Birkenstock Arizona vs. Milano: What’s the Difference?

As of today, Birkenstock has already produced a significant number of footwear collections for its consumers. Arizona and Milano, to name a few, are two of the most sought-after Birkenstock models.

The two-strap Arizona is the reason behind Birkenstock’s popularity. This model's simple yet elegant design became the brand's persona and trademark. To elevate the classic Arizona look, Birkenstock introduced Milano. This style retains the iconic dual strap but includes a back strap that greatly supports the foot. 

If you are torn between the two Birkenstock styles, you are at the right place! This article will help you select between Arizona and Milano. Included are sections that discuss the models’ distinctions. 

More so, I have rounded up top-selling Arizona and Milano Birks just for you. I have also identified which is the better travel sandal and the more stylish one. So, just carry on reading to know which Birkenstock should you take home!

What are the differences between Arizona and Milano?

Birkenstock Original Arizona Birko Flor Regular width Soft-Footbed 051061 (38.0 EU)

Birkenstock Milano Sandal

Generally, Arizona and Milano are very similar. They both come with two durable upper straps and a comfy cork-latex footbed which are the brand’s trademark features. They just differ in style and some other tiny details!


Birkenstock makes sure that its sandals are made from premium quality materials. In terms of the insole, both Arizona and Milano Birks have a footbed made of natural cork, latex, jute, and suede. 

These materials, when assembled, come out soft and comfy. Regular footbeds require a break-in period to feel incredibly comfortable upon wearing. For breaking-in tips, check out this article

Moving on to upper materials, both Birkenstock Arizona and Milano are available in different leather and synthetic models. For leather uppers, smooth, nubuck, oiled, Amalfi, and patented leather are your choices.

On the other hand, Birkenstock also offers easy-to-wear synthetic pairs made of Birko-Flor, Birki-Felt, and Birkibuc. If you are looking for a cruelty-free product, note that the brand also introduced vegan options for both Arizona and Milano.

Features & Styles

Birkenstock Arizona is the face and signature of the brand. The model comes with two adjustable upper straps and metal buckles. Arizona's open-toe and slip-on designs ensure that the feet have enough room. This is helpful in avoiding too much compression and pressure. 

Milano also has those dual upper strips similar to Arizona. However, what makes Milano different from Arizona is its back straps. This model has triple adjustable straps!

The third strap of Milano is very supportive of your Achilles. More so, it has that grip Arizona can’t provide. Milano is for people who think that a too-open sandal can cause too much inconvenience.

Arizona and Milano in smooth or oiled leather look a total classic with their untreated surfaces! After some time of wearing them in, they’ll develop a patina. The upper leather will soon appear very elegant. 

Although creases are not visible in synthetic styles, these pairs are not too moisture-resistant and long-lasting. As mentioned, Arizona and Milano are available in both leather and synthetic variations.

Similarly, Arizona and Milano’s orthopedic footbed features a deep heel cup and elevated toe edges. These allow for natural movement and proper blood circulation. More so, it ensures equal distribution of weight, stability, and balance. 

Colors & Availability

Arizona is available in many styles and colors. If you want a versatile, solid-colored Arizona, you have a lot of options! Arizona is obtainable in many neutral, vibrant, or pastel colors.

In addition, there are also dual-colored and multi-patterned Arizona Birkenstocks. Just check their websites to see what’s in store for you. On the other hand, Milano only has limited color and pattern variations. 

This model is accessible in solid colors such as black, brown, navy blue, and taupe, among others. Also, there is only one multi-patterned design under this lineup: the Desert Soul Camo. 

In terms of availability, both Arizona and Milano offer regular and soft-footbed versions. More so, they also have wide and narrow sizes. 

Which is the more comfortable Birkenstock pair?

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Birko-Flor White

Birkenstock Arizona Women's Sandals

No model is above the other. Arizona and Milano Birks are expected to be comfortable after the break-in period. Synthetic ones may need to be worn in but are not as challenging as their leather counterparts. Both models are also lightweight weighing only 8 to 9 oz.

The comfort level depends on the preference of the wearer. Some feel more comfortable wearing a slip-on pair, while others don’t feel the same way. So, you have to take into consideration your likes and dislikes in terms of footwear. 

If you find that an open-toe design will give your feet the comfort they need, then go for an Arizona pair. On the other hand, if you are looking for ankle supportive and less prone to tripping pair, get a Milano Birks. 

Which model fits true to size?

