5 Best Men's Running Shoes for Bunions (Buyers Guide)

Some people perceive bunions as foot deformities and long-term discomfort, especially for runners who depend on their feet. The reality is, as troubling and scary they can be, you can take a few measures to help improve the pain and keep running steadily.

Bunions start to form over time at the big toe base joint (known as the MTP joint). Moreover, another evident sign of a bunion is the inward position of the big toe on the other toes. Bunions are quite distinctive from blisters as they go away more quickly, while bunions are diagnosed as foot deformities and require surgery.

A bunion, which is a bone protruding from the joint of the big toe, can cause several issues. It can be challenging to find the perfect running shoe for bunions. They may cause consequential pain while running if the suitable shoe requirements aren't met. 

However, there are a few ways to minimize bunion pain, and that's choosing your running shoes appropriately.

5 Best Men's Running Shoes for Bunions

ASICS GEL-Quantum® 90 Running Shoe

The ASICS® GEL-Quantum 90 running shoe features a versatile, sleek look that allows you to wear them on casual occasions while getting superior support and cushioning. GEL-QUANTUM 90 combines a balance of style and function that gets you straight from the gym to the street. This casual, running shoe is added with GEL technology cushioning for optimal, long-lasting comfort and stability.

ASICS Men's Gel-Quantum 90 3 Shoes, 7, Black/Pure Gold

ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 Running Men's Shoes
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The lightweight mesh allows air to move freely and promotes less braking for reduced impact, less muscle strain, and reduced energy output, ideal for bunions and hammertoes. The synthetic upper offers a more lightweight feel and greater levels of breathability with its athletic-inspired silhouette. The defined heel detailing inside the shoe helps offset the negative effects of an Achilles tendon or tight muscle calf that causes restricted ankle joint dorsiflexion. The forefoot's seamless construction makes it suitable for everyday casual or running shoes. 

GEL-QUANTUM 90's fabric lining absorbs moisture quickly, though, dries out slowly. Ortholite sock-liner provides a combination of performance & comfort with durable cushioning for long-lasting wear. The EVA midsole offers the best shock-absorbing qualities with its great cushioning and rebound. 

Rearfoot GEL® cushioning reduces heel strike impact and provides a smooth transition. This technology promotes shock reduction during forwarding motion. 

If you need a comfortable running shoe that has a perfect amount of cushion and support, ASICS GEL-Quantum® 90 Running Shoe is your best choice!

New Balance® Fresh Foam Tempo Running Shoe

The New Balance® Fresh Foam Tempo low-profile silhouette provides a sleek look for more supportive and quicker running. Fresh Foam is designed to encourage you to perform at your best despite having bunions, thanks to the lightweight fit that helps you feel snappy on your feet. An embroidered hypoknit engineered mesh upper offers an optimal snug, custom-like fit while strategically supporting heel to forefoot.

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Tempo V1 Running Shoe, Black/Lead, 7

New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo V1 Running Men's Shoes
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Fresh Foam's modernized technology utilizes the latest advancements to deliver accurate plushness underfoot. The traditional lace-up closure provides secure and comfortable wear. The thin tongue and padded collar give more long-lasting comfort and lessen the chances of blisters and calluses.

The shoe's lightweight cushioning compresses under the foot when running for better shock absorption and helps minimize the risk of injury. The blown rubber of the shoe is lighter and more cushiony, though less durable than carbon rubber. Many shoes use blown rubber for added cushioning in the forefoot and carbon rubber for enhanced durability in the higher areas of the heel. The exterior flex grooves are designed for optimal forefoot flexion all over the ball of the foot.

New Balance® Fresh Foam Tempo is a great running shoe for bunions for its grippy tread, well-cushioned fresh Foam, and fancy embroidery. This running shoe is meant for tempo runs and works well with a 5K. The regular, easy pull tab on the heel is a great addition for triathlons and getting off the bike for the run. 

Brooks Dyad 11 Running Shoe

The Brooks Dyad 11 is perfect for runners with neutral pronation and wants a secure fit. The lightweight, sleek design provides optimal comfort and cushioning without pulling you down.

Brooks Dyad 11 Antarctica/Grey/Peacoat 7

Brooks Dyad 11 Running Men's Shoes
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Runners with bunions and have slightly wider feet will love this shoe due to the ample room in the forefoot. Brooks Dyad 11 is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe and has acquired the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Dyad 11's high energizing cushioning provides overall comfort and a neutral support type ideal for under-pronation. The shoe's moisture-managing mesh allows air, heat, and moisture to pass through the shoes, thus keeping your foot cooler and dryer. The removable foam insoles offer light underfoot cushioning to prevent blisters and provide mild arch support for bunions.

