6 Best Ankle Support For Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis can still happen in anyone, whether active or not, and usually occurs on the lower part of the heel. Excellent ankle support for Achilles tendonitis includes good impression, breathability, heel support, and durability for a more stabilized foot.

Achilles tendon fracture comprises a total or partial tear of the thick tendon that goes along the lower back leg to your heel. It happens when the tendon is overstretched, usually from playing sports or recreational activities.

Let's first look at my top picks for Best Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis:

We recognize how challenging it can be to look for the best ankle support for Achilles tendonitis, with many options available. However, this article will help explain major factors, including material, size, type, support, and recommendations for common everyday needs. 

Have a look at these six specific ankle supports we've compiled, made to address various common foot conditions like Achilles tendonitis, sprained ankles, and more.

6 Best Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis

1. DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Support

DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Sleeve is hybrid style ankle support for Achilles Tendonitis that combines the properties of compression and bracing in a singular sleeve. The carbonized bamboo circular knit structure allows for targeted zonal compression along with thermal regulation properties.

DonJoy Performance TRIZONE Compression: Ankle Support Brace, Black, Medium

DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Sleeve
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Amazon & DonJoy

There are three distinct compression zones included in this shoe:

  1. A stability zone with injected silicone polymer for better ankle joint support and increased proprioception;
  2. A compression zone for improved circulation and delicate support to the joint formation and surrounding muscle tissue;
  3.  A comfort zone with lighter compression for improved and higher range of motion. 

The Trizone ankle joint support is designed to extend ankle joint endurance, plantar fascia support and lessen swelling and inflammation while not compromising fit and performance. 

2. Ossur Rebound Air Walker

The Ossur Rebound Air Walker is best for Achilles tendonitis, tendon and ankle injuries, fractures, and more. This ankle support provides excellent stability and luxury for many injuries and conditions with exceptional air inflatable technology. If you suffer from Achilles tendonitis or recently went to surgery to repair the Achilles, this Rebound Air Walker is perfect for you.

Ossur Formfit Walker Boot with Air - Medical Grade Immobilization for Strains, Sprains & Stable Fractures | Pneumatic Technology to Reduce Pain & Swelling | Breathable Material (Low Top, X-Large)

Ossur Formfit Walker Boot with Air - Medical Grade Immobilization for Strains, Sprains & Stable Fractures
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The Ossur Rebound Air Walker is a great alternative for an Achilles tendon boot. This shoe assists with a special technology that promotes restoration of the tendon through immobilization, ideal if you have Achilles pain or had a surgical repair. It's also enclosed with a centralized air bladder in this Achilles brace that can be elevated up according to your preferred level.

The Ossur Rebound Air Walker works well without the need for a shoe. It comprises a rubber sole to allow walking around while not damaging or staining the ankle support. This foot brace is made from sturdy plastics that prevent it from wearing out quickly. 

This ankle support is comfy due to the foam inner that soaks up the wetness from the foot to prevent irritation and keep the skin dry and comfortable. You can adjust the straps on the front of the ankle support to control tightness for easy slip on and off.

3. Airheel Ankle Support

The AirHeel Ankle Brace is one of the brand's first-class products for its comfort and shock-absorption features. This brace is designed with a front open panel system that prevents warmth during operation.

Aircast AirHeel Ankle Support Brace with Stabilizers, Large

Airheel Ankle Support
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It has two interconnected air cells within the foot arch that help reduce the amount of shock during a workout. This air cell technology also provides pulsating pneumatic compression for improved swelling in the tendon area, thus improving blood circulation.

4. Muller The One® Brace

This lightweight ankle support from Muller offers all the benefits of a convenient and adjustable soft strap brace. Muller The One® Brace is Neoprene and latex-free, designed for a lighter feel when worn and low-profile exterior. 

Muller The One® Brace is comfortable to wear in shoes or support throughout the match. It provides all the standard benefits of ankle support; despite the flexibility of a soft strap brace, it protects against ankle joint sprains. The top elastic bands secure all the straps and produce a clean finish.

