Can You Replace The Footbed On Birkenstocks?

Footbeds, together with soles, are considered to be the foundation of footwear. They are always in contact with the surface of your feet, so they should bring you ultimate comfort. But what if they get damaged? What should you do?

You can replace or have a professional replace the footbeds of your Birkenstocks if they are damaged. For replacement, you can go straight to a repair shop or purchase replacement footbeds. Some of these are the Super Birki, Birki Air Anti-Static, A630/A640, Replacement Soft Footbed Zermatt/Andermatt, and Toulon.

Curious to know more about Birkenstock footbeds and replacement? By all means, continue reading this article!

Why is the footbed important in footwear?

The footbed, also known as the insole, is the inside part of footwear that serves an ultimate purpose. Its job is to support your feet while wearing them. It is structured with intricate layers, ensuring that it provides your feet with a firm cushion to avoid any possible injury. 

At the same time, the footbed is responsible for reducing the shock that your feet can absorb. Not all surfaces you walk on are created smoothly, but the footbed assures that your feet are protected from too much distress. 

Constantly assess the footbed of the footwear you plan to buy. Make sure that it is high-quality.

Features of a Birkenstock Footbed 

Birkenstock Milano Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,40 M EU

Birkenstock Milano Men's Sandals

Known for being an institution in the footwear industry, Birkenstock has designed its footbeds to satisfy the needs of your feet. It sees footbeds as equally important as other footwear parts. True to this are the wonderful features:

  • The sand-like touch of the footbed makes you comfortably endure standing and walking for hours. Combining both softness and texture, it encourages both comfort and support for your feet. It leaves your feet soft and supple even after many hours, making you fall in love with walking all over again.
  • The deep heel cup of the footbed considers the uneven curves of your feet.  A good footbed guarantees total support on every part of your feet. Birkenstock designed it considering the circular and chunky bone of the heel. As heels heavily carry your weight while walking, give them the right support.
  • For better foot coordination, the heel mold also energizes your calf muscles to be warmed up. Whether or not you will walk for quite some time, your foot muscles should be prepared. A well-curved heel mold of Birkenstock can offer this.
  • It has both interior and exterior longitudinal arch supports for your tarsal bones. Responsible for transferring weight to every part of the feet, your tarsal bones should hug the curves of the footbed to give stability every time you take a step. Birkenstock gives you both internal and external support for them.
  • Birkenstock’s footbed has a transverse arch that supports your metatarsal bones. Connecting the midsection of your foot to the toe, giving you a straight stance is the transverse arch. The arch is noticeable because of its elevation. It is just enough to match the natural arch of your foot.
  • The indented toe grip of the footbed takes care of your delicate toe bones. Your toes should have enough space around them to be spread out. The indention on the footbed is necessary because, apart from allowing maximum stretch, it protects them from toe fracture. In short, it serves as a cushion for the bones.
  • The footbed edge is elevated at the front to serve as a barrier for your toes. When walking, your toes are responsible for bending in a circular motion. Making sure that your toes do not touch the ground is good to avoid any unwanted injury. The footbed design from Birkenstock gives you precisely this.

Structure of a Birkenstock Footbed

The fantastic features of the footbed on a Birkenstock will not be possible if it is not structured meticulously. On top of the sole, each layer is well-designed that serves a specific purpose to give your feet only the best experience.

1. First Layer of Jute

The threads of jute are a great source of fiber. They are processed to be used for making footwear. Incorporated in the footbed, the first layer of jute serves as a strong base or foundation. It also stabilizes the next layer on top of it.

2. Cork and Latex Footbed

The core of the Birkenstock footbed is its cork and latex component. It serves two purposes. Firstly, it is in charge of absorbing the shocks from movements and lessening the pressure on your feet. Secondly, it is in control of creating an excellent and supple foot climate.

3. Second Layer of Jute

The two layers of jute sandwich the cork and latex footbed. This, in particular, is thick enough to regulate heat and is extended to the sides of the footbed to ensure flexibility for bigger foot movements.

4. Foam Padding

This specific layer is only inserted in soft Birkenstock footbeds. This is for those who prefer quality softness every time they take a step. It has multiple air bubbles that make it very comfortable. It is also good for those who have foot concerns and injuries to avoid further aggravation.

5. Suede Lining

This is the visible part of the footbed made up of suede. It is known for being moisture-absorbing. The uneven yet comfortable texture is perfect for a soft touch and an incredible foot climate. It leaves your skin supple which is an indication of good blood circulation in your feet.

