7 Best Steel Toe Shoes For Women

As a woman, I’ve you’ve been looking for steel-toe shoes, then you’ve come to the right place.  They just don’t have as much selection for women when it comes to steel-toed shoes. 

If you are looking for steel toes boots, then read this article instead.  Here I want to focus on steel-toe safety shoes.

Rather than beat around the bush.  Let’s get to it!  I’ve listed 7 options for you, but here are my top 3 picks based on 3 different categories:

For more details as to why I chose these shoes, their features, pros and cons then get all the details below.

Best Overall, Steel Toe Shoes for Women

Timberland PRO Women’s Powertrain Alloy-Toe EH W Industrial Shoes

Did you know that the Timberland PRO Women’s Powertrain allows toe shoes are highly sought for having enough advanced features? The models they create for women feature design changes to fit every woman’s taste.

However, the comfort and safety aspects have stayed. The good thing about these alloy toe shoes is that this is perfect for women who like a mix of durability, coziness, and style in their boots. How awesome is that?

It’s worth mentioning as well that the top-notch full-grain leather upper look is both supple and soft. In fact, the sole and the upper are connected along with a cement design for speeding up the break-in period and boosting flexibility.

The stitches you will see in these shoes look firm and nice at the same time without any loose thread, not to mention the metal eyelets are solid too. To sum up, the structure of these shoes is robust enough, even though you can’t change the soles after they’re worn off.

Timberland PRO Women’s Powertrain Alloy-Toe Features

  • 100% microfiber leather with rugged athletic breathable mesh
  • Synthetic sole
  • Non-marking
  • OU outsole
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Fiberglass shank for structural support
  • Work shoe in cement construction
  • EH and
  • ASTM rated
  • Heat resistant outsoles
  • Offers superior midsole and footbed
  • Powerfit comfort system
  • Not waterproof

Best Budget, Steel Toe Shoes for Women

TICCOON Work Steel Toe Safety Shoes

The TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes is one of women’s favorite when it comes to steel toe shoes. Thousands of individuals can vouch for TICCOON Steel Toecap Shoe’s awesomeness and credibility.

All big thanks to their appealing design and top-notch construction materials, which make them a preferred choice for many users.

One of the best things you will love about these steel toe shoes is that the shoe’s outer is made of a superior rubber and features a textured design. Further, the shoes guarantee a stable and dependable grip on the ground and won’t slip off even when there’s oil in the ground.

How awesome is that? Not only that, but they are categorized to be anti-smash and can endure the sparks. Given that these shoes are lightweight, they’ll keep you from feeling weighed down as the day goes on.

We understand how a heavy steel shoe can make you feel stressed even on the lightest of workdays.

TICCOON Work Steel Toe Safety Shoes Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Excellent for working in the electric power sector, machine manufacturing, construction company
  • Synthetic upper
  • Lightweight
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Smash resistant and slip-resistant
  • Guarantees a dependable grip in the ground
  • Soft upper sole
  • Rubberized outsole with a textured appearance
  • It doesn’t offer any additional support
  • Fits a little big. Choose a half size down for a better fit

Best Alternative Steel Toe Shoes for Women

New Balance Women’s WID627V2 Steel Toe Trainer

The New Balance Women’s WID627V2 Steel Toe Trainer is one of the most popular steel toe shoes for women today.

Did you know it has had over an entire century to master their craft? That’s potentially why millions of women globally are loyal to the brand.

Let’s start off at its highly protective, ASTM-rated steel toe, which works perfectly at absorbing sudden compression forces and impact.

Hazards and danger come from all directions. Hence, it was thoughtful of this brand to add a steel shank in the midsole for further protection against punctures. Hence, no matter if you are playing hard or working hard, sweaty feet are always there.

That’s why every prop goes to this shoe for New Balance for integrating textile uppers and breathable leather, which are beautifully made to fit women’s form. Indeed, this review won’t be completed without peeking at its comfort features.

