The right size of Red Wing boots can make a big difference in helping you enjoy your shoes. However, getting the right fit is much more than simply choosing a Red Wing size based on your usual shoe size. If you're used to wearing sneakers, you may find yourself having to choose a larger size […]
You have bought a pair of Red Wing boots and your feet are not thanking you. It feels like you’ve strapped on a pair of concrete boots and two wise-guys named Joey The Clown and Carmine The Snake are going to introduce you to the fishes in New York Harbor The Red Wing range of […]
Some of the best shoes in the world are not always made where you may expect them to be made, with Red Wing boots being part of this group. Many people wonder about the claims made by the company, questioning how it can make so many shoes using the traditional methods. The only Red Wing […]
The Red Wing shoe company has enjoyed a history that spans more than 100-years, which speaks to the popularity of these boots. Sustaining a public demand for more than a century means that the product is high quality, or the company has an excellent marketing strategy or both. So what makes Red Wing boots so […]
For thirty years the legendary Doc Martens shoes and boots were exclusively made in England, up until ’89 when Accent Group Ltd. obtained the rights to manufacture them in New Zealand. In 2003 the Dr. Martens company almost went bankrupt and was consequently forced to close many of its shops and factories and move all […]
If you’re thinking of buying a shiny pair of new Dr. Martens and have been wondering why they are so expensive or if you’ll get your money’s worth, look no further. This article will answer all your questions regarding the famous footwear’s price and value for money. Doc Martens boots are quite expensive because they […]

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