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Montessori Vancouver

Montessori in Vancouver

Developed by Maria Montessori more than a century ago, the Montessori Method of teaching provides individualized education for children throughout the world. Kids who attend a school based on Montessori in Vancouver learn their lessons in a supportive, child-friendly environment.

Essentials of Montessori Vancouver

The Montessori Method rightly assumes that most kids are eager to learn. That's the environment prepared for kids of all ages who attend a Montessori school. Essential features of Montessori in Vancouver and elsewhere typically include the following:

  • Mixed-age classrooms
  • Student-chosen curriculum
  • Blocks of three or more hours of uninterrupted work time
  • Eco-friendly educational materials
  • Teaching model based on discovery in lieu of pedantic instruction
  • Appropriately sized educational materials
  • Freedom of movement
  • Teachers who observe individual tendencies, characteristics and talents
  • Clean, well organised work spaces and play areas

A brief history of Montessori

Casa de Bambini, or “the children's house” was the first Montessori school. Established in Rome, Italy in 1907, classes at the nascent school were taught my Maria Montessori herself. At this precursor to Montessori Vancouver, kids were allowed to explore and learn at an individual pace. Although the Montessori Method was exported to North America in 1912, the program did not really become popular until the uproarious 1960s. Today, numerous schools all over the continent now offer Montessori Vancouver classes for kids of all ages.

CEFA early learning programs strive to teach Canadian kids the value of discovery and self-starting. We believe that an inspired child is a happy child, so we offer plentiful programs that allow children to grow as individuals while learning essential life skills and academic lessons.

With more than 20 locations throughout Canada, CEFA educational opportunities are designed to be enriching and life enhancing. Typical curricula includes arithmetic, reading, English and geography. Fine arts are included in a CEFA program, as well. A well-rounded education at CEFA may include yoga, art and other specialty programs. We also offer multilingual learning where kids can learn one or more additional languages at a time when it's easiest.

Reading and writing are fun to learn at CEFA schools. As with Montessori Vancouver, our programs allow kids to learn at a pace that's just right for them. The way we see it, there is no reason that school has to feel like a chore to kids or their teachers. Vocabulary and literacy are highly encouraged, and the number of kids who excel under our tutelage is proof that our programs work. When kids learn to read at a young age, the rest of their life may be better overall.

We also provide essential pre-writing classes that help kids to develop a love of the written word. Hand-eye coordination in introduced along with games and activities that facilitate drawing, writing and written communication.

When you are ready to know more about Montessori Vancouver and how it may relate to our early learning centers, please give us a call at 1.604.708.2332. We look forward to meeting with you and your child, so contact us as soon as you can to arrange a tour of a CEFA facility near you.





Montessori Vancouver


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