Are UGG Boots Good for Wide Feet?

UGGs are the ultimate comfortable footwear: they're warm, plushy, and remarkably easy to wear. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the company has enjoyed a constant increase in popularity since its launch in the 1970s, and its annual sales have consistently surpassed $1 billion since 2011. However, since such a large percentage of the population seems to enjoy their products, is it safe to assume that UGGs can accommodate wide feet too?

UGG boots are very good for wide feet. Not only does the company offer various models specifically designed to accommodate wider feet, but their regular lines can be adjusted and modified as well. Their slippers stretch and mold to the shape of your foot, and their toe boxes are wider than average.

Therefore, if you're someone with wider feet looking for your next pair of staple winter boots or slippers, UGGs are a safe bet. In the following sections, I'll take you through some of the best UGG boots for wide feet and some additional tips on how to make your footwear more adaptable to the shape and size of your foot. At the end of this article, I'll also be discussing some of the health-related concerns related to wearing UGGs, so keep reading to learn more.

Best UGG Boots for Wide Feet

Before diving into this list, it's important to note that UGG offers "wide fit" alternatives to many of its most popular designs. However, there are still some models that are better suited to a broader sole than others due to their construction and design. 

These are some of the best UGG boots for wide feet from

UGG Sienna Boots

UGG Women's Sienna Boot, Black, 5

UGG Women's Sienna Boot

UGG's rain boot collection is excellent for those with wider feet and calves. Not only is the general design broader and roomier, but the rubber is significantly stretchier and more accommodating than the usual wool blend. 

However, these boots still feature UGG's signature sheepskin lining, meaning they'll keep you comfortable and toasty no matter how low the temperatures get. Moreover, they're one of their most affordable products and come in a wide range of colors (including a few fun patterns), so you'll be able to pick up a pair that fits your style and budget.

UGG Bailey Button Triplet Ii Boots

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot, Grey, 5 B US

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot

These are the ultimate winter boots - they're roomy, comfy, and warm to a fault. Considering the boots' spacious interior and elasticated button design, they make for an excellent option for those with wider feet and calves. Even though the color options are a bit more limited, you'll still be able to get a pair that goes with all your wintery outfits.

UGG Coquette Slipper

UGG Women's Coquette Slipper, Berry, 5

UGG Women's Coquette Slipper

I couldn't finish this shortlist without including a slipper. I should note that almost all UGG slippers are wide feet-friendly (both in men's and women's lines); however, these might take the cake as far as comfort and space go. These are manufactured to be a bit broader than the rest of UGG products, which is why the company even suggests sizing down if in-between.

They're soft, light, comfortable, and can easily accommodate wider feet; so if you're looking for an excellent pair of winter slippers, these are the way to go. 

Tips for Buying and Wearing Uggs if You Have Wide Feet

UGG Women's Coquette Slipper, Burnt Olive, 5

UGG Women's Coquette Slipper

If you're not interested in any of the wide feet-friendly models mentioned above (or those that come in different width options), you might still be able to make a regular pair work by following a few simple tips and tricks.

Due to the malleable materials that the brand utilizes, most of its models are easily adjustable and adapt to the shape of your foot.

Here's what you can do:

  • Find the right size. When purchasing a pair of UGGs, take the time to look through each product's size chart, as not all models are sized the same. 
  • Size up if necessary. If you're in-between sizes or are purchasing a pair of slippers/ boots that you could wear even with a little bit of extra space, there's no harm in sizing up. You'll get that extra bit of room and comfort that you're looking for in a pair of UGGs.
  • Choose the right material. Not all materials are equally malleable. For example, while leather and rubber can be a bit easier to manipulate, suede tends to be a bit tougher. Therefore, keep in mind the ability of a material to adapt to your foot's shape and size before purchasing.
  • Break in the shoes. As a regular UGGs wearer, I can attest that their footwear tends to loosen and stretch out as you wear them. Therefore, even if the fit might seem a bit tight at first, try walking around the house wearing your new footwear for a few hours. You'd be surprised how quickly they'll adapt to the shape of your feet.
  • Pick the right style. As I've already explained, not all styles have a cut or design that favors wider feet. Therefore, you'll want to avoid any type of footwear that seems rigid or restrictive.
  • Buy men's shoes. I know this might sound a bit unusual, but buying your exact size in men's shoes (or, at least, the size that the company's guide suggests) will leave you with perfectly-fitting footwear that is significantly wider and more spacious.

Are UGG Boots Good for Your Feet?

UGG boots aren't good for your feet, as they provide little to no support and can be prone to overheating. Due to the severe lack of stability and support, over time, your tendons, ligaments, and muscles might get strained and overstretched, leading to subsequent health issues.

As comfortable and warm as UGGs are, their signature styles aren't the best choice to support your feet's health. However, there's no need to panic. As long as you alternate your UGGs with other, better-supporting footwear, you're unlikely to experience any adverse effects.

If you can't stay away from your UGGs, be sure to always wear high-quality socks that can help provide some additional support and ankle stability. Orthotic inserts can help as well.


UGGs are excellent boots for people with wide feet. Most of their styles are pretty spacious, and many of those that aren't, come in a "wide fit" option. Moreover, even if your style of choice doesn't seem too accommodating to wide feet at first, there are some measures you can take to make them better suited.

The bad news is that UGGs aren't the best footwear support-wise; however, as long as you wear them sparingly, you're unlikely to experience any issues.

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