This steel toe shoe for women has never felt more at home thanks to the addition of removable EVA cushion inserts. Some of its product features involve.

New Balance Women’s WID627V2 Steel Toe Trainer Features

  • Toe protect
  • Steel toe cap
  • ASTM certified
  • ABZORB midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • 50% synthetic, 50% leather


  • ASTM certified
  • Excellent design and rubber sole
  • Durable


  • Not waterproof

More Choices for… Best Steel Toe Shoe for Women

Caterpillar Women’s Connexion Steel Toe Sneaker

Caterpillar Women’s Connexion Steel Toe Sneaker is another cost-efficient steel toe shoe for women out there.

This one-of-a-kind and unique shoe integrated a less-conventional design and created a pair of comfortable shoes for those women who always go the extra mile. This one exceeds the expectations of comfort, which a work boot can offer.

It is worth mentioning that the plush midsole provides top-notch shock-absorbing features to avoid aching feet.

On the other hand, the medium insulation is simple to work with through the year in each season. That’s because you can utilize such boots in the colder seasons. Just make sure you wear enough thicker socks.

This steel toe is made with nubuck leather. Hence, the look of such boots is not as rugged as you would expect work boots to be. These boots are waterproof too, which means you can easily wear them in moisture-prone places.

What’s more, the rubber outsole features a patterned groove design that adds friction and stability when necessary.

Caterpillar Women’s Connexion Steel Toe Sneaker Features

  • Features inner lining and sock liner
  • Created through technology ergo
  • Water resistant
  • Plush midsole
  • Rubber-based outsole
  • ASTM approved, meets the safety standards
  • No more painful blisters
  • Medium insulation is ideal for year-round wear
  • Ergonomic design boasts iTechnology Construction
  • Waterproof
  • The gray color shows dust

Fila Women’s Memory Reckoning 8 Slip Resistant Steel Toe Running Shoe

Next up… Fila Women’s Memory Reckoning Slip Resistant Steel Toe.  Did you know that Fila has been designing shoes for more than a hundred years now?

The brand has sustained quality throughout the years and guaranteed its footwear provides the most superior level of performance and comfort. Fila Women’s Memory Reckoning Slip Resistant Steel Toe is proof of the company’s dedication to performance, comfort, and quality.

Designed with DLS foam, the memory foam sock liner of these steel toe shoes must keep your feet comfortable and snug all the time.

The Memory Workshift’s upper is made with leather along with synthetic overlays for breathability and comfort. Further, the pair boasts a rubber outsole to offer generous traction over slick or wet surfaces. It also helps you fight against gravity. The Memory Workshift also integrates a variable lacing system and features excellent arch support.

The memory foam insoles of these shoes are detachable as well. Hence, you can change it for additional support.

Fila Women’s Memory Reckoning 8 Slip Resistant Steel Toe Running Shoe Features

  • All-day comfort
  • Slip resistant
  • Memory plus with COOLMAX fiber
  • Steel toe
  • 100% synthetic and leather
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Reasonable
  • Detachable memory foam insoles
  • Top-notch arch support
  • It might take some time to break-in
  • No protection offered against electrical hazard

Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe

Next, I’d suggest the Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe.  In case you are wondering, these shoes have been created to make your work much simpler by offering you the comfort your feet beg for in a work shoe.

The synthetic material and rubber sole are working together to make it comfortable and to offer you stability throughout the day. Further, the rubber soles and leather absorb the external shocks and don’t allow them to reach your feet. That’s why you’ll never lose your traction on the road in any condition.

They are also designed to be sole slip-resistant to make sure you can easily work while wearing these shoes, even on the wet surface.

Apparently, they are featured to be lightweight as well, so you can easily keep wearing them for the entire day without even exhausting your feet. To sum up, the Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe has been created by considering the massive requirements of women.

Whatever type of working outfield you currently have, this steel toe shoe will be the ideal fit for your career!

Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe Features

  • Rubber sole
  • 100% synthetic leather
  • Smooth nubuck leather and synthetic upper in a lace up sporty alloy toe
  • Printed reflective side stripe detail
  • Great traction
  • Shock-absorbing power
  • Rubber sole for improved stability
  • Slip resistant sole
  • They're a bit heavy

LARNMERN Steel Toe Shoe Women

Ultimately, we have LARNMERN Steel Toe shoe Women. Did you know that this shoe has been done with the most superior quality so you can experience superior shoes without spending too much money?

The manufacturer has utilized steel in the toe and in the midsole to make it a very shock absorbent and protective shoe.

You don’t need to be stressed out with the steel taking away your comfort. The padded cushioned will make your feet very comfortable, not to mention that the midsole will keep the comfort level by absorbing the external shocks.

On the other hand, the upper leather provides a massive level of ventilation which adds up as well to the user’s comfort level. Overall, LARNMERN is the ideal option for women who want comfort combined with protection.

Below are the features you can expect from this steel toe shoe:

LARNMERN Steel Toe Shoe Women Features

  • Reflective
  • Lightweight and cushion
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable
  • Strong wrapping feeling
  • Versatile shoes for many different uses
  • Can absorb any type of external shock
  • Wearable outsole
  • Toe and midsole are made of steel
  • Not waterproof

Steel Toe Shoes for Women Buyers Guide

You will find numerous companies that are presenting the effort to make superior quality work boots for women. Below are some of the important factors you need to consider when looking for top-notch toe boots.

1. Safety Standards (ISO rating)

High safety and protection are essential features of the best steel to boots for women. After all, the key purpose of getting these shoes is to remain your feet safeguarded from risky elements when working. Hence, the products you pick should bring the proper protection and safety required.

It will be simple to determine what steel toe shoe items will do that function well, especially it has been described to meet ANSI, ASTM, or ISO safety standards. Other factors that offer an extra level of protection are oil-resistant and non-slip outsoles, waterproof upper, and static dissipative capability, among others.

Are you currently working in electrical environments? Then it’s crucial to buy some steel toe shoes which offer dependable electric hazards protection for the needed security.

2. The sole

Keep in mind that steel toe boots safeguard your feet and toes against heavy compression forces, stubs, and falling objects. However, you must check if the steel is ASTM-rated or thick to guarantee the best protection.

Further, most shoes have toes and outsoles rated for electrical hazards. Those can endure shocks up to a specific number of volts like 6,000, 18,000, and others. The EH protection is an excellent relief for women who work around live electrical components such as open circuits.

 Moreover, many steel toe boots come along with outsoles offering a good grip on wet and slippery grounds. It suggests you do not have to slip or fall on your job sites. What’s more, you will find some soles against chemical ingredients and abrasion as well 

3. The insole and foot support

Finding women’s steel-toe shoes with the proper insole and foot support is a necessity in most workplaces that involve heavy and lifting objects. Foot and insole support are normally steel-capped that protect your toes from any harm.

With foot and toe injuries accounting for a massive percentage of workplace accidents, it’s recommended to keep safe by ensuring you only purchase quality work boots.

4. Durability

You can pick the steel toe boats in cool or feminine colors and lovely patterns and designs, so they fit your overall lifestyle. However, you will find other brands that create only frilly shoes without any protective features. As much as possible, stay away if from them if you like to be safe on your work sites.

You must pick a steel toe boot that is made of top-notch leather, as it is the only material, which will last longer and offer you enough protection in hostile settings. The ideal bonding method is Goodyear welt construction, but you’ll also see direct and cement soling methods.

Further, the durability of your shoes will vary on the materials utilized, the attachment method, the hardware’s quality, and the stitching’s firmness. You’ll also receive a superior product given that everything is up to mark.

Before you invest in your work boots, ensure you confirm whether they are made from durable materials. That’s the only way you can be confident that the pair of steel toe shoes will be useful for a long period.

