traditionally cowboy boots were considered appropriate footwear for working with horses or on a ranch. With the evolution of fashion, and probably because of the popularity of the 70's soap opera Dallas. Cowboy boots have expanded their popularity from the ranch out to the boardroom and even into construction work.

Cowboy boots have style!

You can wear cowboy boots at the office, on the job site, or when you are out and about. For a casual look, pair them with jeans and a white t-shirt for a casual look. Jeans and a white t-shirt are very classic when paired with cowboy boots. There are more to go in pairing cowboy boots to work, and you can check more below for guidance. 

Best Cowboy Boots for Work

You may be worrying about how to pull off the best cowboy boots for your work. Before we get to that, you must consider your workplace first.

  • Does your job require that you wear a suit or can you wear jeans?
  • Does your work require you to be dressed in formal attire or is a casual look fine?

Lastly, you must consider whether your work allows you to wear cowboy boots or not. These things must be given consideration so that you can think of the best boots to wear to work. To guide you through, I have listed and categorized a few cowboy boot options... 

Cowboy Boots with a Suit

The Ariat Double Down Western Boot is a beautiful and exotic cowboy boot. Made with genuine Caiman leather, these boots make a statement!


They aren't the cheapest option that I've listed here (at over $500), but they nice! (real nice) I've talked about Ariat on many other articles. Ariat makes quality cowboy boots. You'll enjoy these boots for decades if you take care of them.

You aren't going to wear these on a construction site. These boots are better for cleaner work.

My second option is a pair of Men's Genuine Cowhide Leather Rodeo Boots. These boots have a classic look.

Men genuine cowhide leather square toe western cowboy boots Black 10.5

They pair well with jeans and have a rubber sole. You could comfortably wear these anywhere and with the rubber sole, provide a little slip resistance, unlike boots that have a leather sole.

I just had to mention these... the Dan Post Men's Alamosa Western Boot.

Dan Post Men's Alamosa Western Boot, Saddle Tan, 10.5 D US

These are made with Ostrich leather and can be worn to work or play!

For the best selection of cowboy boots, check the following online retailers. I find that each offers a slightly different choice and selection:

  • Amazon (who doesn't check Amazon? Although, I find they don't always have the best selection of cowboy boots.)
  • Ariat (my favorite brand of cowboy boots!)
  • Rods (Rods offers a wide selection of casual, dresses and work cowboy boots, including Ariat, Tony Lama, Laredo and more.)
  • State LIne Tack ( State Line Tack carries brands like Dan Post, Durango, Dingo and more)
  • Zappos (I always check here when I'm shopping online for their price and selection!)

Best Boots for Work

Ariat Men's Square Toe Barn Boot

The Ariat Men's Square Toe Barn Boots are a great work boot choice...

Check price & availability: Amazon vs. Ariat vs. State Line Tack

Ariat Men's Venttek Ultra Western Boot, Distressed Brown, 13 D US

Ariat Men's Sierra Square Steel Toe Boot

Another great option, the Ariat Men's Sierra Square Steel Toe Boot. This boot is considered a safety boot and includes a steel toe to protect you on the worksite!

ARIAT Men's Sierra Wide Square Steel Toe Work Boot

I always check each of the following retailers to compare price and selection: Amazon, Ariat, Rods, or Zappos

Irish Setter Marshall Square Steel Toe Boot

Another great option available is the Irish Setter Marshall Square Steel Toe Boots.

Irish Setter Work Men's 83912 Marshall 11" Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot,Brown,12 D US

These boots are waterproof, include a rubber sole. A great work boot with steel-toe to keep your feet safe on the job site!

You can find these online at... Amazon, Irish Setter & Zappos. (Check all sites for best price and selection!)

Rocky Men Composite Toe Boots 

Wearing Cowboy Boots with a Suit for Work

A well-polished, genuine leather cowboy boots is the best choice to be worn with a suit. Polished leather boots will give you a classy and elegant look. Typically you think of cowboy boots made with cowhide, however, there are more exotic options, such as Alligator (Caiman), Snakeskin, Ostrich, Lizard and Fish Skin.

I have listed each type of leather boots for your preference. 

Caiman Leather Cowboy Boots with Suit

I have to recommend Ariat Double Down Western Boot for you to pair with a suit. These premium Caiman gator belly cowboy boots are made from gator leather.

Ariat Men's Double Down Western Boot

These exotic boots come in the traditional western style making them perfect for your suit. These boots come in two colors: the antique pecan or caramel caiman belly.

You may pair either color with a navy blue suit to give a sophisticated look. This boot will also look good with a black, grey suit to slay your ensemble effortlessly.

Cowhide Leather Boots with Suit

I'd like you to take a look at Men's Genuine Cowhide Leather Rodeo Boots. These cowhide leather boots might be the most common type of boot leather; they are guaranteed to last long. Not only are they durable but also best when worn with a suit. These boots are made with decorative shafts and high-quality rubber soles.

