Can Vans Be Washed?

Vans can be washed. Ideally, to preserve the quality of your shoes, you should wash them with baking soda and a damp rag: Use a spray bottle filled with baking soda, then scrub your Vans with the rag on the necessary areas. 

Use a hairdryer to dry to areas that were wet, then leave the shoes in a dry and warm area of the house. 

Though it is not recommended, you can wash them in the washing machine with regular cleaning products; bathroom bleaches, or washing machine solutions. Just take the laces out of the shoes and start the wash. 

If you find that your Vans are physically more delicate, that the seams are visible or that your Vans are made of leather, you should not put them in the washing machine under any circumstance. Doing so may result in cracking and disfigurement. 

The following will be an overview of what limitations your Vans shoes might have, whether or not they can be washed and how you can go about cleaning them overall. 

Can Vans go in the washing machine?

Vans can easily go in the washing machine. Vans shoes are made to be comfortable and long-lasting. Even so, this is not recommended as the fibers in the materials of Vans shoes may shrink in a wash.

If you still want to go through with the process, simply keep the aforementioned in mind. 

In sum, Vans can go in the washing machine but it is not ideal. Leather Vans should not be put in the washing machine at all due to the products involved 

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How to wash white Vans in the washing machine?

You can wash white Vans in the washing machine, as it will not affect the pigment or vibrancy of the shoes. 

As you’d assume, people don’t spend money on a pair of shoes for it to be non-washable. No one wants to go wearing a dirty and overworn pair of white Vans. 

Get yourself some bathroom bleaches or regular cleaning detergents and start a wash. You shouldn't have to run the wash for more than an hour to an hour and a half.

If you find that the shoes are still dirty, however, try cleaning them with baking soda. This is highly recommended for lighter shoes; white shoes, pastel shoes, off whites, etc. 

How to wash black Vans in the washing machine?

You can wash black Vans in the washing machine. Although it is unlikely that your shoes will lighten or fade, it’s not impossible. Using a diluted solution for the wash is advisable. 

Run the wash for no more than an hour and refrain from considering using the drying machine. Instead, use a hairdryer. This will get the job done just as well without potentially affecting the shoes more than they might have already been in the washing machine. 

How to wash leather Vans in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning leather Vans, putting them in the washing machine is an absolute NO! You are to never put leather Vans in the washing machine as the product itself is likely to become extremely damaged through said process. 

Instead, you can either clean them with baking soda or footwear cleaning gel. 

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Baking Soda Method

With the baking soda method, you will get one amount of baking soda and two parts of water that are equal to the amount of baking soda. 

You will then get a small towel or cloth and begin to clean the shoes with the solution in the rag and on the shoe. You can do this until you find that they are perfectly clean or clean enough.

You will then leave the shoes to air dry, placing a towel or some sort of fabric inside of the shoes as well to ensure that the entire shoe dries. 

Leave the shoes in a warm area of the house, and refrain from placing them in direct sunlight (unless you want them to lighten). 

Footwear Gel Method

For the footwear cleaning gel method, you would go about it the same only with an appropriate brush; synthetic brush. 

Read the instructions on the package, as the following detail may vary. You should use a leather conditioner and/or a water-proofing product on the shoes. 

Tuck socks, paper, or a fitted towel into the shoe, air dry them, and keep them out of the sun. 

Can Vans go in the dryer?

Do not put your Vans in the dryer, especially if you’ve already machine-washed them. They will dry out. Subsequently, the seams may split or crack and the shoe’s quality overall is likely to diminish. 

To ensure that the size and quality of your Vans are not affected, you should use a hairdryer or simply air-dry the shoes. Put some cloth inside of the shoes if you are going to air dry them to ensure that the inside dries as well. 

Can Vans get wet?

Vans can get wet, drenched, and/or completely soaked from any body of water. Vans are machine washable (though not advisable) and durable; you can clean them with corrosive bleaches and other cleaning solutions with ease. 

Even so, it is not recommended to leave them wet for too long. Don’t leave your shoes in the utilitarian bathtub in your basement for weeks on end… It’s probably not a good idea, with any shoe for that matter. 

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Can you wear Vans in the rain?

Yes, you can wear your Vans in the rain. They are made to protect and comfort your feet in a variety of conditions and will be more than suitable for the rain. 

Will Vans get ruined in the rain?

Vans will not get ruined in the rain. They can withstand most weather considerations with ease. Of course, leaving them out in the pouring rain is not favorable. 

Can you bleach your white Vans?

You can bleach your white Vans, however, it is important to take certain precautions and apply alternative amounts of bleach to maintain the shoe’s quality. 

Spraying Clorox bleach onto your white Vans, and tossing them into the washing machine will allow for a pair of presently clean Vans. If you still find that they are relatively dirty, scrub those areas with baking soda to residue the amount of corrosive solution you are applying.

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