MUELLER Sports Medicine The One Ankle Brace Premium, Black, Small

Muller The One® Brace
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The cushioned, breathable tongue also keeps this ankle support comfortable. The One® fits perfectly on both feet and comes in two colors (black and white) and six sizes (X.S., S, M, XL, XXL, and X.X.X.L.). 

You can wash it by hand with cold water and a light detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric chemicals to prevent it from degrading. Rinse completely and air dry. 

5. BioSkin TRILOK™ Ankle Support

The Achilles lengthens and strains as the plantarflexion progresses to dorsiflexion. With the BioSkin’s TRILOK™ Ankle Brace, you'll be able to restrict the amount of plantarflexion you allow in your foot. The TriLok's FootLok bands absorb the impact and allow your tendon to endure the inflammation of Achilles.

BIOSKIN™ TriLok Ankle Brace-Foot and Ankle Support for Ankle Sprains, Plantar Fasciitis, PTTD, Tendonitis and Active Ankle Stability - Lightweight, Hypoallergenic (XSmall)

BioSkin’s TRILOK™ Ankle Brace
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The Trilok relieves plantar fasciitis pain by elevating the arch and supporting the plantar fascia. The FootLok strap covers around the midfoot and lets you adjust the support by pulling up on the plantar fascia. Since Trilok is lightweight, you can easily carry your foot as you sleep while wearing it. 

6. CopperJoint Compression Ankle Support

This light, durable and comfortable ankle support from Copperjoint offers the optimal level of support and warmth in your sore ankle.

With this brace, you can move easily due to the protection, good comfort, and relief from any discomfort. It has a cooling effect that's not irritating to the skin.

Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis Relief - Ankle Compression Sleeve for Foot Pain Relief and Achilles Tendon Support - Breathable Copper Infused Nylon by CopperJoint (Small)

CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve
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CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve is easy to wear and perfectly fits without a sweaty feeling while wearing it all through the day. The strong elastic restores its form after each removal. Doctors recommend this ankle support after surgery due to the proven healing ability.

This ankle support for Achilles tendonitis is extremely durable and helps with faster joint and muscle recovery. You'll feel relieved from arthritis, pains, and discomfort in no time.

It promotes proper blood circulation and great stimulation of oxygen airflow to the muscles. The optimal muscle support it provides ensures that you're comfortable and protected between workouts and while executing everyday activities.

You can visit CopperJoint on Amazon, to view their full selection of Copper Healing Products

Important Features to Consider When Buying the Best Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis

Type Of Achilles Tendon Support


The advantage of wrapping braces is that they're easy to slide on and off, thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps. This type of ankle support is a good alternative for those with swelling. They accommodate mild to moderate relief while being adjustable and can fit inside most footwear.


Lace-up braces are attached by hand up to the ankle and wrapped with a set of stability straps. Although they aren't as simple to put on, the level of support they provide is exceptional, making them preferable by athletes and people with serious ankle conditions. The semi-rigid design of lace-up braces offers stability and a more excellent range of motion while making it easy for the open-heel to match your ideal pair of shoes.

Compression Sleeve

The uncomplicated design of a compression sleeve brace glides on and off easily and remains comfortable all day. They provide mild relief with targeted compression, a great way to improve blood flow and reduce swelling in the ankle. You can wear these under socks while playing or running.


In most cases, rigid ankle support may be the best alternative. These come in a boot or stir-up designs with hard, protective shell limiting movement to help faster recovery. A doctor most frequently recommends rigid braces to treat serious ankle injuries.


A good Achilles ankle support should have good compression. Compression is crucial for the recovery process and helps against further damage. Compression serves as a guide for the stabilization of the joints. It also helps reduce swelling and abrasions while allowing excellent blood circulation to the area for a faster healing process.


Breathability is important in any ankle support, particularly when worn around the foot or ankle area. Often these supports are worn under a sock when wearing shoes. It is essential to have a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture to keep the foot dry and warm.

Heel Support

A crucial factor in recovering your Achilles is to prevent any tension in the Achilles tendon. Good ankle support for Achilles tendonitis should have the type of heel, either an insertable wedge or built-in type, that can assist in the brace.