Men genuine cowhide leather square toe western cowboy boots Black 10.5

In pairing cowhide boots with your suit, you must choose the well-polished one or the boots with authentic leather. For these black-colored boots, you may pair them with a black, grey, and burgundy suit. The color combination of the boots and the suit will give it a streamlined look that you can wear to both form and casual looks. 

Ostrich Leather Boots with Suit

One of the toughest leathers available, Ostrich leather can make a beautiful cowboy boot. The Dan Post Alamosa Wester Boot is a must-have for this list!

Dan Post Men's Alamosa Western Boot, Saddle Tan, 10 D US

These boots make a statement and can be paired with jeans or a suit. They aren't safety boots, so don't use them if you are in construction, there are many other options for that. (I'd choose an Ariat cowboy safety boot in that case).

Snakeskin Leather Cowboy Boots with a Suit

Choose these...

Fish Skin Leather Cowboy Boots

Another exotic leather option are fish skin boots, these Men's Snip Toe Fish Skin Leather Cowboy Boots definitely make a statement!

Men's Snip Toe Genuine Fish Skin Leather Cowboy Western Boots_Mango_8.5

Exotic leather boots are not cheap boots and I wouldn't wear them to the job site, but for a night on the town, or is you want to make a statement with your cowboy boots wearing a suit, then these may be the choice for you!

Lizard Leather Cowboy Boots

The Cuadra Lizard Leather Cowboy boots, see the image below, are made from original (exotic) Cuadra Lizard skin.

Cuadra Lizard Urban Western Boots 2B07LT (9 D(M) US, Dusty Gray)

When looking at exotic leather boots, make sure you check the description to see whether or not the leather is "lizard print" or authentic lizard. "Print", is typically cheaper and made from cowhide.

Wearing Cowboy Boots Based On Your Job...

Cowboy boots are for everyone. You may be a real cowboy, an aspiring one, or someone who wants to try it out. Other than for style, cowboy boots are made for work purposes. Cowboy boots provide protection and comfort while working. You may be wondering what kinds of jobs where you can wear cowboy boots.

 I have listed them below for you to be guided.


Cowboy boots are mainly created for cowboys, but people working in different fields can also wear them. Cowboy boots came in various designs for other purposes. To choose the best boots for horseback riding, you can select longer shaft boots to protect your legs, for groundwork, you can choose steel-toed boots.

ARIAT Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western Boot – Men's Leather, Western Boots

Ariat Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Cowboy Boot
Check price & Availability...
Amazon vs. Ariat vs. Zappos

I would recommend Ariat Men's Square Toe Barn Boots if you want to go horseback riding. It has vented shafts and is lightweight, ideal for riding the trails. 

If you wish to have a perfect boot for groundwork, you can choose the Ariat Men's Sierra Square Steel Toe Boot. These boots have steel toe caps that protect your feet while giving them all-day comfort when worn.


Farmers can also wear cowboy boots. The most preferred boots must have lower heels, but it depends on the kind of farm. However, lower heals are preferred, like stockman heels or one and three eights to one-inch heels. It is not good to walk around the farm with heels.

Irish Setter Work Men's 83912 Marshall 11" Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot,Brown,12 D US

Irish Setter Marshall Steel Toe Boot
Check... Amazon vs. Irish Setter vs. Zappos

You can choose Irish Setter Work Men's Marshall Square Steel Toe Boot if you are a farmer. These boots have only 1.5 inches heels, but they also have steel toes. Steel toe boots are best for outdoor work to protect your feet from heavy objects. 

Trade & Construction

A trade job (like electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc.) or construction job will cover a variety of active labor type jobs. Any work that requires a level of safety and protection for yourself and your feet may fall into this category.

Rocky Iron Skull Composite Toe Waterproof Western Boot Size 12(M)

Rocky Iron Skull Composite Toe
Check... Amazon vs. Tractor Supply vs. Zappos

If you work in construction or if you are a tradesman, then you need a good pair of boots that will protect your feet while also providing all-day comfort.

Rocky Composite Toe Men's Cowboy Boots are suitable for you.  Great for indoor or outdoor work.  These boots are lightweight and have an electrical hazard feature. These boots are perfect for providing your feet with proper support for work. 

Wearing Cowboy Boots with Jeans for Work

There is a notion that cowboy boots are best when worn with jeans. Also, you can wear them for work. There are various jeans to choose from; however, it is best to stick with straight cut and boot cut. These two types of jeans are guaranteed to be paired best with your cowboy boots. 

If you are looking for information on how to pair jeans with your boots, I've got some for you. Since you can choose from boot cut and straight cut, I will categorize what boots are best with a specific denim color or shade. To end your struggles and worries, I have listed them for you below.

Jeans & Cowboy Boots

Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Jeans. Looking for jeans that work well with your cowboy boots... Wanglers are always an option!

Wrangler Men's 0936 Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean, Charcoal Grey, 36W x 32L

These are boot-cut jeans, another option that works well with cowboy boots... Amazon Essentials Men's Bootcut Jeans

Amazon Essentials Men's Straight-Fit Stretch Bootcut Jean, Light Wash, 28W x 30L

Wrangler Cowboy Regular Boot Cut Jean. Who can't go wrong with another pair of wranglers...