The ideal material that offers maximum durability is leather instead of opting to plastic. Checking the sole type in the work boots is also recommended, as it’s an excellent measure of the shoe’s durability. Are you somebody who doesn’t like changing your work shoes often? It’s a good option to get a steel toe, which is more durable than other does.

5. Price

Ultimately, it’s crucial to consider the price of the product. Prices of steel toe shoes can differ massively, depending on design, quality, brand, and other factors. Budget for the work shoes you like to purchase to narrow down your choices to within your budget. Further, you can take advantage of different deals and offers like sales discounts to receive the best deals.

Remember that selecting the ideal work boots is essential to lower your exposure to injury while at work. Being a crucial part of your workwear wardrobe, that is not a decision you must rush making. Choosing the best steel toe boots for women is not always simple. So, take the time to consider the factors mentioned above to help you pinpoint the ideal work boots to purchase.

FAQ Section or Q&A

Indeed, you may have a lot of questions in mind about steel toe shoes. This section aims to clarify and answer some of your frequently asked questions when buying steel toe shoes.

What are the most comfortable steel toe shoes?

For an increasing number of jobs, the significance of steel toe shoes in women can’t be overstated. You can do more than merely safeguard your toes with the ideal pair. Some of the most comfortable and leading steel toe shoes enable you to do optimally without adding any additional problems.

Safety shoes are not simply created to safeguard your toes and feet from sudden compression forces or impact. They are also designed to safeguard you over falls on slippery grounds, safeguard you from being electrocuted and keep your feet safe from cuts and punctures, burning or freezing your feet off.

The most comfortable steel shoe toes available today are the following:

What are the best steel toe shoes?

The Timberland PRO Powertrain Sports Alloy Toe Shoes takes the form of a sneaker, and that’s welcoming to women who want to dress fashionably casual for their work. The best part here is that the shoes will work along with many wardrobes and could be worn without any form of board shorts too.

Do you have some night out with the boys? You can even wear these work shoes along with your casual tee and jean. The allow is thoroughly placed on the shoe’s inside, and that won’t even hurt your feet at all. The allow is very strong to keep the toes safeguarded when you’re working near risky objects.

What are the best and most comfortable steel toe boots?

When it comes to the best and most comfortable steel toe boots, here’s our top pick:

You can read about all our top picks for women's steel toed boots here!

What is the most comfortable steel toe work boot on the market?

Of course, it’s the Caterpillar Women’s Jace Waterproof Work Boot. Take note that this steel work boot is ATSM certified. That means this shoe can provide a cool 2-tone appearance which makes them as chic as they are functional as well.

Bear in mind that such safety boots are made with a combination of wool and suede, featuring a steel toe cap and a waterproof finish. Hence, this steel toe work boot offers electrical hazard protection. It’s worth mentioning as well that this safety shoe is created for slip resistance. You can rest assured those work boots boast a strong rubber sole and a sophisticated buckle detail on the side as well.

Final Thoughts

women's comfortable work boots
Photo by Rebecca Aldama on Unsplash

The presence of women in demanding, industrial works has been increasing each day. For instance, you will find many women working in the construction sector while men have been governing since time immemorial.

You see, the female population who are taking risks in their worksite each day requires footwear that offers them the needed comfort, support, and protection. Apart from that, women’s work boots must be sophisticated and stylish enough to fit various tastes.

Finding such boots was nearly not possible, even up until lately, due to the negligible participation of women in the physically laborious professions. To sum up, doing heavy labor work and not wearing the proper steel toe shoes is like risking your whole life. Remember that any heavy object could roll or fall on your feet and crush it anytime. That’s why you should take it very seriously.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you grab one of those steel toe shoes discussed in this post for men and work with all safety and style. Indeed, these work shoes look super stunning too!

Do you find this post informative and helpful? Are you now ready to purchase your work boots? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below! We’d love to hear all of them!

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