Both Arizona and Milano fit true to size. Generally, Birkenstock’s size guide is very accurate. You just need to get your foot’s measurements properly and refer to their size table for the conversion.

Worthy to note that both models are available in regular and narrow sizes. If you have a normal to wide feet width, opt for a regular-sized Arizona or Milano. Ask for a narrow size when your feet’s width is slimmer than usual. 

Arizona may seem like it fits big on your feet, but you have to trust me when I say that they are built to be like that. Soon enough, the upper material and the footbed will mold to your feet’s shape and feel like a custom fit!

Milano can feel a bit tighter than Arizona due to its back strap. Just remember to get a pair that is not too spacious or snug for your feet. For more detailed sizing information, browse over this article’s sections

Between Arizona and Milano, which is the better travel companion?

The answer to this question depends on the traveler. Arizona is the better option if you prefer a roomy and easy-to-wear travel sandal. This model is one of the most recommended Birks, especially for long-distance walking. 

On the other hand, if the wanderer wants a pair that will not fall off the feet easily, then Milano should be the chosen one. The security that a Milano pair offers to its wearer is superior. 

Both Arizona and Milano can qualify as adventurers’ companions. They are both lightweight, comfortable, and, most importantly, durable. They are shock-absorbent and are also good for your foot!

Which Birks pair is more trendy and popular?

Birkenstock Arizona Women Two Strap Sandal, Dusty Blue, 10/10.5 US

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Between the two models, Arizona may be considered the most famous Birkenstock model of all time. When you think of Birks, the Arizona design will instantly come to your mind!

Arizona is also very versatile as it can complement almost every casual outfit you can think of. I guess this strength is one of the reasons why this Birkenstock model became one of the most in-demand pairs of the brand.

Milano, on the other hand, is also one of the brand’s best-sellers. However, some say that its design is not as versatile and fashion-friendly for them. But hey, this depends on how creative you are in styling your look!

What are the top-selling Arizona variations?

Arizona is always available because almost everyone loves it! Birkenstock makes sure to meet the demands; thus, they have been producing Arizona in a significant number.

Some of Arizona’s top-selling variations are the Arizona EVA Essentials, Birko-Flor Desert Soil, and Oiled Leather. Under the EVA Essentials collection, you can have water-resistant and vibrant-colored pairs perfect for your summer trip!

If you want the classic Arizona look, you can also opt for the Birko-Flor and Oiled Leather. The former is made of synthetic materials, while the latter is made of genuine leather. 

However, if you are searching for something out of the ordinary, these three styles are worth checking: Platform Vegan, Big Buckle, and Shearling. These models have recently been topping Birkenstock’s charts.

What are the top-selling Milano variations?

Birkenstock Milano Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,40 M EU

Birkenstock Milano Men's Sandals

If you are into the Milano trio straps, this section is definitely for you! Although Milano has a limited number of options, compared to Arizona, their pieces are equally elegant and good-looking!

Milano in oiled or smooth leather is remarkably suited for the minimalist persons out there. The smooth leather variation is available in a soft footbed version. So, try this one if you want a pair that is instantly comfortable upon first wear.

For a patterned Milano, you can check out the Birko-Flor Desert Soil, which is available in taupe, gray, or camo green. For a cruelty-free Milano, opt for the vegan variation

Which Birkenstock model is more expensive?

The price range for Arizona is higher than Milano. One reason is that Arizona has many more variations than Milano. For instance, the most expensive Arizona can be purchased at $270, while Milano is at $170.

Don’t worry because there are cheaper Arizona variations. You can buy an Arizona EVA at $50 and a Birko-Flor Dessert Soil at $60 (they’re on sale!). The more expensive Arizona pairs are the following: Oiled Leather, Platform Vegan, Big Buckle, and Shearling, which can be bought from $110 to $210. 

On the other hand, Milano Birkenstocks are less pricy than the above-mentioned Arizona variations. You can already purchase a Milano Birko-Flor Desert Soil in a soft footbed version for as low as $60. Moreover, the price range of Milano in oiled or smooth versions is between $130 and $170. Lastly, Milano Vegan is priced at $83. 

Birkenstocks Arizona vs Milano, Final Thoughts

Arizona and Milano are two of the brand’s chart-topping pairs for a reason!

Whether you choose an Arizona or a Milano, you’ll undoubtedly take home a highly durable, comfortable, and stylish pair. 

Just keep in mind that in selecting the right sandal, you must consider several factors to reach a decision that isn’t regretful. Additionally, opt for a pair that will cater to your feet’s needs and your wants!

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