Wrangler Men's Cowboy Regular Boot Cut Jean, Navy, 46x32

Levi's Men Bootcut Jean.

Levi's Men's 517 Boot Cut Jean, Black, 34x32

Charcoal Jeans 

White Shirt

Aside from wearing your cowboy boots comfortably, it would be best if you also considered your clothing comfort. To pull up a comfortable but stylish type of work outfit, I've got some pieces of information for you. 

You can pair your brown leather cowboy boots with charcoal jeans and a white t-shirt. If your work does not allow you to wear a t-shirt, you can choose a white collared shirt. You can never go wrong in selecting white shirts; that's very classic. But make sure to match the color of the jeans with your cowboy boots.

To choose the best charcoal jeans to pair with your brown leather boots, I'd like you to look at Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Jeans. These jeans come in various colors; you can pick the charcoal one. These jeans are perfect for your work since it's very comfortable to wear while giving you the classic western style.

Navy Crew Neck 

When paired with navy crew neck and charcoal jeans, Brown suede cowboy boots will seriously give you a stylish and comfortable look. These ensembles are not typical but will provide you with a nice and casual look. You can never go wrong in choosing these wardrobe combinations.

Black Corduroy Shirt Jacket

If you want to have a modernized spin for your casual look, you can choose to pair a black corduroy jacket with your charcoal jeans. To add more details to this look, you can pair them with black leather boots. These outfit combinations will not only offer you a stylish look but also comfort at work. 

Light Washed Blue Jeans 

White Shirt

One of the cowboy classic colored jeans will be blue denim. It is very common to see people wear light-washed denim paired with white shirts. You can choose between a white t-shirt or a white collared shirt; the choice depends on your work preferences.

 If your work allows you to wear a t-shirt, then it's okay if not you can choose the collared one. You can pair them with your brown suede boots. These clothing combinations will also perfectly suit your work style.

To choose the best light-washed blue jeans to pair with the brown suede boots, you can select Amazon Essentials Men's Bootcut Jeans. There are variations of colors for these jeans, but you can prefer to choose the light wash. These jeans are made with 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex, which adds a little bit of stretch for added comfort. These combinations will make you look cooler due to the color combination, plus these items will give you comfort while working. 

 Black Denim Jacket

When you pair a black denim jacket with your light-washed jeans, you give your outfit a versatile and casual look. You can pair your clothing ensembles with brown suede boots. 

Navy Jeans 

White Shirt

When you pair your tan suede cowboy boots with your navy jeans and white shirt, it will give an effortless casual look. These pairs are perfect and will provide you with a stylish and confident look. You can choose a crew neck white t-shirt or a collared one if t-shirts are not allowed in your workplace.

To choose the best navy cowboy jeans, I will recommend the Wrangler Cowboy Regular Boot, Cut Jean. These jeans will not only give you a touch of a western look but will provide you with comfort. These jeans are versatile, and you can pair them with authentic snap shirts, tees, and jackets. You can never go wrong in choosing these jeans because of it's excellent materials that make them durable.

Dark Brown Crew Neck T-shirt

You can also pair your navy jeans with a dark brown crew neck t-shirt. These combinations are great for a casual look. Pairing these with tan suede cowboy boots will give good highlights to the overall outfit. These wardrobe combinations will provide a modern gent look. 

Multi-Colored Plaid

You may try to match the multi-colored plaid jacket with your navy jeans. You can use brown leather cowboy boots to pair with the outfit. They look fantastic together while giving you a casual and comfortable look.

Black Jeans

White Shirts

You can pull off a very stylish but comfortable work outfit by pairing your black jeans with a white T-shirt. I want to recommend Levi's Men Bootcut Jean. These jeans offer comfort and durability. These classic clothing combinations will surely give you a relaxed, casual look.

Orange Plaid

You can add a plaid shirt-jacket to your black jeans. Adding this will twist your look. You can choose an orange plaid jacket to pair with your brown leather cowboy boots.

Light Blue Long Sleeves

When you pair light blue long sleeves with your black pants, it will give you a casual aesthetic look. These ensembles are excellent and very comfortable.

Tan Jacket

If you wish to have a low-profile but modern look, you can never go wrong with matching your tan brown jacket with your black cowboy pants. This fashion, mixed modern look is suitable for casual attire. 

White Silk Long Sleeves

White and black are the perfect match. Nonetheless, it would be ideal for pairing your black jeans with white long sleeves. It will give you casual-smart and street-style ensembles. You may pair them with brown suede boots to bring the outfit together.


There are various types of boots, and you can pair them with a suit or jeans. Aside from using your boots for work, you can also use them for styling your daily work outfits, which can give you confidence in the workplace. 

Same as for jeans and suits, you need to know which is the best and suitable cowboy boots to use because they are not solely used for fashion but also for comfort and protection in your work. The above-listed information is gathered to give the best ideas about pairing cowboy boots for jeans and suits and finding the best boots for different jobs.

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