Popular Replacement Footbeds from Birkenstock

Birkenstock Gizeh Soft Footbed Supernatural Flower Navy Birko-Flor™ 36 (US Women's 5-5.5) Regular

Birkenstock Gizeh Women's Sandals

Whether leather or synthetic Birkenstock, the footbed can always be replaced when necessary. Birkenstock made sure that you have this option, and it has prepared many footbed replacements just for you. Here are some of the popular ones that you can buy:

  • Replacement Soft Footbed Zermatt/Andermatt: This classic replacement is a staple. It needs to fit tightly into the heel portion of the shoe and lay flat on the inner shoe sole. This is available in dark brown.
  • Super Birki Replacement Footbed: Capable of being washed at up to 30°C, this replacement has a durable acrylic weave lining in the color black. Also, cork is the primary material used.
  • Toulon Replacement Footbed: It fits the Birkenstock ESD Toulon. It has a light gray fleece lining which is responsible for the cozy and warm feeling that your feet can experience.
  • Birki Air Anti-Static Replacement Footbed: At up to 60°C, this replacement footbed is capable of being disinfected. It has a non-woven sock liner that provides the footbed with a chic look. It comes in the classic black color.
  • A630/A640 Replacement Footbed: The lining of this footbed is made out of leather in the color light gray, whereas the footbed material used is cork. Also, it can be washed at up to 30°C.
  • Replacement Footbed QO/QS Women: This replacement has a cork and latex footbed while microfiber is the material used for the lining. This is available in the color camel.

Birkenstock Footbed Care Tips

When taking care of your Birkenstock, the footbed should not be neglected. It is as important as the other parts, despite being found inside the footwear. Remember that this is the portion that gets in contact with the bottom surface of your feet. To feel the utmost comfort, follow these tips:

  • Protect the footbed from getting wet, especially those made out of cork. Water can make the cork lose its strength over time. Make sure to be extra careful wearing them when it is raining. But if it gets wet, just let it dry naturally.
  • Do not expose the footbed to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Too much heat can cause the disintegration of the footbed. It can lead to undesirable shrinking, resulting in a hard and uncomfortable feel to the touch. If you are going outside, keep in mind to use an umbrella for shade.
  • Clean the footbed regularly. After several uses, your Birkenstock may look worn out which you would not want to happen. Regular cleaning not only can remove visible dirt and stains but also preserve high quality. Just make sure to use the proper cleaning materials and procedures. Be gentle, too!
  • Seek professional help when repair or replacement is needed. If the situation gets out of hand, going to an expert may be even more cost-friendly than doing it by yourself. They can accurately diagnose your Birkenstock better, telling whether repairing or replacing should be done.

Other Birkenstock Parts You Can Replace or Repair

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Soft Sandals, Metallic Copper, 9

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Soft Sandals

Although all Birkenstocks are created to be high-quality, the parts can be severely damaged without proper care. This can happen not only to the footbed but also to other parts. Just in case this happens to you, you should immediately know what to do.

1. Sole

Always being in contact with the ground, the friction from moving can make the sole thinner and uneven. For replacement, Birkenstock offers you two options. You can either have the classic EVA sole known for its shock-absorbing and cushioning properties or a Supergrip choice for better fit and grip.

2. Toe Loop Straps

When walking, too much pressure is placed on the tip part of the footwear where the toes are found. If the straps get loose or, worse, removed, gluing is usually the first option. But if they are too worn out, getting a new set of the same kind for replacement is advisable.

3. Cork

Even though it is part of the footbed, the cork alone can still be damaged. It can crack or crumble after wearing it many times. To repair it, molding the cork and latex footbed through heat is recommended. This is the optimal option because it cannot be taken out. Remember that it is a layer in the middle of the footbed.

4. Buckle

Buckles can be detached, stuck, and rusty. This might affect the fit and grip of the straps to your toes. Replacement is the best solution for this. You can also opt for changing the color or the type of buckle.

5. Leather Upper

Leather upper can be torn, get textured, or worse, get bitten by your dog. Either of these can make it look worn out. To repair it, the best solution is by patching it. This is done by replacing the severely damaged leather with a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you restore Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock Women's Arizona SFB Oiled Leather Faded Khaki 38 R

Birkenstock Women's Arizona SFB Oiled Leather Faded Khaki Sandal

Yes, Birkenstocks can be restored in different ways. You can do it by simply cleaning it, repairing the slightly damaged parts, or replacing the severely affected areas. For a targeted solution, get help from a footwear expert.

How much does it cost to replace a Birkenstock footbed?

Usually, the cost of replacing a Birkenstock footbed is around half the price of a new pair at maximum. This already includes the new footbed to be put in and the price of the labor. For a cheaper price, you may opt to go to other repair shops.

When should you throw out Birkenstocks?

There are many factors to consider when you should throw out your Birkenstocks. This includes how often you use and take care of them. Some pairs last longer than others. They may take either years or days to get worn out.

How often should Birkenstocks be replaced?

Birkenstocks can last for several years. But if you wear them daily, they can survive two consecutive years of use with proper care. However, replacement should not be your automatic option. You can opt for repair first to see if they are still revivable. 

Replacing the Footbed on Birkenstocks, Final Thoughts...

Just like the other parts of footwear, footbeds are susceptible to damage, too. As much as you would not want this to happen, replacing them is possible so you can still get the comfort and support that your feet deserve. Either buying a replacement footbed or going to a repair shop will do!

Possibly, one of the reasons behind the success of Birkenstock lies in its footbeds. Although they can be worn out or get damaged, they are worth every penny.

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