7 Best Shoes for Surgeons (2022 Buyers Guide)

As a doctor, wearing the wrong shoes can lead to pain in your feet, back, and joints, which is why doctors (surgeons) need supportive shoes that provide you comfort all day.

For most surgeons out there, a stylish but functional, durable, and comfortable shoe is essential. Since your work requires standing for many hours a day and interacting with a large number of patients, you must choose which kind of shoe will help you be more productive at the hospital. Supportive footwear with quality cushioning can help relieve some of the physical stress.

Best Overall Shoes for Surgeons: Dansko Professional Clog

High quality and durable leather, variety of colors available, easy to clean & wear, ultimate heel comfort and support, provides shock absorption and flexibility for long-time use, padded instep collar for blisters prevention.

Runner Up Shoes for Surgeons: Crocs On The Clock Work Shoe (Unisex)

Excellent tread, waterproof, lightweight, excellent cushioning for added comfort and support.

Most Comfortable Shoes for Surgeons: Adidas PureBoost

Amazing cushion-feel and shock protection, thin upper knit design for maximum breathability, sole wide platform allow stability for all foot sizes, lightweight, grid-like outsole to prevent counter slips and falls.

Surgeons walk and run around the hospital holding at least 10 – 12 hours a day of physical work; therefore, the kind of shoes these professionals wear should provide them with exceptional comfort.

To help doctors work their best, we've listed the best shoes for surgeons below, available in various colors and comes with top arch support.

7 Best Shoes for Surgeons 

Being a surgeon requires not just a slip-resistant shoe but also has comfortable and durable features that can save the feet through extensive operations. These types of shoes should be in your closet for the following reasons: the clogs are comfortable to use; however, they lack versatility, which the sneakers can neutralize. Slip-on, on the other hand, is easier to wear and clean than the other two. 

You can easily switch in between shifts if you have all of these three.

Dansko Professional Clog

The Dansko Professional Clog takes the number one spot for hospital work footwear, even for a steep price. 

Dansko Men's XP 2.0 Mens Black Clog 10.5-11 M US

These doctor's shoes will last for a very long time. It's worth paying extra dollars for comfort, durability, and injury prevention. Indeed, every cent you pay is worth the long-term benefits you receive for both your job and your health.

Dansko is one of the most trusted and popular brands used by most people who work every day. They're not just the best shoes for surgeons; they're also great for medical students.

Dansko Women's Professional Honey Distressed Clog 8.5-9 M US

A pair of Dansko clogs allows your heel to move up and down when you walk, facilitating breathability, more excellent lateral stability, and comfort when worn over long hours and humid conditions. 

Dansko's bolstered toe box prevents your toes from hurting after wearing them for several hours. Though, the downside with this footwear is it needs time to get used to wearing it the right way. They are not also made for running all the time as is in a hospital setting.

Clogs can be pretty massive, so they do not fit in fast-paced environments.

Crocs On The Clock Work Shoe (Unisex)

When it comes to comfort, Crocs is popular with that. The Crocs On The Clock Work Shoe shoes were designed for work so you can work all day and all night long without complaints. 

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's On The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black, 6 US

When buying Crocs, it is recommended to order a size or a half smaller than your usual size to prevent the rubbing and blisters that might happen if you purchase a bigger size for your feet. Once you get your ideal size, you'll achieve comfort upon using them.

Crocs are highly recommended for anyone who has worked on their feet for a long time. It features a comfortable interior that makes your feet comfortable and pain-free all day. They are also easy to wear and wash, so you can wear them quickly when you're in a hurry.

Adidas PureBoost Go

Adidas Pure Boost Go is a versatile shoe, initially designed for runners but isn't limited to just running. 

adidas Pureboost Go LTD Shoes Men's, Black, Size 10

Adidas highlights a soft-cushion and responsive ride with excellent breathability and premium support. Wearing these shoes is like a cloud-like sensation due to its lightweight feature.

It's also $50 cheaper than its counterparts, such as UltraBoost or Nike Air Zoom Pulse, but still provides the same comfort level. These sneakers might be on the bulkier side, but many users compliment how weightless PureBoost feels when walking.

Even making a sharp turn while running needs minimal effort only, thanks to Pureboost's cushioning technology. If you're hopping from OR rooms to other designated levels around the hospital, these shoes can surely do the job. 

These sneakers make hospital duties look easy and breezy due to the shoes' superb breathability and flexibility. However, these sneakers can be a bit loose if you land at the wrong angle. 