BioMoGo DNA combines environment-friendly BioMoGo and responsive Brooks® DNA with a gender-friendly cushioning design for an optimal and dynamic ride. Brooks heel segmented crash pad is shaped like a caterpillar that fully absorbs shock and accommodates any foot landing for maximized efficacy, proper cushioning, and smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

Dyad's dual stability arch pods are passive support systems that enhance inherent stability without using a post. The blown rubber outsole is added to the shoe to produce a relatively light, more cushioned outsole for a light cushioning and grip.

If you're looking for a great running shoe with a wide toe box that provides great support and stability, Brooks Dyad 11 Running Shoe is perfect for you!

Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoes

Hoka One One® Bondi 7 has the most cushioned ride among the road running lineup from HOKA. Bondi 7 is designed to provide a max-cushioned, long-distance shoe but rides better like a daily trainer, an ideal running shoe for bunions. The stiff Meta-Rocker midsole helps with the transitions and efficient ride for a medium-firm density experience. Like most Hoka shoes, Bondi 7 is plain, old-fashioned with an EVA-foam molded compression. 

Hoka One Bondi 7 Wide Mens Shoes Size 8, Color: Wild Dove/Dark Shadow

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Men's Shoes
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Bondi 7's midsole isn't overly soft, and the base is wide enough for a more planted foot strike, regardless of the position of your foot to the ground. The thick Ortholite Foam adds a layer of sink to the shoe for maximum comfort. The open engineered mesh uppers deliver maximum breathability and structural support along with synthetic overlays.

Bondi 7's outsole utilizes a blown rubber and large amounts of rubber coverage on all the high wear areas. It performs well and offers excellent traction on tar roads, gravel, and pavement in wet and dry conditions. 

The thin overlay strips that circulate on the toe box's perimeter and midfoot allow extra structure and protection. The memory foam collar that feels like dense sponge springs back gradually to its original shape if compressed.

The tongue and heel counter adds protection to the ankle areas from any excessive pressure. Bondi 7's double last row eyelets function as heel lock lacing to prevent your heel from slipping and promote a great foot lockdown. 

For a firmer, more stable ride and durable outsole, you should get the Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoes. 

Vibram Men's Fivefingers V-Trail 2.0 Running Shoes

The Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail 2.0 is designed for the uncertain nature of the off-road. V-Trail 2.0 outsole unit is praised for its durability and capability of dealing with dependable traction upon surfaces. The construction of close-to-the-ground stimulates a barefoot running experience and features unique, individual toe-chambers for maximum movement and positional balance.

Vibram Men's V 2.0 Trail Running Shoe, Black/Yellow, 38 D EU (38 EU/6.5-7.0 M US D EU US)

Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail 2.0 Trail Running Men's Shoes
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V-Trail 2.0 is aesthetically-pleasing while keeping you protected from aggressive paths you may tackle along the way. The shoe's upper unit is composed of a 3D Cocoon mesh stitched to the outsole. This textile guarantees a consistent protective capacity. It stretches as the foot swells while running, providing a comfortable yet customized experience for bunions. 

This running shoe's 2-millimeter insole acts as the cushioning unit to lightly support the foot without compromising the perception of the surface to the footpad. Vibram Megagrip protects the thin underfoot platform using a durable rubber suitable for both dry and wet terrains. This compound is also added to the outsole unit of the shoe to cover the external pad that encompasses each of the forefoot's toe sections. It keeps the shoe from wear and tears while providing great traction.

The upper unit of the shoe is featured with a single-pull lacing system. These are thin yet durable shoestring circulating through fabric eyelets and overlays for a pull-and-lock tab that adapts to the stiffness or looseness of the fit. This running shoe conforms perfectly to the shape of the foot. 

The standard sizing for the Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail 2.0 is constructed. Due to its toe-chambers, a secure but not-too-comfortable coverage is achievable by checking out their size chart. Some reported that they have a half-a-size-smaller-than-usual sizing method. The width option for men is D – Medium.

If you're a trail adventurer or a fan of minimalist running shoes, Vibram Men's Fivefingers V-Trail 2.0 offers reliable traction and a visually appealing look, also beneficial for neutral pronators. 

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Specialized Shoe for Running

Running shoes look similar to the rest of the sneakers, but they are specifically made to improve your run. Your foot directly contacts the ground with each step. Unlike regular shoes, running shoes are engineered to prevent injuries endured from repetitive motion by providing specific cushioning that promotes shock absorption and design features for greater comfort.

Get the Right Fit

Getting the right shoe promotes a better experience when running. An ill-fitting shoe will only make it painful to run, hence could lead to potential injury.

ASICS Men's Gel-Quantum 90 Shoes, 8, Graphite Grey/Black

ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 Running Men's Shoes
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Useful Fit Tips

#1 - Trying Them On By The End of the Day

Feet swell while running throughout the day, so it's best to try your shoes during the afternoon or evening to see what's your accurate fit.