Since the ankle supports your ankle area, it needs to be durable. The brace should be made from quality fabrics that don't prematurely wear easily. The best ankle support should be durable enough for daily use, especially while in a healing process. 


An ankle brace should be lightweight, preferably made of breathable neoprene. This material prevents moisture buildup and limits stretching while remaining lightweight and durable.

A breathable polyester and nylon blend is also ideal, usually found in some lace-up ankle brace. This lightweight and long-lasting material is excellent for all-day comfort. 

An elastic head strap is filled with Velcro for adjustable pressure and a firm grip, while the mesh lining keeps you ventilated and breathable. It's also paired with a supportive design of eight straps, perfect for compression and adaptability.

The bamboo charcoal blend found in some compression sleeves is also soft to the touch while maximizing lightweight flexibility. It also promotes regulated temperature and provides gentle support to the ankle and heel.

Best Home Treatments for Achilles Tendonitis

Luckily, home treatments could be temporary solutions to alleviate the pain and swelling for Achilles tendonitis. Here are five treatments in detail.

The RICE Method

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation and is effective after the Achilles tendon injury. This is how it works:


It means placing your foot up for a couple of days until the pain subdues upon placing weight on the tendon. Even if you're only having mild pain, the tendon tends to heal immediately without any further strain, so applying crutches may be useful.


An easy way to reduce inflammation or swell is by icing on the affected tendon. Put ice in a cloth pouch, place it against the skin, keep it for 15 to 20 minutes, and remove. Repeat this process two to three times.


You can use compressive elastic bandages wrapped around the tendon to lessen swelling. Avoid wrapping too tightly as it can lead to restricted blood flow and may worsen the condition.


A great way of reducing the inflammation around the tendon is to raise your foot over the level of your chest as you lie down. This method will promote good blood flow to the heart, in return, reduce inflammation. You can try this while sleeping at night, a perfect time-saving alternative if you're busy all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do ankle supports weaken athletic ankles?

A: It's concerning for some athletes that ankle braces can restrict their range of motion and eventually weaken the joint due to idleness. It may be true on certain maximum support devices; that's why it's recommended to opt for more flexible and lightweight braces for athletes. The ankle stays protected without missing strength by maintaining a full range of motion.

Q: What's the ideal tightness of ankle support?

A: When sizing your ankle support, ensure the level of tightness can provide support without blocking off circulation. For an excellent fit, try adjusting your Velcro straps to your ideal tightness. Place two fingers within the strap and your leg and feel the brace if it's too tight, doesn't fit, or too loose if you can still fit a third finger.

Get professional help when in doubt. Take your ankle support to your next doctor's appointment and ensure it suits you properly.

Q: When is the ideal time to wear ankle support after an injury?

A: Ankle support should be worn post-recovery for about 1 to 10 weeks, as long as you experience symptoms like swelling, discomfort, and instability. If symptoms persist for more than ten weeks, speak to your doctor immediately.

Q: What makes ankle supports more effective than taping?

A: Although ankle support and taping offer comparable levels of support, ankle supports are more adjustable and convenient to wear for their easy slip on and off. Plus, users don't need to shave their legs and avoid irritating skin over a long time.

Q: How to use a massage gun on Achilles tendonitis?

Kitma Nitro Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes - Deep Tissue Muscle Message Guns with 50mm Brushless Motor & 5 Speeds, Neck Back Foot Body Pain Relief, Gift for Men

Kitma Nitro Massage Gun

Best Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis, final thoughts...

In this case, you can't go wrong with any of these picks, but according to our research, the Best Ankle Brace for Achilles Tendonitis is the DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Support. Upon examining the features of this brace, it met each of the essential criteria for an Achilles tendon support.  

Choosing the proper ankle support for your Achilles tendonitis is crucial, as no injury is the same, and everyone needs different levels of support and lengths of the recovery period. 

Lastly, if you have Achilles tendonitis, seek professional advice for an optimal and proper treatment plan.

Shoe Choices by Activity for Men with Achilles Tendonitis

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