Nike Zoom Air Pulse

Though Nike Zoom Air Pulse is a premium doctor's shoe that’s kinda expensive, they are recognized as one of the best hospital work shoes. 

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Triple Black CT1629 003

The Nike Zoom sneakers are effortless to put on. Despite the limited choices of color, the only color variant White is easy to clean from any bloodstains and dirt. 

These are the ideal shoes for doctors and medical students who are most likely running around during their shifts. These shoes are highly responsive to foot mobility due to their durable design.

The cushion is excellent and can last you longer than 12 hours every day. Although for those who need high arch support, this might not be a great alternative. 

Birkenstock Boston Clogs

The Birkenstock Boston Clogs are a great option for surgeons.  Birkenstocks are famous for their footbed.  Designed with comfort and support in mind.  Once you break in your Birkenstocks, you could stand all day in them and your feet will be well supported and comfortable.

It is important to break in these clogs.  It’s also important to choose the right fit.  You can read more about how to properly fit your Birkenstocks here.

The Boston Birks have covered leather upper, protecting your feet and toes from accidental drops of your tools, etc.  They come in a wide selection of colors and will last you for many comfortable years.

The one downside to the Boston clogs is that they don’t have a back strap.  Therefore, if you need to get somewhere in a hurry, you’re going to walk briskly.  You aren’t going to run for very long in these.  

If you do want some added stability with a heel strap, then choose the Birks Tokyo Style.

Birkenstock Tokyo Super Grip Leather Work Shoe

I really love every pair of Birks that I’ve ever owned.  For a busy surgeon, the Birkenstock Professional Tokyo, Slip Resistant Clogs are a great choice.

These clogs provide that famous support that Birkenstocks are known for, they also offer enhanced slip-resistant soles.  These clogs, unlike the Boston Birks, have a heel strap, helping your foot to be more secure in your shoe even when you have to sprint to your next “emergency”.

It’s important to remember that you should break in your Birks before you start wearing them for an extended period.  Here’s an article that I wrote about breaking in your Birks properly!

Although these aren’t my number one choice, you won’t go wrong with Birks as your shoe (sandal) of choice at the operating table.

Crocs Crocband Clog Comfortable Slip-On Shoe

If you're looking for semi-professional yet comfortable shoes for work and other tasks, Crocs never fails. They are possibly the best comfortable shoes for doctors and are specially made for men. However, they're also a conventional gem among women doctors.

Crocs Crocband Clog Comfortable Slip Shoe doesn't break your bank while providing you comfort. Most online shops sell them for under $40, and the extra bucks could afford you another pair of shoes.

This shoe is 100% synthetic from top to bottom and is available in three colors: black, navy, and white. Due to its sporty design, male doctors prefer wearing them during weekends.

This shoe is lightweight and water-resistant. Crocs feature sizeable holes that allow air to reach your feet to ensure sufficient airflow. Despite wearing the shoes for several hours throughout the week, there's no foul odor. The insole is insulated with foam, absorbing the sweat, leaving your feet dry throughout the day.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Shoes for Surgeons

Standing for extended periods generates muscle fatigue and massive stress on the body. Working in a hospital requires footwear worn by surgeons to be supportive at all areas of their job. 

This in-depth guide will discuss a few considerations when looking for the best shoes for surgeons to help you decide what matches your preference.


As a doctor, your shoes are usually prone to body fluids. That's why you need a waterproof shoe to ensure that your feet won't get soggy. Having a waterproof shoe lessens the need to wait before wearing it again since you have to dry it out completely.

Padded In-sole

The shoe's middle should contain plenty of cushioning to ensure body support from the bottom. Look out for the front and back padding in the footwear as well. But for absolute comfort, the midsole padding of a shoe is a need. 

Comfortable & Removable Insole

Try checking the insole of your shoes if it's comfy and non-slip. The insole should be composed of a material and design that's comfortable to wear during long shifts. In this case, choose footwear with a removable insole so you can replace the insole once it wears out.


Durability is one of the essential factors in choosing the best shoe for doctors. It should be durable enough to keep you from purchasing a new pair every couple of months. A durable shoe is constructed from solid and high-quality materials designed for use in a tough working environment.

Supportive Arch

A shoe with a solid and supportive arch helps protect your heels from excess strain. Additionally, a supportive arch maintains the balance of your whole body weight instead of focusing only on the heels. It helps ensure your stability while moving quickly.

