Can Cowboy Boots Cause Back Pain?

Are you a fan of cowboy boots, but are afraid of using them because you feel they will cause you back pain or other health issues? Well, you are in the right place! Here we would break down popular misconceptions and health benefits that surround the very fashionable cowboy boots. But, first things first, can cowboy boots cause back pain?

Most cowboy boots do not cause back pain. However, studies have shown that boots with a heel more than 1.5 inches can affect your foot arch, ankle, and back.  Therefore, cowboy boots with a heel over 1.5 inches may throw off the body's alignment, creating stress on the spine’s discs and ligaments resulting in back pain.

Before we specifically talk about Cowboy boots and back pain, let’s talk about knee and back pain in general and how that relates to your choice of shoes…

What can cause Back or Knee pain?

There are lots of things that can cause back pain concerning cowboy boots.  According to a Fitness instructor, if one is experiencing pains in the back of the knees as a result of cowboy boots, it can be due to three reasons. 

Heel Height

The Heels of your boots are too high.  If the heels of your boot are too high, then you may not be able to balance your weight properly which is likely to cause discomfort to your knees and ultimately to your back. 

You must be careful and wise enough to use cowboy boots with at most a height of 1 and 1.5 inches so that your feet can be adequately balanced, and pressure would be evenly spread. 

Shoe/Boot Fit

Another factor that could cause back or knee pain is improper fitting boots.  This will affect your knee and back badly.  When your cowboy boots are not the right fit, and you are not comfortable, you are likely to experience a corresponding pain in the back and an acutely sore foot. 

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

The last factor that can cause back and knee pain is a prior health condition. When you have an undiagnosed health problem, like extreme back pain, weak muscles, or muscular imbalance, all the shoes that you wear would have a huge dent on your back or knees.

Benefits of Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boots are not just a beautiful piece of fashion, there are also amazing benefits one can get health wise when one wears them. Let us look at some of these benefits…

Cowboy Boots Are Good For Tendons

Yes, cowboy boots are good for your tendons. The heels of the cowboy boots help strengthen the Achilles tendons.  However, with an unusually high-heeled boot, your Achilles tendon is likely to develop a strain and the aftermath would be back pain.

Solid Foundation

Cowboy boots provide a strong base to your feet and keep them comfortable.  This is because of the rigidity of the design.

Are Cowboy Boots bad for your back?

Well, you can wear your cowboy boots and not feel any discomfort or pain in your back. But, when you wear high-heeled cowboy boots, you stand a huge risk of having severe back pain.  This is because the heels may not be able to properly and evenly balance your weight, hence the back pain.

To avoid this, use only cowboy boots that are in the range of 1 to 1.5 inches, any heel higher than this can cause back pain to the arch. 

Generally, you can wear cowboy boots without feeling any discomfort or any pain in your back.

According to Fitness instructors, High heels throw off the body’s alignment and stress the spinal cord’s joints and discs, resulting in back pain. So, it would help if you avoided high-heeled boots.

Also, cowboy boots with too rigid or stiff soles can cause back pain.  Well, this may not last for long, as constant use of your cowboy boots would result in the breaking of the rigid sole, making it comfortable to walk in.

The fitness and fashion instructors would advise that before you use cowboy boots, you consult your doctor for proper diagnosis or check up to see if you have pre-existing back issues. This is because if you had a back idea before using cowboy boots, it is likely to get critical.

To solve this back pain, you can either get drugs from the pharmacy.  You could also insert a specially designed insole that provides extra support to the foot and relieves.

Cowboy boots are multi-purpose shoes. While they are fashionable, they also protect the feet from breaking, thorns, water, mud, rocks, etc. The boots are perfectly safe when used in a normal capacity. Except if you use a boot higher than 1.5 inches heel height, cowboy boots would not cause you any pain or discomfort in your back.

Now that we’ve talked about cowboy boots and back pain, I thought I’d also talk a little bit about Cowboy boots and their history and design related to back pain!

Cowboy Boots history and how that relates to back pain?

Originally created for horse riding, cowboy boots have come to be very fashionable high-heeled boots worn by both genders.  The boots are a famous fit for ranchers but have now come to be everyday footwear, with variants and styles, touching on the different purposes.

Cowboy boots are loved all across America and especially in the West. They were once a necessity for cowboys on the ranch, but they are now a cultural and fashion symbol.

Cowboy boots were designed with a heel specifically to fit into a horse's stirrup for horseback riding. With a heel, the horse rider's foot isn't going to slip out while galloping.

The boot was introduced in Texas by German bootmakers. The structure of the first boots was not comfortable to walk in.  But because the ranchers and riders seldom walked, it was easy for them to go around with the initial pain and discomfort. 

The modern Cowboy boots were created for comfort.  With changes done to the old cowboy boots, the heels of the modern ones were reduced, and it was generally restructured.  This means that these new cowboy boots would create more comfort than the old ones. And it has done exactly that. It would not be appropriate if these shoes give you back pain, or any kind of pain because they were created to give the utmost kind of comfort. 

Although these boots have proven to be 100 percent free from any form of health hazards, skeptics have created fear around the boots.  Justifiable because fashion has gone insane, and most people would wear ill-fitting cowboy boots and suffer the consequences afterward.

There is now the fear that cowboy boots would cause harm to your feet, knees, or back.  I will show you why this is wrong because it is.  As it is with any shoe that your body makeup does not permit, cowboy boots would only cause harm to your knees, feet, or back, if it does not fit you perfectly.

So, are cowboy boots bad for your knees or your back?  Do you need to stay away from the wonderful piece of fashion because you are scared you would visit the hospital afterward? 

Final Thoughts

Well, according to my research and a Health Consultant that I spoke with, they stated that, “For a healthy person, cowboy boots do not contribute to any knee pain or discomfort. In fact, my cowboy boots are so comfortable that I wear them almost daily and have never experienced any knee pain”.

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