#2 - Measure Your Thumbs Width In The Front Toe

It would be best to allow a one thumb width to accommodate foot spread between the end of your foot and the shoe. It will keep your toes from striking during downhill runs.

#3 - No Pinching

The shoe should be comfortable and properly wrapped around your foot. You shouldn't feel any pinching or squeeze, and ensure your foot is centered on the shoe's platform.

#4 - Get The Right Width

Some shoes accommodate accordingly for a narrow or wide foot; that's why few sizes are available in either wider or narrow options. The widths for a standard shoe are D (men) and B (women).

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Tempo V1 Running Shoe, Velocity Red/Black, 7

New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo V1 Running Men's Shoes
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Choose the Suitable Type of Running Shoe

Running shoes are made for running. Therefore, choosing the type of shoe according to the running you'll be performing is essential.

Daily Running Shoe (Best for Everyday Use)

This type of shoe is best for running long miles. For beginners, an everyday running shoe is what you need to participate in running. They're built for supreme comfort and utilize comfortable materials to surround the foot snugly. They're manufactured with materials designed to manage stress linked with regular running, and they can last up to 300 to 600 miles.

Lightweight Running Shoe (Best For Quick-Paced Running)

Experienced runners opt for lightweight shoes. These shoes are great for faster-paced workouts like tempo runs or intervals. They're lighter in weight and consist of less material under the foot than daily running shoes. These factors contribute to the faster wear-out and less cushioned experience when you exceed an hour toward the end of runs.

Few experienced runners may perform the bulk of their running wearing lightweight shoes, especially if they tend to be light on their feet. Less experienced runners opt for a lightweight shoe as their only training footwear, considering they'll only run 45 minutes a day, three days a week. These shoes won't last compared to everyday shoes and should be replaced after 200 to 500 miles.

Brooks Dyad 11 Black/Ebony/Blue 7 D (M)

Brooks Dyad 11 Running Men's Shoes
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Racing Flats (Best For Serious Fast Times)

Racing flats are great if you're after the race times and upgrade your running experience to the next level. They consist of layers of cushioning and excess fabric for a faster pace. Racing shoes only consist of less material underfoot that improves the ground's feel and reduces the weight as you run. Their minimal structure tends to only last for around 100 to 300 miles.

Racing shoes are ideal for an interval workout or a short run before racing.

Trail Running Shoe (Best for Dirt and Rocky Trails Encounters)

Trail running shoes provide more traction and stability needed when running on rugged terrain and trails. Though trail shoes are intended for off-road runs, they're generally safe for running on a road or pavement. Rocky and uneven surfaces often require a trail shoe. The shoe's sturdy design helps keep your ankles stable, your feet secured from any slippery surfaces, and your body safe from unexpected falls.

Buyer's Guide – Best Men's Running Shoes for Bunions

Wearing the wrong type of shoe with a bunion can worsen the pain and agitation. No runner wants to endure pain while running. There are several running shoes designed for runners with bunions.

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Mens Shoes Size 9, Color: Provincial Blue/Citrus

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Mens Shoes
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Roomy Toe Box

A tight forefoot area can lead to pain for runners with bunions. A wide toe box area is essential and should be deep enough for optimal foot cushioning. Your choice of running shoes should also have a depth of a quarter to half an inch to achieve adequate and comfortable foot space.

Arch Support

Most people with bunions have unsteady arches and flat feet. Determining the right shoes that offer arch support should be one of your priorities when buying a running shoe. However, it's also best to purchase arch supports with metatarsal pads to reduce forefoot pressure under the ball of the foot. 

Arch supports are best for correcting bunions and adding extra support when running or walking. They also promote better foot alignment and sustain the feet in a neutral position.

Vibram Men's V-Trail 2.0 Sneaker, Blue Orange, 38 EU

Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail 2.0 Trail Running Men's Shoes
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Gait Cycle

The Gait cycle, also called a stride, is when the foot touches the ground with the same foot again. This factor is essential when selecting the right shoes for a bunion, as different shoes offer different gait cycles.

Determine your gait cycle and choose the running shoe that offers maximum support. This way, you can reduce your bunion pain and discomfort and prevent it from growing bigger.


Running is an excellent way to strengthen your muscles and improve your fitness and well-being. But suffering from bunions can take a toll on your capability and running efficiency. 

With all the impressive running shoes available in the market, choosing the best men's running shoes for bunions is a tough call. Therefore, with great consideration that provides utmost relief and comfort for bunion pain, ASICS GEL-Quantum® 90 Running Shoe made it to our overall men's running shoes for bunions. In terms of comfort, cushioning, durability, and secure fit, GEL-Quantum 90 stands out among the rest!

Bunions can be irritating and painful, but this is not a hindrance to running successfully. The right shoe for running is what you need to achieve better running performance. 

Best Shoes for Men with Bunions!

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