Easy Slip

An essential feature for doctor shoes is the effortless slip-on and off. These shoes maintain proper hygiene measures as it eliminates the need of touching them while slipping the shoes off for washing or anything else. You can also quickly slip on and off from them.


While choosing a shoe for a long-drawn work session, shoes with leather or rubber are perfect as you can easily wash or clean them. To maintain hygiene, sterilizing these shoes is also convenient. The liquid may splash onto your shoes during surgery, or surgical tools may drop onto them. Therefore, leather and rubber shoes can protect your feet from knives, needle sticks, scalpels, etc. It can also handle these situations due to its thicker material.

What Are Types of Shoes for Surgeons

Now that you've learned the several factors when choosing the best shoes for surgeons let's proceed with the options. Here are the different types of shoes for surgeons that are also suitable for other healthcare staff:


Clogs are versatile and trendy. Many doctors prefer them because they can easily take them off, allowing them to rest their exhausted feet and heels. 

They are reasonably priced and feature a wide selection of prints, designs, and colors. Clogs also come with an open back and distinctive small heel.


A pair of sneakers is also a great choice for surgeons, especially when constantly transitioning from meetings to operating rooms. A proper sneaker is comfortable and practical, ideal for use during strenuous shifts.

It's also highly breathable, provides excellent sole support, and comes in various colors and styles.

Lace-up Shoe

This shoe is ideal for doctors and other active healthcare professionals, especially if they look for secure and reliable footwear for daily use. A laced-up shoe helps prevent slippage while wearing it as you can tightly knot it to your feet using laces. A popular brand that sells high-quality laced-up shoes for surgeons is Dansko. This shoe provides a high level of comfort and impressive design.


A pair of loafers can make you look fashionable and quickly transition from a doctor's shoe to footwear designed for office wear. A good pair of loafers are comfortable and classy, making them ideal footwear for doctors who need to wear business casual attire.

How to Clean A Doctor Shoe

There is no rule when it comes to cleaning your shoes and any other shoes. However, it would be best if you remember these few things. 

If you want your shoes to last, AVOID putting them inside a washing machine. Even though you're in a rush, do not put your shoes inside a drier. 

Depending on the upper part material, you can clean your shoes using a damp piece of cloth every other week. If the top is made of fabric, wash your doctor's shoe using water. However, avoid soaking the shoe inside water for prolonged hours, especially if it's made of leather and rubber.

If the insole is detachable, you can pull it out; wash it using water or a damp cloth before letting it dry under the sun. This is also applicable for laced-up shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best overall shoe for surgeons?

The Dansko Professional Clog is one of the best shoes to wear we can highly recommend for working in a hospital. They're perfect for people who work for prolonged hours, especially surgeons.

The Adidas PureBoost Go or Nike Zoom Air Pulse is the best alternatives if you're looking for something more versatile.

Why do surgeons need specially designed shoes?

Surgeons work for over 12 hours, so it's worth wearing supportive and suitable footwear while performing a surgery. Wearing specially designed shoes for surgeons helps alleviate the strain and pressure on their feet from conducting operations and lifting heavy tools.

In this case, good footwear can help effectively in reducing the pain. Healthcare shoes are designed to support posture. The comfortable insole and outsole and quality materials used provide extra support and reduce back straining.

What's the most comfortable shoe for surgeons?

The Nike Zoom Air Pulse and PureBoost are your best choice for comfort and breathability features. A runner-up option would be the Crocs Crocband.

Is there a difference between men's and women's doctor shoes?

There is no difference between men's doctors' shoes and those of women's. Some doctor shoes are unisex, such as Crocs Crocband. However, you need to know that women are more delicate to color, pattern, and flowers than men.

A majority of women also have narrow feet as opposed to men. Hence, it is always reasonable to go for footwear designed for your sex.

Can you suggest the best upper material for a doctor's shoe?

No particular material is necessarily better for a doctor's shoe as there are a variety of materials available in the market. You can consider the following materials and find what fits your work:

  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Polypropylene
  • Suede
  • Synthetic leather
  • Patent leather

The materials are ordered from the best to least.


There are many types of shoes to consider when you work at a hospital.

Because of their comfort and stability, clogs are the best shoes for surgeons who spend more time standing during their shift. Doctors and medical students performing tons of walking and running in-between their shifts need a more versatile set like sneakers. 

A shoe should be adaptable, provide good stability and support without compromising comfort. We hope you can finally decide on a perfect shoe to ensure day-long comfort by going through these in-depth guides about the best shoes for surgeons.

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